Where I’ve Been Lately

I’ve seriously been off my game lately. I haven’t posted regularly or for weeks at a time. And it’s okay. Life has happened. And it happens to all of us. We are all human.

I don’t owe an explanation to anyone, nor do I feel the need to apologize, because like I said life happens. But sometimes life just changes so much you become lost. And that’s what has taken place in my life. Not only do I feel lost about so many things I personally have no control over, the little things I do have control over, I either don’t have the energy for ( because ya girl been working like crazy over here) or I’m in a creative rut. Mainly a creative rut.

It gets old seeing the same things over and over. Every blogger shops from the same places and gets the same articles of clothes. Though possibly styled differently, they are all the same. And in case you are new around here, I’m not like everyone else, nor do I want to be. Also I’ve been comparing myself to a lot of other people lately. Huge no, no. But I’m human. It’s all a complicated mess. Or maybe just a mental mess I have created. Who knows at this point.

I haven’t purchased really anything new (besides some sandals I got on killer sale for the fourth of July). Do I go out and shop to break this creative block? Do I try to look at my closet differently? Do I try a clothing challenge to refresh my favorite pieces? Ladies and gents, I’m not at a fork in the road, I’m at a dead end. Not sure really how to do that three point turn to get me back on the right direction.

So here’s to figuring this thing out. And figuring out what content to bring to you. And figuring out what the heck I’m even doing. And figuring out what I’m simply wearing today.

I Had The Time Of My Life

The Dirty Dancing remake has finally aired. There was a huge buzz about this across Asheville because most of the movie was shot in Western North Carolina, as was the original. I was raised on 80’s movies, so the original is one of my favorite movies, I would go as far as saying top 3. So of course I was a little disappointed they were trying to remake it. I’m glad I didn’t waste three hours of my time for the special. I watched bits and pieces later. I was actually kind of appalled. The dancing, acting and clothing was just ehh.

I’m disappointed that a lot of the iconic outfits weren’t even properly portrayed. Like the famous dancing, stairs scene. Not even in the remake. So I decided to recreate my own version of that #ootd to prep me for Summer. Baby is wearing a blush bodysuit, with denim shorts (belted) and white keds. Ohhh and really curly hair and a pretty pink lip. It’s 2017 and even though bodysuits are all the rage, I couldn’t find one that was the right color. Hell I couldn’t even find a bathing suit that color.

So I settled for this tank, shorts and chucks for an updated version on the Hollywood classic. The tank is no way similar but it does the trick for the closeness in color. Now I just need to go find me some stairs (the original stairs were torn down in the last 3 years) and learn a dance. Or head off to the Dirty Dancing Festival!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! Check back on Wednesday for a fun little event I took part in recently in Asheville!

Summer Simplicity

Summer Simplicity Summer Simplicity Summer Simplicity Summer Simplicity

Jewelry & Shirt- In Stores at Versona // Jeans // Sandals (similar) // Hat

I’ve said it since the beginning of the year how my style has changed. It’s changed to something a little more simple. I pick pieces that are simple and versatile. I want to get more bang for my buck, I want to feel more city chic and I want my #ootds to be non-fussy because I’m a pretty simple person. And with the changing of the seasons when neons and tassles are in, that idea still hasn’t changed. I’m still drawn to the same type of pieces, just sleeveless or short sleeves. I’m drawn to a neutral color palette, simple designs and a peplum or boyfriend cut. And I’m loving the idea of boyfriend jeans or cuffed jeans. I’ve literally been cuffing all of my skinny jeans. I like playing with this type of style because for me when it’s not over the top I can use all the things I really love in my closet to go with a new top and get multiple wears out of it. Plus it helps spending on things to “match” with trendy prints or cuts.

Versona in Asheville has some really great basic pieces for a versatile closet. Going a simple, refined route isn’t for everyone’s personal style. But I’m growing on it. It’s about as easy now to get ready as it is making a cup of coffee in my Keurig. And I’m digging that!

The Jumpsuit

The JumpsuitThe JumpsuitThe Jumpsuit

The JumpsuitThe Jumpsuit

 Jumpsuit- Target // Earrings- Viva La Jewels // Lipstick- Cyber from Mac // Sandals- Kohls (old, similar)

When shopping for clothing I try to pick out pieces that are extremely versatile (which is great for traveling) because it helps my clothing budget go further. When I saw this jumpsuit I had no idea that it would fit great but I immediately had plenty of outfit ideas in mind. Since the jumpsuit is all black it’s a perfect neutral piece that can be dressed up or down. I decided to throw on some statement earrings and sandals to go for a more casual vibe. I also think this can be dressed up with a great statement necklace and heels for date night or cocktails. This piece is perfect for traveling because it’s one piece that can be worn many different ways, and if you don’t want to wear a dress for something special this can take the place of that. I absolutely love these earrings from Viva La Jewels because they add enough statement without being heavy or breaking the bank. Viva La Jewels offers great prices on popular trends and you can receive 10% off your entire purchase by using code:Stephanierep!