Seasons Are Changing

It’s still Summer until the 22nd of September and I am currently at the beach for a little late Summer getaway, but I can’t help but to think; the most wonderful and my favorite time of year is approaching. I hear people talking about how they hate Fall/Winter all the time, but I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good beach vacation and I am a water baby at heart whether it be lakes, rivers or the sea; I also love the longer amount of light and the fact that the fireflies come out. But Fall/Winter has my heart.

In the middle of the endless Summer heat, I always think I’ll never be able to wrap up in sweaters and scarfs and drink a latte without dying of heat exhaustion; but like clockwork the seasons always seem to change.

There’s something about waking up before the sun to catch a glimpse of the chilly fog lifting over the mountains. Wrapping up in blankets, lighting a candle and feeling like the warmest thing around you. And feeling at home. There’s something about seeing all the trees go through a colorful change, knowing they will be whole again after the change.

I love all the closeness that Fall/Winter brings. Coffee dates with your friends in matching basic warmness. Breaking out the flannels. Movie nights. More at home dinner cooking. Being close to those you really care about while the chilly air whips around you.

I love the childlike activities that take place. Making you feel young and alive. Apple Orchards. The fair. Camping. Carving pumpkins.

Another thing that makes Fall/Winter the absolute best: The Holidays! It stresses some out; some hate it because they work retail. I love it though. I mean we have three holidays based around delicious food and being cozy. Count me in.

And don’t even get me started on the “s” word everyone hates. Yes! I love the snow. It’s so magical and unaltered and innocent. It is what you make out of it. And I love the childlike wonder that it brings out in so many people.


Entire Outfit- Nest Boutique and DIY Studio

Almost Black Out

Almost Black OutAlmost Black OutAlmost Black OutAlmost Black OutAlmost Black OutAlmost Black Out

Jeans // Sweater // Scarf (only in stores) // Booties (old)

I like to wear black, it’s really just that simple. A black out #ootd makes me feel chic, pulled together and slimmed down. But sometimes you just need a pop of color. I like to do that with either necklaces or scarves; since it finally felt like Fall in Asheville this weekend a scarf it was. This scarf may remind you of Mardi Gras but the rich jewel tones scream Fall. So I finally got to wear this as it was intended to be worn (it’s been tied around a bag since I bought it). And I love this! Perfect for just about anything, I even wore this to head a planner meetup this Sunday!

Wear what you want! Even if others tell you to wear something else. I get told all the time I need to wear more color. I like black outfits and I’m going to keep wearing black outfits!

Coffee House Cozy

Coffee House CozyCoffee House CozyCoffee House CozyCoffee House CozyCoffee House CozyCoffee House CozyCoffee House Cozy

Top // Jeans // Sweater // Similar Booties // Fluff Ball // Watch // Choker

The leaves are in full color and last week the weather in Asheville actually felt like Fall. One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is get cozy and head to a local coffee shop. Whether to get work done, make lists or just enjoy the ambiance. I generally keep it pretty simple and comfy especially if I’m going to be attempting to get work done.

And that is how this outfit was born. My go to black skinny jeans and a striped shirt. Paired with an over sized sweater made it the perfect Fall coffee shop #ootd. I added a neutral sweater to break up all the black and add some interest in texture. Sometimes an all black outfit can be overwhelming and adding another neutral is a great way to not only add more life but break up your palette to make a more interesting look.

So since we are here, I do have to tell you guys about a new coffee shop in Asheville. What another one? My thoughts exactly. But this coffee shop is on the East side (and let’s face it, it’s lacking coffee shops and locally owned businesses) and it’s New Orleans style. Coffee and Beignets. Need I say more?! Authentic, delicious and a must visit. Bebettes serves up fresh made to order beignets, churros and self pour coffee, including coffee with chicory! Y’all it’s a must visit.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow to talk about blanket scarves!

Day to Night Style with Versona

Day to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with Versona

First Look: Jeans // Top // Necklace // Booties // Bag // Lipstick

Second Look: Skirt // Top // Earrings // Booties

I have said it time and time again; I love versatile pieces. It’s very easy to have a closet full of pieces, yet constantly wonder what to wear or what to style together. So that is why I have been more conscious on the pieces I am buying. Neutrals and flattering shapes, yet pieces that can all go together eventually at some point. You get more use out of the pieces in your closet this way and you can save a little money doing this. Who doesn’t love to see their bank account in the positive especially during the height of Fall fashion. ** insert praise hand emoji now**

I also like pieces that can take me through the day by switching minimal pieces out. Because as a busy lady that’s important. I like having an outfit where I can throw an extra piece of clothing in my bag and have a completely different look by switching it out. And this outfit does just that.

For day time jeans, grey sweater and a choker are the perfect go to for me. Simple, comfortable and chic. I can go to work, do errands, teach an art class, just about anything. By adding a simple skirt in my bag (or that magical hanger holder in the car to prevent wrinkling) I am able to switch up the #ootd for a last minute date night, meeting or fashion event. Swapping the choker out for some statement earrings and I’m set.

You can find new Fall pieces that work great for versatility in your closet and are also kind to your wallet at Versona. Their newest Fall Look Book features all the trending items for this season, but even though trendy can work well in any closet. You can view the entire Look Book here and you can also contact your local Versona to make an appointment to view the newest pieces.

The Asheville Versona is full of new Fall pieces. Textures galore. I loved the detail tops, slip dress (didn’t work for me though) and the minimalist necklaces including chokers.



*This post is brought to you by Versona*


A Dress To Wear Now & Later

A Dress To Wear Now & LaterA Dress To Wear Now & LaterA Dress To Wear Now & LaterA Dress To Wear Now & Later

Dress // Sandals (similar) // Hat // Lip 

Happy Tuesday friends! I am head over heels with this dress (it’s under $40.00) for several reasons. The print is amazing, it’s comfortable and transitional. I have styled this with chunky sandals for late Summer but when the weather cools off this can be styled several other ways. This would look adorable with riding boots, chic with tights and booties, date night casual with booties or perfect for the holiday season with tights and heels.

I went back and forth on Snap Chat (go add me s.ferguson6623) on whether to buy this dress, which I tend to do on there. Now that I have this baby in my hands I’m glad I did.

Make sure you check back to the blog tomorrow to see what I carry in my Fall ba

Black and White For New Years Eve

Black and White For New Years EveBlack and White For New Years EveBlack and White For New Years EveBlack and White For New Years Eve

Sweater-Target // Skirt-Target // Leggings-Target // Booties-Charlotte Russe (sold out, similar) // Necklace-Viva La Jewels (sold out)

So you think your New Years Eve outfit of the night has to be sparkly overload? Wrong! Personally I find sequined and sparkly outfits pretty uncomfortable (most are itchy) and not to mention they snag on everything. So since I’m a lover of black clothing, I’ve come up with an equally festive outfit. Black and white is the perfect go to for any holiday get together including NYE. I picked up this skirt from Target recently with a huge score thanks to the Cartwheel app and knew it would be perfect for holiday pairing. Since the skirt has a pattern and a fun flirty shape, I am keeping everything else simple. A fitted sweater, leggings and fringe booties to add some more texture to the outfit. I also have some bright blue shoes that go perfect with this outfit for a pop of color. Add the sparkle in your jewelry and you are ready to bring in the new year. If you still want more sparkles I would opt for sparkly shoes like these which is more affordable than a sparkly dress and you will probably get more wear out of them. What are you wearing for New Years?

Remember if you are going out for New Years please be safe. If you can’t find a driver or can not drive yourself, here is an Uber Code: UPN1T



Feeling Charmed

Feeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling CharmedFeeling Charmed

Beanie- $6.00 // Blanket Scarf- $18.95 // Sweater-$29.99 // Sunnies-$8.95 // Floral Necklace– $25.00 // Husk Necklace-$19.95 // Asheville Skyline Necklace-$19.95 // Silk Tie Clutch-$29.99 // Earrings-$12.00

Can you believe it’s now only 8 days until Christmas including today? Crazy I know! Have you got all of your Christmas shopping done? Well if you live in Asheville have no fear because I have done some “research” on the greatest little boutique where you can get all of your last minute shopping done for absolutely any lady in your life. And the best part? You won’t kill your bank account too much. Plus you might walk out with a few things for yourself.

I have visited Charmed a few times before but popped in again to scope out some great gift ideas for you. And let me just take a minute to say they are slaying it with everything they have in stock right now. The store is filled with every accessory imaginable plus a small collection of clothing. But if you need more clothes, you can head over to their newest location (across the street) Southern Charm for affordable options.

Literally this place is an accessory lovers heaven! The store is filled with local designers, designers from the U.S. and of course regular trendy wholesale pieces. The local stuff is something that could fit everyone’s taste. These earrings and the husk necklace I’m wearing are from a local designer BellaCJewelz, and very affordable. The earrings are only $12.00 (umm yes please) and there are some for every style. And this Asheville necklace! How adorable (and yes I’m pretty sure I need it in my life)?! Some of my favorite things were the wire wrapped necklaces from Pink & White Design (I’m wearing the floral one) and Charmed‘s collection of trendy/couture inspired sunnies.

Plus I had to play dress up! Duh. I went with a super affordable beanie, deep hued blanket scarf, grey sweater and Kat Von D (ish) glasses paired with my t-shirt dress, leggings and fringe booties for an urban city look. In this #ootd I want to go teach an art class, hit up the shops downtown and then grab dinner at a new swanky restaurant in town.

So for any lady on your last minute gift list, you are sure to find something at Charmed!

I want to thank Zoe for letting me come play dress up and take pictures of her beautiful store and also thank Clementyne for being my lovely hostest and stylist for the morning!

Subtle Green

Subtle GreenSubtle GreenSubtle GreenSubtle Green

Sweater-Target // Dress-Target (old, similar) // Leggings-Target // Booties- Charlotte Russe (out of stock, similar) // Sunnies-Charmed // Rings-Pandora and Ashkal

This time of year we can really find ourselves in a style rut, even if we look stylish. This time of year, we as women and fashionistas feel we need to dress in holiday red and green, sparkles and fancy dresses to be festive. Now I love a good pop of red, fancy dresses and sparkles but we don’t have to dress that way to be festive. You actually can dress however you want, whenever you want. That’s a good motto right? As my style has changed over the years one thing has been constant lately, the need for subtle colors, more earthy tones and black because black is always a good idea. Since it’s Christmas time and that bright holiday green is everywhere, it’s starting to hurt my eyes. So I’m opting for a green in the olive family. I picked a sweater in this olive green color to look and feel cozy without going over board on the Christmas colors. I paired this with (go figure) grey and black for the more edgy cozy vibe. If these fringe booties and sunnies don’t scream edgy, I don’t know what else will. So when you are dressing for holiday get togethers or activities don’t feel you have to fit in to the holiday color scheme exactly. You can opt for more wine colored items instead of red and you can pick more earthy tone greens. Play up the textures in your #OOTD to create a cozy look but something that also fits with your style! Happy holiday styling.



Marsala and Olive Pops

Marsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive Pops


Fall is coming, you can feel it in the air here in Asheville. I love Fall not only because of pumpkin spice everything but for the fashion. Myself (and a lot of women included) feel like they get to start over with their wardrobe, it is the biggest season for fashion after all. But before you go crazy at the mall, you may want to look in your closet to see what you can reuse this season. Some new styles are in like the 70’s style and the 90’s but according to Pantone’s color report a lot of what you had last year will still be in play this season. I dug up some pictures from last fall to show that if you have anything in this marsala color or an olive color you need to pull it out and wear it again. These colors are big this season along with other earthy hues and nudes. Fur, hats and booties are still big so pull those out as well. If you want to add to your closet I suggest a pair of flare jeans, pops of bright colors in blues and purples and add some fringe!

Don’t forget I’m hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a Versona gift card on my Instagram and you only have until tomorrow at 12pm to enter. This is perfect for getting somethings to add to your closet for fall! You can get all of the details here!.