I Had The Time Of My Life

The Dirty Dancing remake has finally aired. There was a huge buzz about this across Asheville because most of the movie was shot in Western North Carolina, as was the original. I was raised on 80’s movies, so the original is one of my favorite movies, I would go as far as saying top 3. So of course I was a little disappointed they were trying to remake it. I’m glad I didn’t waste three hours of my time for the special. I watched bits and pieces later. I was actually kind of appalled. The dancing, acting and clothing was just ehh.

I’m disappointed that a lot of the iconic outfits weren’t even properly portrayed. Like the famous dancing, stairs scene. Not even in the remake. So I decided to recreate my own version of that #ootd to prep me for Summer. Baby is wearing a blush bodysuit, with denim shorts (belted) and white keds. Ohhh and really curly hair and a pretty pink lip. It’s 2017 and even though bodysuits are all the rage, I couldn’t find one that was the right color. Hell I couldn’t even find a bathing suit that color.

So I settled for this tank, shorts and chucks for an updated version on the Hollywood classic. The tank is no way similar but it does the trick for the closeness in color. Now I just need to go find me some stairs (the original stairs were torn down in the last 3 years) and learn a dance. Or head off to the Dirty Dancing Festival!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Check back on Wednesday for a fun little event I took part in recently in Asheville!

Day to Day Wardrobe

Day to Day WardrobeDay to Day WardrobeDay to Day WardrobeDay to Day Wardrobe

Shirt // Shorts-Ross // Necklace- Versona (in stores only) // Sandals- Kohls (old) // Sunnies-Gifted

I wish I could say getting dressed in the morning every single day was like this scene from Cinderella but sadly it’s not. In the morning when I’m picking out my #ootd there is no magic to it. I flip through the hangers holding a majority of dark, striped and natural hues to pick out what I want to wear. I find something comfortable and dark. Generally I am in dark clothing unless there is another occasion and my bottoms are generally jeans or black leggings. It’s really that simple. And generally it comes together in something I like. Why do I like it? Because I’m comfortable and I’ve started to stock my closet with things I actually like and wear and fit my style. So while some may think it’s some magical force that puts together an outfit for the blog or every day for that matter it doesn’t.

This is something I would wear on a regular, normal day in my life. It’s easy enough to switch out jeans for work, it’s comfortable and easy enough for errands, but it’s also edgy enough for a casual al fresco date night.


I’m Just a Girl

I'm Just a GirlI'm Just a GirlI'm Just a GirlI'm Just a Girl

Top (similar) // Jeans // Shoes (similar) // Bag- Rachel Weisberg // Sunnies- Charmed Asheville 

Que No Doubt or Gwen Stefani because I feel like jamming out in this #ootd. And that is precisely why I love it. Oh and it’s super easy.

I kind of have this love affair with stripes. Up until a few years ago, stripes were something unless you were a stick, you should avoid. Always told by people of influence, stores, magazines, fashion icons and even people surrounding me. If you aren’t supposed to wear it, why were there so many stripes? Because I was meant to wear them! And I can’t stop. Stripes are my newest obsession. And the shape of the shirt is what makes the print flattering or not. I like to go for either a boxy, oversized shirt or a fitted shirt. This shirt is the boxy style and I love it. But let’s be honest, I love all my striped clothing.

Fashion is about taking chances on yourself. Finding something you like, no matter what anyone else thinks and rocking it. And that for me is stripes. Dark stripes.


Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway for a pair of LuLaRoe leggings! 

A Weekend in My Life: Series 2

A Weekend in My Life: Series 2A Weekend in My Life: Series 2A Weekend in My Life: Series 2A Weekend in My Life: Series 2A Weekend in My Life: Series 2A Weekend in My Life: Series 2A Weekend in My Life: Series 2

This weekend was so packed full of fun events (and work). On Friday I attended to launch party for a new boutique in downtown, Lou Lou Boutique. I’m loving the boutique, the staff, the location and the merch! There will be more information on what I got and what I saw coming later to the blog.

On Sunday Andrew and I ventured out to Chimney Rock to do some exploring and relax by the river. We explored the small little downtown, had some coffee at a little bed and breakfast cafe on the river and then ventured out to set up the hammocks.

The riverside relaxation was short lived so poolside, napping and watching #OITNB for the rest of the day. And a date night at a sit down restaurant.

That was pretty much the entire weekend. I hope all of you had a great weekend and the start to your week was awesome.

Versatile Pieces

Versatile Pieces Versatile PiecesVersatile PiecesVersatile PiecesVersatile PiecesVersatile Pieces

Top (actually a dress)// Jeans // Booties (similar) // Sunnies-Gifted // Bag-Gifted

Maximizing a closet. That’s what I’m all about. So when shopping I look at things to see how I can wear them differently and if they can make it through multiple seasons. This outfit is a prime example of just that.

This top is actually a dress. I love the color because wine, duh. But the reason I like it? I can wear it now as a dress (little short so maybe with bicycle shorts), I can knot a side for a different look and this will be perfect to pair with leggings for early Fall. You can knot any shirt if you have enough extra fabric. It gives a cool edgy or city chic vibe to any shirt taking your style up a knotch and transforming your look.

These are my favorite cuffed jeans that have made an appearance in several posts. These were not only a steal from Old Navy, but the shape and fit are perfect. And the best part, the cuffs aren’t permanent. So I can easily uncuff them and have some nice distressed boyfriend skinny jeans. This makes these perfect for wearing with any foot wear and will work in any season. I generally don’t go for a light wash denim because darker is slimming, but the shape of these work for me, so I will let it slide this time.

These booties, which are sadly no longer available are amazing. Edgy, my style and versatile. The cut out in the back make these so easy to wear with absolutely anything. Dresses, shorts, jeans; you name it they will work. And these will be perfect in colder months with tights.

A necklace that can be hung around the neck differently is a piece I love. This necklace has numerous types of beads and I can lay it around my neck for different parts to be shown in a different way. Plus since it has numerous different earthy tones and neutrals it can go with just about anything. It isn’t to neon for Winter and it isn’t too dull for Summer.

I always keep these things in mind when I’m shopping so in the end, I can get more bang for my buck and also get more out of pieces I love.

A Weekend in My Life: Series 1

A Weekend in My Life: Series 1A Weekend in My Life: Series 1A Weekend in My Life: Series 1A Weekend in My Life: Series 1A Weekend in My Life: Series 1A Weekend in My Life: Series 1A Weekend in My Life: Series 1

I spoke on SnapChat (s.ferguson6623) this past Friday that I had been absent from the blog and that I needed the break to not only deal with taking care of myself, but to find a new creative flow and not focus on numbers so much. After the break from the blog and Instagram I feel refreshed both mentally and creatively. So I wanted to introduce a new series that will be posted every Monday on the blog: A Weekend in My Life.

This weekend, Andrew and I decided to head up to Looking Glass in Brevard and go camping for a night. There is absolutely no cell service (even Verizon) in the area of the woods we were in. Which was just what we both needed. A completely unplugged day and night. We splashed and relaxed in the Davidson River. The sound of the flowing river is almost just as calming as the sound of the ocean waves. Then we went to wear the climbers camp to camp in the hammocks. Deep conversations were had by the fire, weenies were roasted, beers were drunk and the starry skies were gazed at. Even though I was beyond ready to get ready to a real bathroom on Sunday I felt refreshed, calm and at peace.

Besides work, this was pretty much my weekend in a nut shell. So stay tuned next Monday to see what I take on this weekend!

How Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My Depression

How Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My Depression

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love getting outside and exploring nature. But not many people know the reason why I love it so much. May was mental health awareness month so I did a little research on nature and depression. Nature and mental illness in general.

I have battled with depression for as long as I can remember. For the longest time, it wasn’t brought to light because it wasn’t something you talked about. It was something you dealt with on your own. Family, friends or anyone I was around never knew what I really dealt with. But in college it got bad. Really bad. I needed help. Which I got. Then about 5 years ago I started dealing with anxiety really bad. Anxiety and depression mixed is the worst. When I went back to college recently, the anxiety got worse. The depression got worse. It seemed no matter how many hours I spent in a therapists office or how many different medicines I tried, nothing was working. I felt like I was dying inside and it actually began to show. One visit with my therapist changed everything.

She mentioned alternative healing. A way to absolutely disconnect from everything, even the people around me. She suggest spending more time in nature. Now at the time I was already exploring out in nature but generally just for photo opportunities. I wasn’t actually connecting.

So I started hiking, sitting, exploring and relaxing out in nature. Attempting to go once a week. Attempting to take the time to sit outside once a day with absolutely no distractions around me. It started to work. I feel better, I feel more at ease, I feel happier. I feel at peace. Nothing can make me more at peace than feeling the soil beneath your feet so far out in nature you can’t hear the sounds of town, having my hands void of technology (only to snap a few pics at the end of the journey), breathing fresh air and only having my mind focus on the task of making it to the destination whether it be a waterfall or the top of the mountain. Out in nature, the mind can’t focus on the every day thoughts. It has to focus on survival and feats. And that is much more refreshing than focusing on reports, time, likes and followers.

It is not a scientifically proven that nature is linked to the healing of mental illness, but is beginning to be looked at due to the way our mind and bodies work when in a natural habitat setting. It may not be a prescription, but for me it is working. And like a pill, each week I try to take my dosage.

Celebrating Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of adventures in nature. I love to get out and explore and I’m so grateful I live in a place where wonderful people and organizations are devoted to preserving out mountains around us. And I will forever be grateful that I live within a few hours of beach towns. In South Carolina large efforts are taken to preserve the coast and keep the beaches clean.

DSC_1695Celebrating Earth DayCelebrating Earth DayCelebrating Earth DayCelebrating Earth DayCelebrating Earth DayCelebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Let’s all do our part to keep it around for as long as possible.

We Love Moms Giveaway

Moms are great. I could say a lot about moms so here is a little poem instead:

“For all the times I forgot to “thank you”,

For all the special, little things you do,

For all the words that sometimes go unspoken,

I need to say “I love you”..I do.

I love you for the way you stop and listen,

And for your kind support throughout the years,

For teaching me the meaning of compassion,

And sharing in my triumphs and tears.

And, if at times I seemed ungrateful,

I want to say, I truly hope you see,

That nothing you’ve done has been forgotten,

And day by day you just mean more to me.”

So to thank all the moms out there I have partnered with my friend Jessica from A Day in the Life of One Girl again for an epic Mother’s Day giveaway, but not just one, THERE  ARE TWO PRIZE PACKAGES.

Sit back, relax, kick your feet up because we’ve done your Mother’s Day shopping for you! Feel free to wrap this up for your mom, grandmother, favorite lady in your life or TREAT YO’ SELF!

 Whoever ends up with it…will be happy. Let’s put it that way!

A set of gardening gloves to plant those beautiful flowers you just bought from Home Depot 🙂

A necklace from Versona
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A manicure and pedicure from CiCi Nails in Asheville


Essie Nail Polish

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To enter to win the prizes you must complete the submit forms, if you do not submit the proper information you will be disqualified. To enter you must be 18 years or older or have a parent’s permission. The value of prize package one is $80.00 and the value of prize package two is $50.00. For prize package two you will need to live close to Asheville, NC as the prize is for a local company. The giveaway will run until 11:59pm on April 30th and two winners will be chosen at random the following day where the winner will have 24 hours to claim prize. Good Luck

Weekend Diary

Weekend Diary

This weekend has been a duzy. It was literally back to back things in my calendar. Actually this entire week has been a whirlwind. So here’s a little recap of the fun things that happened because I wouldn’t want to bore you with work and classes taught and interning things. This weekend I had several photo shoots for several exciting things coming up on the blog. I’m actually really excited about all the things I’m working on, and I know all of you will be too!

Weekend Diary Weekend Diary Weekend Diary

I was invited to the Food Truck Showdown in downtown to get some pics of all the awesome food. There were tacos (can I get an AMEN) and I have found my new favorite food truck. Vieux Carre had some Crawfish Etouffee Mac and Cheese, let’s just say it was to die for, and I could eat it every day. I hope it’s a regular on their menu and not just for Saturday. Sadly they didn’t win the ultimate award but they were the best in my book. Side note, pretty sure after this weekend a juice cleanse is in my future this week.

Weekend DiaryWeekend DiaryWeekend DiaryWeekend Diary

On Sunday we got up really early to get some hiking in before I had a list of appointments and homework a mile long to do. It was freezing on the parkway, literally ice every where. But we did. And it was great to get out of my own head for a little while. Lunch took place at the Pisgah Inn because I have never actually been there. Delicious food and great views. Best part, I honestly didn’t have to worry about anything.

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Cheers to this week.