Closet Versatility: Styling A Summery Fancy Dress For Every Day

We all have dresses in our closet that we have worn to special occasions that we hopefully love but they may be a little too much for every day where. Like this dress I have. I have worn this dress to a wedding, a few parties and a fancier seaside restaurant for happy hour and dinner; I love this dress but I find it hard to wear on a normal day to day basis because it is a little bit fancier. So since I am playing around with creating new outfits from what I have in my closet I pulled this loved dress out and started playing with it.

I started adding layers like a denim jacket or leather jacket which would look amazing in the Fall, but for now during this heatwave it just won’t do. So I started pulling out t-shirts that may go well over this and thinking of ways to add a top and still keep some shape to it. I played with belts and it just wasn’t doing it for me. So I started tying t-shirts in knots on the side to both and a fun element and keep a nice shape to the outfit. And tying a good striped tee did the job I was looking for. To keep the rest of the outfit simple and perfect for every day I added simple jewelry but the earrings have both a statement and movement. Added a wicker bag to give it a more casual cool vibe and added flatform Tevas for some extra casualness to the outfit but also adding comfort.

I have transformed a dress I only imagined wearing to celebrations or fancier nights out to something I can run errands in, eat at a cafe or even do some indoor Summer exploring. It has such a casual bohemian vibe that still feels pulled together since I am wearing a nicer dress but also not over the top. I love playing around with my closet lately. It’s so fun and creative to take one outfit and make it something completely different that I may not have thought of before!

Similar Dress // T-shirt // Similar Bag // Sandals // Jewelry

Accessories Are A Girl’s Best Friend

One of the biggest things I thought I would struggle with when deciding to purchase less clothing was not feeling like myself or not showing my personality through my #ootd. Yet I have realized the power of accessories more than ever. They can take a simple outfit and make it more edgy, make a bold statement, keep it minimal or even help your unique personality shine through.

This little sundress is very simple in shape, color and fabric so it needs a bit of work to pull everything together. A geometric statement choker, big but natural statement earrings, an oversized natural colored bag and vintage sunnies are here to make this simple dress oh so chic. Especially since the weather is finally getting warmer (did we just skip Spring all together?), you want to keep dressing simple and breezy and make an impact with accessories.

Embellish in downtown Asheville is my go to for making my outfit of the days one of kind. From natural and minimalist, to statement earrings (I’m loving statement earrings lately, I’ll be sharing more next week on this), to edgy pieces, to showstopping necklaces and to bags that will fit everything I need to carry in my life. Can we talk about this bag for a second, I need another bag in my life like I need a hole in my head but ahhhhh, it was love at first sight. The color, the shape, the simplistic nature of the bag. Plus it looks amazing with basic color and patterns that may be found in a capsule wardrobe.

I love Embellish because I can find anything from this edgy choker and fun statement earrings that make this outfit not so preppy and a little more Asheville cool. But you can also find everyday staples like this little beaded necklace (legit wear every day), this little one stone bracelet (also wear every day) and a fun minimalist statement ring. Plus another reason I love Embellish (because fun jewelry isn’t enough), everything is affordable yet sustainable. You can find something that is completely one of a kind or you can find something that all your girls can match in.  Go give Barb a visit and tell her I sent you and she can help you find something amazing!

This post is in part of a collaboration I did with three other Asheville bloggers to share our personal views on how to get ready for warmer weather via fashion. Read our post on AVLToday here and also make sure to check out The Tony Townie, Fashion By Day and Just Ferriss.

Favorite Denim Brand

The struggle is real with finding your favorite pair of denim. Especially when you are a girl who would much rather rock jeans and tees than anything else. Enter me, who feels much more comfortable in daily life with a trusty pair of denim and simple tops than over the top dresses (don’t worry, Summer brings out the dress lover in me).

I have searched high and low for a pair of jeans that I love the fit of and how they hold up. And have finally found the brand I’m obsessing over. Lysse creates denim that feels like you are wearing leggings so beyond comfortable and also feeling like you can borderline run a marathon in these bad boys. Also the shape is amazing. Piping and the waistline add an amazing slimming affect which anyone over the age of 25 can really, really appreciate. Tiny details make them more for your style. These have little zippers for a little more edge but they have cuffs and flares for different types of styles. Also the way these have held up is amazing. They have not lost their shape or color and I have been wearing these religiously since I got them right after Black Friday. Also the tightness hugs all the right places and the fit is just out of this world.

I am a Lysse fan. These bad boys are on the pricier end of denim but I think this investment is worth it. Especially when it’s a pair that actually fits and holds up through everyday life. Seriously girl, I would never push pricey clothes on you but these are amazing. And they will make you feel amazing!

Denim // Top // Sandals // Similar Bomber

Flower Power Summer Dress

If you watch my Instagram Stories, I shared this little story on how this dress came in to my possession. If not, long story short; I ordered some work shirts from Old Navy (because I can’t shop expensive sustainable clothing for tops that will be stained and torn) and ordered a top in this print but got sent this dress instead. So of course I’m not slugging through the mall to return it or pay for shipping since it was their error, so welcome this cute floral dress. I wouldn’t have chose this for myself but I’m not mad at it.

This dress is almost like wearing pajamas and has so much movement to it. Light and breathable making it perfect for Spring and Summer festivities. Pairing this with some lace up, chunky heel sandals makes it the perfect #ootd for an evening out or even brunch. I can also already see this edged up for a more 90’s feel or even a more boho look. This dress would be perfect for just about every Spring and Summer activity like cookouts, showers, graduation parties, dinners al fresco, beach days or heading to the Farmer’s Market.

Stay tuned for more ways I will be styling this little number. I already have a few ideas up my sleeves.


Closet Versatility: Floral Maxi 3 Ways

Tis the season for maxi dresses. I sometimes forget how much I love dresses until warmer months roll around and now that I am switching up my closet I am looking for dresses that I can wear numerous different ways for numerous different occasions. I was recently sent this floral maxi dress from Viva La Jewels and though it is not my traditional style I am really loving it. If this was a dark dress I would probably love it more if possible. This dress is amazing and the most comfy thing I have put on my body, seriously guys it feels like buttahhh. You can shop the dress here and I highly suggest picking up this simple yet versatile dress.

Casual Everyday

In the Spring months when I’m not working I like to have something I can easily throw on and go and still look pulled together. A maxi dress is the perfect #ootd for that. When I’m not at my 9-5 I’m still running around doing things so simply throwing on some chucks with this makes it a good to go outfit for me. And a denim jacket is perfect for the cool mornings and evenings here in Asheville.


Dressed Up 

To take a floral maxi from casual everyday wear to night or an occasion you need to dress with a little more umph, it just take a few simple things. Some heels help elevate (literally) the style to the next level. I love a fun Summery sandal with a chunky heel for this look. And simply add a sleek clutch and you are good to go. Perfect for a night out, brunch, showers, graduation or even a casual laid back wedding.

Unique & Funky

Sometimes just casual easy or dressed up just isn’t going to do it for you. You want to be completely comfortable but also stylish and “you” at the same time. That’s why I love playing with dresses and making them look different. Like tying the knot at the hem of the dress. Making the shape look a little different and also showing a little leg. Adding a funky belt not only adds texture and more shape to the dress but adds a different element of style to an extremely feminine print. Paired with a fun hat, vintage sunnies and comfortable sandals. Perfect for running around and getting ish done.

High Low Top

I love a good high low top especially for Spring when shorts aren’t quite in season yet. There are so many different styles of high low tops and can be found just about anywhere. These tops add a great dimension and sense of chicness to any outfit. I especially love an extremely dramatic long back top that adds a little something fun to simple skinny jeans or edges up some distressed denim. Plus these look like you are having your own personal runway time with the breeze of Spring.

Side note: Don’t be afraid to play with colors that may not seem like the season’s top color. I love the idea of wearing rust, mustards and deeper brick colors during the warmer months.

Are you digging high low tops still?

Closet Must Have: Chambray Shirt

With pulling my closet together and somewhat building a capsule wardrobe I am getting the hang of what I think you really need in your closet because of it’s versatility. And one piece that I keep pulling out every week is a really good chambray shirt. There a literally a million ways this could be worn; a great layering piece, a top on it’s own, dressed up or down, a great beach cover-up and something that is timeless so it can easily go into each and every season and not be stylish.

This week has been absolutely insane and this week isn’t letting up much either. I did however get some sleep yesterday but I have a ton of projects I am finishing up this week and something simple yet Spring-ish is what I’ve needed. These white jeans are the perfect go to pair of denim for Spring because you can actually pair it with absolutely everything. So I paired it with a my chambray top, threw on some sandals and my regular jewelry and was ready. I actually had a meeting for an upcoming project in May in this outfit, did a grocery store run and had dinner with the family in this. So comfortable and easy to run around in but also I feel very pulled together. And that is the power of a chambray top!

I got my chambray top from Levi’s last year so it is unfortunately not available. But they have a ton of great options HERE. I like Levi’s due to the actual cut and how it darts in at your waistline creating an actual shape other than the typical boxy shape of this style of top. And if you still aren’t convinced on how to wear chambray, no fret I will be sharing how to style it more due to me constantly reaching for this particular piece.

Chambray Tops: Old Navy // Target

Floral Kimono For Easter

As long as I can remember for Easter Sunday, you were wearing the most feminine dress there was with white shoes or sandals even if you didn’t attend church. It’s a southern thing. But now that I’ve gotten older and the day involves cooking and doing things with family it’s changed. Being in the North Carolina mountains doesn’t help either because it could be freezing, snowing, raining or have the sun shining. Also I use the day to recoup from my week, any holiday week in retail when kids do not have school is a little insane.

So wearing a simple outfit that also screams Spring is just as appropriate as fancy dresses. Kimonos are just as big this season as they have been in the past (thank you festival style because I love a good kimono) and can be found in a ton of prints like florals that are perfect for Spring and Easter. I love the simplicity of light wash jeans, a flirty top and a pop of color and a floral print for an understated Easter statement. And throw on some white sandals, mules or booties to keep it light. Plus this outfit seems much more comfortable and practical if you are chasing kids and eggs around a yard or field.

But to each their own. This is just an alternative to your typical Easter dresses, but dress how you feel for the holiday.


Shop Floral Kimonos: Free People Kimono // ZAFUL Kimono //  Forever 21 Kimono // Target Kimono //

Versona Kimono // Kimono I’m Wearing (from last season)

Love Is The New Denim Or Black

Just like a pair of good jeans, a denim jacket is a staple in your wardrobe. Denim jackets have made a huge “comeback” this year. They have always kind of been around, every single year I have seen them pop up around Spring in places like Target, Old Navy and stores that sell a lot of sundresses. It’s been a thing in southern stores and preppy stores alike. But fits and washes have changed, embellishments have been added and now everyone and their mother is rocking a denim jacket.

Denim jackets can dress down any outfit to make it more wearable for day. They can be worn with any feminine blouses for a little extra edge. If one is bold enough to wear denim on denim it is one of the edgiest, retro, cool looks of the moment. They are so versatile, transitional and comfortable. All in all, I’m a sucker for denim jackets.

This denim jacket I actually picked up when the Universal Thread line dropped at Target and it’s the perfect fit, wash and great quality. And for a really good budget. I’ve been working this in to so many outfits lately and it’s one of my most worn pieces right now.

Shop Jacket

Pretty In Pink For Valentine’s Day

Holidays are the only time I break my own fashion rules. As in I dress pretty neutral for the majority of the year, but when the opportunity opens up for me to wear some sort of festive dress, I will more than likely jump at the chance. Which is why I have this flowy pink (it’s actually more on the peach side of the spectrum) dress. I actually bought this dress for Easter Brunch last year (since we actually went somewhere extra fancy) and have never really worn it again. Which I’m not upset about because I got it for a super steal on BooHoo (honestly wasn’t expecting the quality to be as good as it was). So it was sitting in my closet ready to offer it up for anyone who wants it and was like oooooo this will be the perfect dress for Valentine’s Day and possibly Easter again. Or even to visit Biltmore Blooms.

So here I am dressed in a pink dress, which is my most hated color especially for clothing for one of the cheesiest holidays we celebrate. Though cheesy and controlled by the retail industry I still celebrate and still love it. I don’t get why people hate on it. Consumerism is a part of our daily life so what gives. Any excuse for me to get dressed up and write hand written cards is a win win in my book. Ohhh and by dressed up, I mean even for making a frozen pizza at home.

But this dress just screams Valentine’s Day. It’s off the shoulder which gives it a sexy, sultry vibe, but flirty, fun and conservative with the ruffles, shape and length. Perfect for dancing in or just twirling around in. And bringing back my Christmas shoes, because red DUH, for a playful fun take on the whole outfit. Kept all my jewelry simple to focus on the flows of this dress. Move over stuffy, over planned date night, I’m ready for something fun!

Let me know if you enjoy Valentine’s Day and what you plan on wearing below!

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