A Dress To Wear Now & Later

A Dress To Wear Now & LaterA Dress To Wear Now & LaterA Dress To Wear Now & LaterA Dress To Wear Now & Later

Dress // Sandals (similar) // Hat // Lip 

Happy Tuesday friends! I am head over heels with this dress (it’s under $40.00) for several reasons. The print is amazing, it’s comfortable and transitional. I have styled this with chunky sandals for late Summer but when the weather cools off this can be styled several other ways. This would look adorable with riding boots, chic with tights and booties, date night casual with booties or perfect for the holiday season with tights and heels.

I went back and forth on Snap Chat (go add me s.ferguson6623) on whether to buy this dress, which I tend to do on there. Now that I have this baby in my hands I’m glad I did.

Make sure you check back to the blog tomorrow to see what I carry in my Fall ba

Outfit Inspiration from Nature

Outfit Inspiration from NatureOutfit Inspiration from NatureOutfit Inspiration from NatureOutfit Inspiration from NatureOutfit Inspiration from NatureOutfit Inspiration from NatureOutfit Inspiration from Nature

Skirt // Top // Sandals (similar) // Necklace // Sunnies // Clutch 

Pulling together an #ootd, or simply getting dressed these past two weeks have been extremely difficult. I blame it on my crazy work schedule and the fact that I have to wear jeans and a company shirt (or t-shirt) along with tennis shoes. Truth is, I haven’t had time or the need to go any where besides work for the past two weeks; I’ve literally only went to the grocery store, gas station and Netflix and Chilled. It’s been pretty uneventful.

But I was recently gifted some flowers from Full Sun Farm. I’ve never been one for flowers because they die especially when you have a kitty who attempts to eat them. But I have received two arrangements of flowers in the past few weeks, and I’m kind of digging it now. There is so much inspiration that can be pulled from fresh cut flowers sitting in your home (and not just a fun Instagram picture). With these flowers I have pulled color palettes for a few paintings and have pulled plenty of inspiration from the flowers themselves.

That’s where this #ootd comes in play. Yesterday was the first day in a week I wasn’t going in to work at 3am or 5am (trust me I’ve had all the coffee the past two weeks) and I needed to have a meeting about some upcoming blog ideas and really wanted to get a real breakfast that wasn’t microwave oatmeal or store bought cut fruit. I wanted to actually put on real clothes. Looking through my closet, I had no plans to wear these together but after reviewing some pictures and the pretty coffee mug of flowers I came up with this.

I had gotten this skirt from a LuLaRoe pop-up and had planned to wear it with an oversized black or striped top and booties. Into the winter I was going to wear it with black sweaters, black tights and black booties. This top I had planned to wear with a black skirt similar in shape to this. But the color palette of the flowers changed my mind. And just like that, this is how this outfit was born.

I’m not big on color but I do have a fair bit of neutrals that fill my closet. I don’t care what anyone says but olive green and maroon are neutral colors. I pulled greens, two different shades in the top and bag, and this gorgeous maroon skirt together and instantly fell in love with it. Not my typical black or black and white go to, but I still love it.

Every day we pull inspiration from numerous things around us without even knowing it; sometimes we do know it. As an artistic person I am constantly taking pictures of things or sketching things down that I see to use for further use in artwork. But this week proved I also use it in the way I dress, which I wasn’t completely aware of. Inspiration is every where, not just on blogs, social media and Pinterest. You can find it in your backyard, in your floral arrangements, every where in your city.

Fall Additions

Fall AdditionsFall AdditionsFall AdditionsFall AdditionsFall AdditionsFall AdditionsFall Additions

Leggings // Tank // Cocoon Jacket (available at Scout Boutique in Biltmore Village) // Earrings // Ring

It’s still August, but the nights are getting cooler and Fall clothing is starting to hit the shelves. Even though there is a breeze in the air at some point during the day, I still haven’t went crazy with Fall clothing. The thought of getting things I can’t wear until probably the end of October is upsetting so I’m starting to pick out pieces that I can wear with the chill in the air and later. Thank goodness for being a hot natured person because I can get away with wearing tanks under a light cardigan and light weight jackets pretty much through Winter. So it was finally time to break out this Rachel Weisberg cocoon jacket that adds just enough warmth to the shoulder. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (which you should) I previously mentioned the cocoon shape for cardigans and jackets is my favorite silhouette this Fall, so this jacket works perfectly. This whole #ootd works perfectly in all honesty. I feel pulled together, comfortable and stylish. And transitional. This outfit works for many day to day activities from meetings, lunch or errands.

What are you lovelies picking up to add to your Fall wardrobe?

Camping #ootd

Camping #ootdCamping #ootdCamping #ootdCamping #ootd

Pullover // Leggings // Shoes-Nike // Sunnies- Charmed

As some of you know I have really got into camping this summer. And by camping I don’t mean GLAMPING; I mean sleeping in my ENO Hammock in the middle of the woods with no cell service or people around. If you didn’t know this then you should follow me on Instagram and SnapChat (s.ferguson6623)  because there will be more camping before Summer is over and I have a huge camping trip planned this Fall! And even though I wish I could look like a tumbler account while camping, it just doesn’t happen. I also think all those camping pictures are not of people actually camping. But generally I look something like this. And it is perfectly okay that I’m not fashion forward, sans make up and un-accessorized. The point is I am making memories in something warm (higher altitudes get colder at night in the Summer), something comfortable and something I am okay with not being perfectly “clean” in. The point of camping is to have fun, relax, disconnect and make memories. While doing this, my #ootd is the furthest thing from my mind (it’s actually hoping I don’t freeze at night and hoping I can stay still if a bear approaches). A lot of people asked, and here it is. Probably not what you were expecting and I am completely okay with that.

Even though I love fashion, love picking out the perfect #ootd; don’t let it consume you. That goes for anything you love. There are times when it just isn’t appropriate or important. Sometimes I have to take experiences over a blog photo opportunity, that’s real life, that’s the real me. And so here it is. The “real” weekend me.

Closet Popularity Contest

Closet Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity Contest

Sweater-Target (similar) // Shirt- Versona (similar) // Leggings- LuLaRoe // Shoes-Target (similar) // Necklace- Lou Lou Boutiques // Sunnies- Charmed

What makes me happy picking out of my closet to pull together an #ootd? What do I reach for the most often? Well, black, duhh!! I reach for simple versatile basics in neutrals, generally black or grays (occasionally there is some color). The most worn pieces in my closet are black leggings, oversized shirts, cocoon sweaters, funky glasses and simple accessories.  That pretty much sums up in one way or another every single outfit I put together.

Black leggings are a staple for me, more so than jeans. I love them and wear them all the time. Contrary to what a lot of people think, they can be worn as pants and they can be dressed up or down. I own more pairs than I would like to announce to you, and I promise if you see me in black leggings all week, they are all clean and different pairs. The love affair started when I went to college and needed extra layers since I was moving from the middle of the state to the mountains. They were great to wear under pants walking to class and in the frigid winter dorms. But then I started to not want to take them off. Which lead to switching out tights and pantyhose during a professional class for leggings. It worked for me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I’ve found LuLaRoe and am obsessed with these leggings. I will be buying more come Fall (shhhhh don’t tell my jeans).

Oversized shirts are just my thing. I like the way they lay and the endless possibilities for styling. They work for tucking, half tucks, knotting and layering. They are just there and worn on a regular basis. Plus everyone needs basics. So I’m gravitating towards basics in a shape I like.

It may be a little too warm for sweaters right now in this mountain heat wave but I do wear them. It has been a little chilly in the mornings and I get the most use in the colder months. Layering is my favorite style and in the colder months I would rather wear a million layers than one. I love the cocoon shape cardigans and sweaters. They work really well for my shape and when I find something that works, I stick with it.

I’ve been drawn to more dainty jewelry pieces lately and going for a more city chic look. Of course I still wear some statement pieces but the simple pieces are getting the most wear. And I never leave the house without funky glasses. The stranger and more Johnny Depp (ish) they are, I like them. And the shops in downtown Asheville are supplying both the dainty jewelry pieces and funky glasses right now, so I blame them for my obsessions.

Pretty simple, yet my favorite pieces. Pretty simple, but I love it.

Happy Anniversary 30 Shades

Happy Anniversary 30 ShadesHappy Anniversary 30 ShadesHappy Anniversary 30 ShadesHappy Anniversary 30 Shades

Shirt // Skirt // Booties

The past 12 months have been extremely insane. I finished my last year of college, have taken on a bunch of fun and exciting projects and have put another year of blogging in the books. I feel like my blog has suffered tremendously this year due to my crazy schedule; final years of college are harsh and if anyone tells you differently they are lying. Even though I personally know my posting has not been as often or creative as I would have liked, it was one of my best years blogging yet. I look beyond all the “failures” I see in 30 Shades the past 12 months and see all of the great things that have happened this year because of blogging.

This past year, I have had the opportunity to partner with some amazing small businesses (and some large) and have met, interacted and spoken to some amazing, amazing people (a lot of them being #girlbosses). I have branched out and tried different things. I have interacted with people I would not have got to meet if it were not for the blog, some in person and some just an amazing support team through the interwebs.  The absolute best part of blogging this year has been the people I have met along the way. I’ve met so many people chasing dreams, empowering women, promoting body confidence and the kindest souls.

My style has been evolving, especially lately since I finally have a career path laid out, and am finally finding things I love and suit my lifestyle. I blame my lack of posting on this. My style has evolved the past 12 months more than it probably ever has in my life. I’m thankful for this, because finally nailing down your style makes everything easier. So this will make it much easier for me to post content I truly enjoy, am proud of and a fresh slate for the new year of blogging.

So my goal for the next year for blogging is very simple. Every post, every picture, every word I want to promote some type of joy, adventure, empowerment, laughter or confidence. I want you to walk away with something from a post you read. We are all more than what we did over the weekend, our #ootds or a new recipe. I want this to be an open community where we all interact, share and empower each other. I want this to be a platform for starting conversations, making new friendships and sharing with each other.

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this possible. I am forever grateful that any of you take the time out of your day to read what I’m writing, see what I’m wearing and follow along with my life. There will be a few slight changes to the blog starting in August, I will still be posting my mainly black wardrobe and hopefully saying something witty every now and then. Stay tuned because even though I thought this past year was the greatest year, I’m hoping the next 12 months for 30 Shades of Stephanie is the best yet!

To help celebrate the “birthday” of the blog, thanks to Cara from LuLaRoe, I am giving away a pair of leggings. See the initial post here!

Day to Day Wardrobe

Day to Day WardrobeDay to Day WardrobeDay to Day WardrobeDay to Day Wardrobe

Shirt // Shorts-Ross // Necklace- Versona (in stores only) // Sandals- Kohls (old) // Sunnies-Gifted

I wish I could say getting dressed in the morning every single day was like this scene from Cinderella but sadly it’s not. In the morning when I’m picking out my #ootd there is no magic to it. I flip through the hangers holding a majority of dark, striped and natural hues to pick out what I want to wear. I find something comfortable and dark. Generally I am in dark clothing unless there is another occasion and my bottoms are generally jeans or black leggings. It’s really that simple. And generally it comes together in something I like. Why do I like it? Because I’m comfortable and I’ve started to stock my closet with things I actually like and wear and fit my style. So while some may think it’s some magical force that puts together an outfit for the blog or every day for that matter it doesn’t.

This is something I would wear on a regular, normal day in my life. It’s easy enough to switch out jeans for work, it’s comfortable and easy enough for errands, but it’s also edgy enough for a casual al fresco date night.


I’m Just a Girl

I'm Just a GirlI'm Just a GirlI'm Just a GirlI'm Just a Girl

Top (similar) // Jeans // Shoes (similar) // Bag- Rachel Weisberg // Sunnies- Charmed Asheville 

Que No Doubt or Gwen Stefani because I feel like jamming out in this #ootd. And that is precisely why I love it. Oh and it’s super easy.

I kind of have this love affair with stripes. Up until a few years ago, stripes were something unless you were a stick, you should avoid. Always told by people of influence, stores, magazines, fashion icons and even people surrounding me. If you aren’t supposed to wear it, why were there so many stripes? Because I was meant to wear them! And I can’t stop. Stripes are my newest obsession. And the shape of the shirt is what makes the print flattering or not. I like to go for either a boxy, oversized shirt or a fitted shirt. This shirt is the boxy style and I love it. But let’s be honest, I love all my striped clothing.

Fashion is about taking chances on yourself. Finding something you like, no matter what anyone else thinks and rocking it. And that for me is stripes. Dark stripes.


Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway for a pair of LuLaRoe leggings! 

Versatile Pieces

Versatile Pieces Versatile PiecesVersatile PiecesVersatile PiecesVersatile PiecesVersatile Pieces

Top (actually a dress)// Jeans // Booties (similar) // Sunnies-Gifted // Bag-Gifted

Maximizing a closet. That’s what I’m all about. So when shopping I look at things to see how I can wear them differently and if they can make it through multiple seasons. This outfit is a prime example of just that.

This top is actually a dress. I love the color because wine, duh. But the reason I like it? I can wear it now as a dress (little short so maybe with bicycle shorts), I can knot a side for a different look and this will be perfect to pair with leggings for early Fall. You can knot any shirt if you have enough extra fabric. It gives a cool edgy or city chic vibe to any shirt taking your style up a knotch and transforming your look.

These are my favorite cuffed jeans that have made an appearance in several posts. These were not only a steal from Old Navy, but the shape and fit are perfect. And the best part, the cuffs aren’t permanent. So I can easily uncuff them and have some nice distressed boyfriend skinny jeans. This makes these perfect for wearing with any foot wear and will work in any season. I generally don’t go for a light wash denim because darker is slimming, but the shape of these work for me, so I will let it slide this time.

These booties, which are sadly no longer available are amazing. Edgy, my style and versatile. The cut out in the back make these so easy to wear with absolutely anything. Dresses, shorts, jeans; you name it they will work. And these will be perfect in colder months with tights.

A necklace that can be hung around the neck differently is a piece I love. This necklace has numerous types of beads and I can lay it around my neck for different parts to be shown in a different way. Plus since it has numerous different earthy tones and neutrals it can go with just about anything. It isn’t to neon for Winter and it isn’t too dull for Summer.

I always keep these things in mind when I’m shopping so in the end, I can get more bang for my buck and also get more out of pieces I love.

Stripes + Stars

Stripes + Stars + SalesStripes + Stars + SalesStripes + Stars + SalesStripes + Stars + Sales

Scarf- Target (similar)

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all had a great long weekend and are savoring the last day before work starts again for the week. While you are grilling and celebrating the first weekend of Summer I do hope that you take the time to remember all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom. Today sadly I am working but thought I would pair this festive scarf from Target (similar one here that you can get for 30% off this weekend). Happy beginning of Summer!