Thanksgiving Outfit #1: Dressing Up Athleisure Wear

I get it. On Thanksgiving you want to be as comfy as possible. Maybe even stretch pants need to be involved. No judgement from me! I understand. It’s a busy day of running around, traveling, cooking or even partaking in events around town before dinner time. And then there’s feasting and lounging. Even though the athleisure trend is very popular now, I still like to take the look to the next level so it doesn’t look like I just got done with a yoga class or that I don’t care about my #ootd.

To transform this outfit made for feasting and cooking, I’m taking three items from my closet to spice it up.

Keeping the same leggings and oversized long sleeve pullover, I transformed this in to a more chic and stylish outfit by adding a leather jacket, oversized printed scarf and over the knee boots. Looks like a totally different outfit. Much more chic. Still just as comfy though. Stretchy pants still included. You could easily cook sides, travel and then mix it up to show up for Thanksgiving dinner. Did you mention Black Friday shopping? This outfit is perfect for taking you in to that all night shopping frenzy.

If you want to be as comfortable as possible but still look stylish, check in your closet to see how you can play up the athleisure trend. Just mix and match pieces to go from gym look to dinner look!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new Thanksgiving Outfit Idea!


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Top // Leggings // Similar Scarf // Similar Jacket // Boots

Not Packing Away The Blanket Scarf Just Yet

The sun may be shining and daffodils and trees may have started to bloom, but Winter came back to the mountains this weekend. And it looks like it may be here for a little while. While other people were packing away their scarves, boots and sweaters; filling their closets with only Spring staples, I knew better. This has happened the past few years in WNC. So while I wish I was dressing in strappy sandals and fun dresses, I can’t because North Carolina weather can never make up her mind.

Sundays are normally a day for running errands and getting stuff done. Comfortable and chic is always what I go for on Sundays. This Sunday had a packed agenda with freelance work, errands, blogging, eating tacos and cooking dinner for Andrew’s mom so nothing fussy was going to work. All black is a great go to. I spiced it up with my burgundy leather jacket and a comfy and cozy blanket scarf. Because it doesn’t have to be over the top to go to the grocery store and still look chic. We were actually late since we thought the incorrect time for a freelance project so I pulled this outfit together in about 5 minutes and shades to block the sun and cover the fact that I actually didn’t have an extra 10 minutes to do my makeup. Sometimes the impulse decisions are the best ones when it comes to pulling together an outfit.

I hope all you lovelies have a great week whether you are enjoying Spring like weather or bundled up because Winter came back.

Black Hues

Top // Leggings // Sweater-old (similar, similar, similar) // Booties-old (similar) // Short Necklace // Long Necklace (CURRENTLY ON SALE)

So if you are new around here; Hi, my name is Stephanie and I love wearing black! It just works for me, it works for all my activities and is slimming. But sometimes, almost all my black clothes are in the wash together. The best alternative is mixing hues of blacks like greys.

Last weekend when it snowed, by Sunday I *had* to get out. I had to get some sushi and Andrew and I also had a joint freelance meeting. So my go to for meetings is black but I needed to be able to be comfy moving around. Since I shockingly don’t have a swingy black top I opted for this. Currently putting on my notes section to pick up one of these tops from Versona in black. It’s super casual so I opted for some texture and print with an aztec inspired cardigan and fringe booties. When wearing all black I like to add a pop of muted color somewhere. So I added this new Noonday Collection burgandy/rust fringe necklace paired with a choker length necklace.

Perfect for running around and went together easily when I didn’t have my go to black top.

Dressing For Frigid Temps

Whether you are heading to a wintry, snowed in Valentine’s Day getaway, planning a trip to the cold, live in the mountains or plan to live in the mountains; it’s going to be cold. Maybe not every day, but there are going to be times when it is down right frigid. So I’ve decided to share the greatest tips I’ve learned since living in the mountains to actually brave the cold instead of feeling like you have to be stuck inside when a snow storm comes through or the thermometer reads negative.

  1. A really good coat is essential. Now the coats that are going to be the best for extremely cold days aren’t going to be the cutest. I recommend a down/insulated jacket with a hood and a longer version to cover more of your leg area. I love mine which was an amazing post Christmas sale and the perfect investment for me to last winters to come and will be perfect for camping as well. I would recommend this coat, this coat or this coat.
  2. Layers are important. Comfortable layers that is. I’ve worn leggings under jeans this weekend and I’ve also doubled up on my LuLaRoe leggings. My legs are the first thing to get cold. I’ve double up on shirts as well and even wore a cami under the heavy sweater for a tight layer. Layers, layers y’all!
  3. Wool socks will forever be your friend in frigid temps. I’m not talking the J. Crew camping socks, I’m talking legit wool socks. I picked up some nice wool socks at a local outdoor store and they have been perfect for cold days and even helped my feet survive a chilly camping trip.
  4. Protect your outer extremities. You might not think about it at first, but when out in the colder temps, your hands and head are the first to get cold. Gloves and hats are a must.
  5. Snow boots, winter boots or even nice rain boots will save you in the cold, snow and ice. Anything with a rigid sole will help you trek through whatever is on the ground better than a slick sole of your standard boot. I love my bean boots, though not lined, keep my feet warm but better yet they are easy to clean and work well in the snow.
  6. Not pictured, but sunglasses are a must. Snow blindness is a thing. When the sun is shining on the snow or ice, it makes everything look really white, so grab a pair of sunnies before heading outside to avoid squinting!

Smells Like Teen Spirit

On most days, I do look like I could start my own band of fellow lady bad asses or that I would have sat in dive bars and listened to Nirvana or The Smashing Pumpkins. The 90’s were not kind to me; I had horrible hair cuts, horrible clothing options and wore too many plastic chokers and butterfly clips to count. So I’m so glad the grunge of the decade is back and I can truly relive and enjoy the rebel fashion, because I love a good plaid, flannel, strip and black skinny jean! But it’s updated now. Looking more chic and city like. And that’s what I love about fashion, it always comes full circle but with different twists than before.

I was reading an article that pink is going to be huge for 2017, sadly I just can’t get on that trend. Pink does not look good on ya girl. I can swing a few blush pieces here and there if picked properly, but I’ll still be the person dressing in black jeans and stripes. That’s fine too.

I love, love this outfit. It’s me but yet it’s perfect for errands, running to the coffee shop, meeting up with friends or heading out for dinner for date night. Even if I get asked if I listen to Nirvana by people whom have no idea who Kurt Cobain is. When you love the #ootd you pick, you feel like you can go anywhere in it and accomplish anything.

So this year, are you going to be choosing outfits YOU love or the trendy outfits?

Edgy Sparkles

I bought this skirt during a huge Black Friday sale, planning to wear it to a blogger function I was attending the week before Christmas. I got an idea of what I would be doing and sadly this was just to dressy for it. Instead of returning it, because it honestly was a really good deal, I decided I would keep it for every day wear. Because you can totally do that with sequins. It doesn’t have to be Christmas or New Years to wear a little sparkle, especially if done right.

So that’s how this #ootd was born. Something I would wear to a NYE party or would even wear for a date night in Asheville. Mixing plaid with this sequin shirt, gives it a more casual and approachable look to it. Making it more me! I already have a few ways I could style this with some more casual things in my closet but for now, I’m going with plaid.

Don’t be afraid to mix dressier items with more casual items. Generally when you do this you really do achieve that whole city chic, I could live in the city vibe. And who doesn’t want to achieve that. #GOALS. It’s also trial and error. I tried several other tops on with this and sadly they just weren’t hitting the mark. So play around, find something you like to pair with sparkles.

Whether mixing sequins in to your NYE #ootn or just wanting to add something a little more glam to your closet, I hope you all have a sparkly, stylish new year ahead of you!

Unconventional NYE Dress

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, which means reflections, resolutions, goals, dressing up and champagne toasts. Maybe even a kiss at midnight if you are one of those lucky ones.

But before you go and spend a fortune on a sparkly dress that you may only wear one night, let me just share my golden rule for #NYE dressing. YOU WEAR WHAT YOU WANT! You don’t have to wear a sparkly, fancy dress to celebrate the new year. You don’t have to go buy a new dress to celebrate the new year. I like wearing whatever I want, and to be honest I will probably be in my Old Navy plaid pjs by 10:00 anyways!

So pick something you like, even if the print is unconventional for NYE. I pulled this dress out of my closet, perfect for celebrating and perfect for the new year even though it’s a winter floral print. Paired with leggings and booties it looks fancy enough for going out, but adds comfort and my own personal style. I also love the idea of wearing a winter floral print for New Years, it’s symbolic. You want to bloom into a better version of yourself through goals in the new year.

If you are wearing a shiny, sparkly, sequin clad #ootn, you go for it, but don’t feel obligated too.

Merry Merry

And I can’t believe it’s almost here. I can’t contain my excitement as we grow closer. I can’t wait to put on some fun clothes and celebrate with those around me. So I’m not big in to wearing festive color dresses because an entire red dress does not look good on my pale skin and I can never find a green dress I really like this time of year. So pops of festive colors is my answer. Sadly this stole and shoes are sold out because they were on massive sale on Black Friday and I couldn’t resist either of them. These shoes are just amazing! And the fur just gives a luxe feel that Christmas is all about. So if you are like me, and don’t do the full on festive wear, dress up your #ootd with festive accents, you can’t go wrong and you will still look festive! Happy Holidays loves!

They Say It’s Spring

They Say It's SpringThey Say It's SpringThey Say It's SpringThey Say It's Spring

Top-Target // Sweater-Target // Leggings-Target // Booties-Target // Necklace-Charlotte Russe // Rings- Elementality and Ashkal // Bag- Rachel Weisberg

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, or at least they say. It had been beautiful here in Asheville then dipped to freezing temps yesterday, there was even some snow showers last night. So I had to pull out the winter wear for what I’m hoping is the last day for a while. Yesterday was all about getting things done for both 30 Shades of Stephanie and school (I have a midterm at 10 and 12 today so keep your fingers crossed for me) and black is generally my go to #ootd for feeling like a #girlboss. What can I say, a black outfit makes me feel a little more powerful. But I just want to talk about this over sized t-shirt I recently found at Target. It’s perfect for wearing in Spring over leggings on it’s on or with a sweater for chilly (or freezing days), it would be perfect with boyfriend jeans for a casual look and would pair nicely with shorts for a fun summer look. And that’s what I look for when I’m shopping for pieces to add to my closet, even if they are very affordable. I hope all of you had a great first day of Spring!

Grown Up St. Patty’s Day Outfit

Grown Up St. Patty's Day OutfitGrown Up St. Patty's Day OutfitGrown Up St. Patty's Day Outfit

St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner! And just because we aren’t kids anymore doesn’t mean we still can’t participate in traditions. I mean we get to drink beer now so that’s reason enough to celebrate! It is folklore to wear green because it made you invisible to leprechauns who would pinch you if they could see you. The tradition lives on with the absence of green in your #ootd on March 17th. To avoid looking adolescent or like a drunk college kid, subtly add in greens to your outfit that day. I love the idea of adding this green camo jacket for not only a great pattern mixing option, but you still get to wear that green piece of clothing. The green is not over the top or the main focus, but it’s snuck in there. It’s also okay to add greens that aren’t the traditional bright green, the hues in this jacket are muted but still work. So go ahead kiss me, don’t pinch!