Feminine Lumberjack

Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack

Flannel // Skirt (similar) // Tights // Booties (similar) // Necklace (similar) // Lip Color // Eyeshadow

I grew up in the 90’s and lived in a small country, farm town. So I love flannel, I love plaid. When I moved to Asheville I thought I would be wearing plaids and flannels all the time, but little did I know I would fall in a rut with both the print and fabric. Asheville weather is well, Asheville weather. It can be warm one part of the week and snowing by the end of the week. Also elevation changes are intense here so it may be semi warm in downtown then up the mountain you are freezing. So it was hard to wear them because if you wear a real flannel you know you are burning up. Plus when I turned 21 and was in to being at a bar in beer city almost every night, wearing plaid or flannel made you look like that hipster lumberjack wannabe. So I retired them. But recently have brought them back because now I know how to wear a flannel and plaid without either looking like a total lumberjack or burning up in them.

Dressing them up! That’s the answer. Paired with a skirt or dress and they are instantly more feminine. I paired this dreamy buffalo plaid flannel from Old Navy (only $14.00 currently) with an old black lacey skater skirt and went a step further with the statement necklace for a pop of glam. As far as burning up, either layer or go up a size in a flannel so it isn’t so tight to your body. Also if you go up a size you have plenty of other layering options for the flannel.

I love this look! It’s actually perfect for the upcoming holiday season and screams Fall! If you are leary of plaid or flannel (which at this point it’s everywhere so you shouldn’t) try a scarf in the print which can go with just about anything or layer a cozy sweater over your flannel so only the hems, collar and sleeves are showing.


Chartreuse is the New Holiday Color

Chartreuse is the New Holiday ColorChartreuse is the New Holiday ColorChartreuse is the New Holiday ColorChartreuse is the New Holiday Color

Top-Versona // Skirt-H&M (old, similar) // Leggings-Target // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar) // Necklace-Wal-Mart (old) // Bracelet-Forever 21 (old, similar)

Ahhhh! We are in the final countdown to Christmas!! It’s time for all the dinners and holiday get togethers to start. I’ve been looking in my closet and trying to decide what I will be wearing to what and I’ve noticed I don’t really have a lot of green or red. But I do have this chartreuse piko style top that I think is the perfect alternative to the traditional holiday green. Paired with navy, this color combo is heaven! This year the holidays are pretty warm so going casual, comfortable and light weight might be the best option for me. So when you are looking in your closet, look for different shades of the holiday colors to put your own unique spin on your holiday #ootd!

Coffee Dates With Luke Danes

Coffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke Danes

T-Shirt-Urban Tee Farm // Skirt-Target (old, similar) // Flannel-Target // Necklace-Forever 21 (old, similar) // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar) // Coffee Cup-Starbucks // Nail Color- China Glaze Change Your Altitude// Lip Color- Revlon Black Cherry

Fall I love you! Gilmore Girls I love you! Luke Danes I love you! When you mix all of them together you get this #ootd.

If you didn’t know I have a slight obsession with Gilmore Girls. I grew up on the show. There were many life lessons learned from the show like flannel never goes out of style and don’t throw you life away for a boy unless he has a motorcycle. When I found this shirt from Urban Tee Farm that included the important male characters from Gilmore Girls, I fell in love. I instantly started planning outfits around this basic shirt. I threw on a fun fall colored skirt and flannel for my morning cup of pumpkin spice. This outfit of the day is the perfect mix of texture, layers, fabrics and quirkiness for hitting up your local coffee shop or diner. It’s even better if you have a cynical, baseball cap wearing waiter to assist.

And this fall outfit is why I love fashion; why I love getting dressed. Styling your daily outfits doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. It’s okay to mix textures, patterns and lengths. It’s okay to wear something that is quirky because it adds personality. It’s great to wear something (that’s not always old) that brings up memories..

Rainy Day Outfit + Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day Activities

Dress-Charlotte Russe (old, similar) // Cardigan-Old Navy (old, similar) // Leggings-Forever 21 // Boots-L.L. Bean // Scarf-Wal-Mart (in stores only)

Fall seems sooooo perfect on the internet, but in reality it’s wet and gloomy. Which can really put a damper on our mood and activities. Just because the weather is gloomy and your mood might reflect it doesn’t mean you have to dress in sweats and hang out at the house (but by all means that is great as well). To beat the gloomy funk why not wear fun colors! I love this mustard colored dress that I have had for a long time paired with some maroon colored leggings. The colors go great together and are a great pop of color for grey days. Since it’s rainy layering is key, so a great cardigan is a must. This cardigan from Old Navy (and the one I have linked) are the perfect weight for chilly to semi-warm days. And boots! When it’s raining, soggy and chilly you need a a pair of boots. A pair of riding boots, bean boots or rain boots will work just fine. I really like bean boots because they are really roomy so perfect for different thicknesses of socks and they keep your feet warm.

When it’s rainy, gloomy or just soggy you don’t just have to sit at home but I have some fun ideas for staying at home as well.

Rainy Activities Out:

  • Antique Shopping! Most antique stores are clumped together or in large warehouses so you don’t have to trek through the rain. It’s so much fun to look at old, unwanted stuff even if you aren’t buying anything.
  • Movies! If you go solo it’s even better. Get that great popcorn and sneak in candies and watch a horror flick or a movie that will have you sobbing or laughing.
  • Coffee Date! Rainy days are the perfect days to try out a new coffee shop, get some computer work done or read a book.
  • Art Fairs! Some are outside but grab a hat and go see all of the local talent.
  • Art Museums or Galleries! Rainy days are the perfect day to explore local artist’s work.

Indoor Activities:

  • Create a cheese plate, put on something on Netflix and have a pumpkin beer tasting party.
  • Bake! Hit up Pinterest for some festive foods and get to baking.
  • Get Crafty! Now’s the time to start that craft you have been waiting to work on, paint something or start up a new crafty hobby like knitting.
  • Have an at home spa day!


All You Need is a Scarf

All You Need is a ScarfAll You Need is a ScarfAll You Need is a ScarfAll You Need is a ScarfAll You Need is a ScarfAll You Need is a Scarf

Sweater-Target (can get all sweaters 10% off with cartwheel app this week) // Scarf-c/o Dottie Q

It’s officially scarf season! And anyone who knows me, knows I love scarfs. I will wear them year round but love chunky knits for fall and winter. Yes, I love scarfs because they keep me warm, but I also love scarfs because they are easy to throw on with any outfit and take the outfit a little further. Throwing on a scarf over a sweater (chunky or not) makes the whole #ootd just a little more chic. With scarves you have endless possibilities. They come in different patterns, materials and most of them can be styled several different ways.

I have fallen in love with scarves from Dottie Q. Not only are they in beautiful knits, but the colors are just perfect. I love this grass color that I have since green is every where for Fall fashion. Of course you can get your regular style infinity scarf from Dottie Q but she offers something a little more exciting, a scarf necklace. This scarf (styled above) can be worn several different ways; we all know I love something that can be styled numerous ways. The scarf can be worn long with the wrap part at the nape of the neck or showing for a textural view. The scarf can be worn layered just like you would a necklace. You can take half of the scarf and loop it around your neck. Wearing the scarf long and layered actually allows for you to wear necklaces for an even more layered and textural look. Or you can double the whole scarf for a bundled up look. The possibilities are endless with this scarf.

Dottie Q scarves are all handmade and available on Etsy or on her website. She also offers boot socks and hand muffs. All of her pieces are as eco-friendly as possible, and she uses recycled mailing supplies. The best part of this shop; Dottie Q donates a percentage to Tenth Life Cat Rescue in St. Louis. You know that appealed to the cat lover in me!

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Feminine Lumberjack

Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack

Dress- Forever 21 (old, similar) // Flannel-Target // Hat-Target // Necklace-Forever 21 (old) // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar)

I don’t know what I love about this #ootd more. The floral dress? The hat? The flannel? The mixing of unusual prints to make an outfit I love? Fashion is supposed to be fun. And I think this outfit of the day is pretty fun. The lumberjack trend, or flannel is once again very popular. I have to be very careful not to look like a man while styling flannel because most cuts are not flattering to the female body. So the perfect way to style it for me is to throw it over a dress, especially a floral dress. The combo reminds me of the 90’s trend but is also pulled together. To make the outfit a little more “grown up” I added some simple riding boots and a hat. This chic look is somewhat of a style risk but so easy to pull off!

What style risks are you taking this Fall?

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Repeat Dress with Fall Florals

Repeat Dress with Fall FloralsRepeat Dress with Fall FloralsRepeat Dress with Fall FloralsRepeat Dress with Fall FloralsRepeat Dress with Fall Florals

Dress-Target // Kimono-Target (sold out) // Leggings-Forever 21 // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar)

I can’t believe yesterday it was extremely hot and for the next few days we are expecting bad storms. I can’t believe today is the first day of October. This swing dress has been on repeat quite a bit lately because it is the perfect transitional piece. And there’s nothing I love more than a stripes and floral combo. I have been keeping my darker floral printed pieces (mostly kimonos) around for layering this fall. Just because the leaves are starting to die there are still some flowers that thrive in the cooler months. So why not continue to wear floral? Floral is really easy to pull off during these chillier days as long as the print is darker or muted hues. Throw on some leggings and boots and it makes the entire #ootd a little bit better for Fall.

Are you still wearing florals?.

Shaggy Vest for Date Night

Shaggy Vest for Date NightShaggy Vest for Date NightShaggy Vest for Date NightShaggy Vest for Date NightShaggy Vest for Date NightShaggy Vest for Date Night

Vest-Target // Shirt-Target (old, similar) // Jeans-Forever 21 // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar) // Necklace-Viva La Jewels (10% off with code:stephanierep)

Two things I love this Fall: vests and date nights. I think date nights in the fall are so much fun and you have so many different options of things to do when the weather starts to cool down. When dates night roll around I generally gravitate towards dresses because they make me feel more feminine. But I have started experimenting with different looks and dressing up a pair of jeans for date night, because let’s face sometimes you just want to be a little more casual chic for your date outings. I think a vest is the perfect way to dress up some basic jeans and a shirt suitable for going out. I love this 70’s inspired vest from Target in the perfect shade of blush. It’s so easy to throw on over a shirt and instantly transform the entire #ootd. For added pizzazz, a sparkly necklace adds that perfect hint of girly that I’m looking for for a date!

What is your go to for your Fall date night #ootn?

Stay tuned later this week for all my fall date ideas for both day and night!

If you want to see another way I style this fur vest check out my guest post on the AskAsheville.com Blog HERE!



The Perfect Transitional Dress

The Perfect Transitional DressThe Perfect Transitional DressThe Perfect Transitional DressThe Perfect Transitional DressThe Perfect Transitional Dress


Dress-Target (already sold out) // Leggings-Forever 21 // Booties-Charlotte Russe (already sold out, similar) // Necklace-Wal-Mart (only in stores)

It’s raining outside as we speak and I’m feeling a little under the weather so layers are being added to the wardrobe slowly. But it’s still warm here in Asheville on most days (it actually won’t cool down in the city until about October) so a dress that can easily be worn with sandals on it’s on or layered with leggings and sweaters is something I am really gravitating towards here lately. This dress from Target is the perfect one for both of those needs. I can easily wear it with sandals or add layers (stretching my wardrobe with this piece). Fall is such a tricky time for wearing clothes because generally it’s chilly in the morning, warm in the day, and chilly at night until about October so finding pieces that really transition are key. In looking for transition pieces I weigh the options of how to wear the piece now and in the colder months so I get the best bang for my buck..

Pops of Red and Gold

Pops of RedPops of RedPops of RedPops of RedPops of RedPops of Red


Shirt-Target // Skirt-Target // Leggings-Forever 21 // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old) // Necklace-Viva La Jewels (10% off entire purchase by using code:stephanierep) // Earrings-Jared // Lipstick- Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color in Divine Wine

My two favorite colors to incorporate for more casuals days to make any outfit more festive is red and gold. I took a plain white and black look and made it more festive by adding red boots and a gold statement necklace, plus added a deep red lipstick. This is very easy to do by using whatever plain outfit you have and adding statement pieces. How do you make your outfits look more festive?