Farewell To Summer But Not This Dress

I just got back from a much needed vacation in one of my favorite spots! (I’ll be haring a travel diary on Wednesday about where I went and what I did if you don’t follow me on Instagram.)

But I packed basics for this trip, nothing special because my only real plan was to truly relax on the beach for the majority of the time. I did pack this black dress that makes me feel like Adele and this little bomber both from Nest Boutique and DIY studio, and they were the perfect pairing for some waterfront dining one night at a swanky little place. And so easy to wear. Which is the key for vacation.

Now that Summer is unofficially over, I came back to Asheville and it really felt like Fall y’all; I am starting to put away my shorts, tanks and off the shoulder tops. But this dress is not going away yet. Neither is this bomber despite the bright colors. This dress will be great with tights and heels plus a fur coat for chillier days and it’s the perfect little dress for Holiday get togethers and festive holiday outings. Plus I also think this dress would be perfect for a few Halloween costumes I have up my sleeves (because store bought costumes are just gross).

So I challenge you while you are packing away your Spring/Summer goodies to see what will carry itself in to the colder months and holiday season. Not only is it fun to try to think of new ways to style something but your wallet will really thank you.

I hope you all had a great unofficial end to Summer and now the basic bia inside of me is ready to live for the Fall fashion, weather and activities. Make sure you are following along to stay up to date.


Traveling #OOTD

There is still time to get some last minute Summer traveling in, but I personally prefer to travel in the Fall. And it’s probably because I live in a tourist town where everyone flocks to it during the Fall time. Those beautiful leaves y’all! So I’m off to the beach for a week, vacay started Saturday and I have several other travel plans for the Fall (and escaping all those leaf lookers). And the weather is cooling off and let’s be real; I like to have the car feeling like Antarctica when I’m traveling even if I need to wrap up in something cozy due to it. So this look is perfect from going from somewhere chillier (or even traveling to somewhere chillier) to somewhere warmer. And it’s perfect for going from the car ride or flight to going straight to getting your vacation on.

I’ve said it before and million times over, but a t-shirt dress is the answer to all your styling problems. It’s simple, versatile and most of the times you can find them for extremely affordable prices. Plus it can carry you from season to season, or from somewhere chillier to warmer. I love this striped one I got at Target in the early Spring. It’s striped (duh), the perfect weight, comfy as all get out and can be worn super casual or dressed up. Plus it doesn’t get wrinkled as easy even after being in the car (or plane) for hours.

I paired it with a light weight cardigan for temperature changes and to just be comfy in the car. Plus if I get to hot, this cardigan will make a great pillow. Versatile pieces guys! With comfort being key, I paired this with some Converse shoes. It has a whole beachy casual vibe to it, but when I get to the island, if I need to make a quick change I can easily throw on some sandals and be ready to go.

Let’s not forget the big bag. Easy to carry all the important things like a phone charger, reading material, road trip snacks and anything I may want to change in to if I’m not heading to the villa first.

Ready to go! Make sure you all are following along on Instagram as I will really be documenting this much anticipated and much needed vacation.

Traveling Outfit of the Day

Traveling Outfit of the DayTraveling Outfit of the DayTraveling Outfit of the Day


Shirt-Old Navy (old, graphic tees) // Shorts- Thrifted DIY (tutorial) // Shoes-Target // Handbag-Coach (from outlet, similar Coach) // Weekend Bag-Wal-Mart  (only $13.00)

Traveling to get to vacation can be the most stressful part of the vacation, but only if you let it. While I’m actually packing for vacation I also plan out what outfit I will be wearing for the road trip, flying will be different. I like to wear my heaviest shoes in the car to prevent anything else from getting damaged and I like to be completely comfortable, yet ok to run in to a store for something. Those are my only two requirements when traveling. So I picked a light weight shirt, with a comfy pair of cutoffs and wearing my slid on sneakers. I also carry a small purse that holds everything I need but isn’t in my way if I need to rush in and out of a busy gas station or fast food restaurant. This outfit is perfect for sitting in a car for longer hours because everything is soft and easy to move in. What do you wear when you are traveling?

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as I am currently on vacation to see what I’m up too!


The Jumpsuit

The JumpsuitThe JumpsuitThe Jumpsuit

The JumpsuitThe Jumpsuit

 Jumpsuit- Target // Earrings- Viva La Jewels // Lipstick- Cyber from Mac // Sandals- Kohls (old, similar)

When shopping for clothing I try to pick out pieces that are extremely versatile (which is great for traveling) because it helps my clothing budget go further. When I saw this jumpsuit I had no idea that it would fit great but I immediately had plenty of outfit ideas in mind. Since the jumpsuit is all black it’s a perfect neutral piece that can be dressed up or down. I decided to throw on some statement earrings and sandals to go for a more casual vibe. I also think this can be dressed up with a great statement necklace and heels for date night or cocktails. This piece is perfect for traveling because it’s one piece that can be worn many different ways, and if you don’t want to wear a dress for something special this can take the place of that. I absolutely love these earrings from Viva La Jewels because they add enough statement without being heavy or breaking the bank. Viva La Jewels offers great prices on popular trends and you can receive 10% off your entire purchase by using code:Stephanierep!