Hilton Head Island Travel Diary: The iPhone Version

So if you aren’t following me on Instagram (which you should because sometimes it’s funny) you may not have known that I took a much needed vacation last week to Hilton Head Island. It’s one of my favorite places for a ton of different reasons. I love the atmosphere, the scenes, the fact that it is a quiet community and the food! So here are some of the highlights of my trip!

For the first time in almost four years we stayed on the South end of the island, right down the street from Coligny Beach. We were walking distance from food and shopping of any kind; and the most important, we were on beach front so we could easily walk to the beach at any given time during the day. It was so easy to have a relaxing vacation when everything was at your fingertips. Plus it didn’t hurt that according to the FitBit, we got well over 10,000 steps a day. Plus you could constantly hear the waves crashing which is the ultimate sound for relaxation.

Being so close to the beach and the fact that this was a much needed vacation was a no brainer that all day, every day I was at the beach. I loaded up on the SPF and literally chilled. The beach was quiet after Labor Day Weekend and even more quiet with the threat of a hurricane. But still I relaxed. And swam in the ocean. And played with sea creatures. I’ve got plenty of questions about this hat, the striped bathing suit and the kimono cover up; so they are all linked here!

Hat // Striped Bathing Suit // Kimono

Hilton Head Island is known for their world class golf courses and food. And well let’s just say I prefer food over the links. I have been waiting 5 whole years to try this place. They shut down for a week before Summer and it just so happens that’s always the week I visit. But it was worth the wait. Perfectly cooked cajun southern food. I had the etoufee and it was amazzzzzinggggg! If you visit Hilton Head, I suggest visiting Kenny B’s.

I found Java Burrito Company on Instagram and I am so glad that I did. It’s like a local Chipotle but for every meal and a full coffee bar inside. I had a breakfast bowl and iced dirty chai. Hands down one of the best decisions I made on that trip.

Ela’s is becoming a favorite on the island for me to visit. A little swanky, quiet, on the waterfront and the service and food is outstanding. We visiting the day before the evacuation was in order for Irma and they were still open. We had the place to ourselves and the service nor food suffered due to being understaffed or the island becoming a ghost town.

Marley’s Island Grill was a first for me, but not a last. Sooooooo good! A Caribbean take on local seafood. I got chorizo almond crusted scallops which may actually be one of the top 20 best meals of my life. So good.

There is just beauty and magic every where on the island. Maybe it’s because you are on vacation or island time. Whatever it is, it works. My soul feels a little more full after my visit there.

Happy Travels!

Pawley’s Island Vacation Recap

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I went to Pawley’s Island last week for the last vacation of the summer! Located in the lowcountry of South Carolina I got to experience a lot of great food, the wonderful beach, golf and the nature surrounding the beach. This time I focused more on the experiences than documenting the time, so there isn’t a ton of pictures. All in all it was a good trip (besides all the rain storms) and can’t wait to head to the beach again.

What was your favorite thing you did this summer?.

Eating My Way Through Hilton Head Island

I have a major confession to make; when I travel I get this notion that I am a foodie, meaning I have to try to the cool hip places, new things, and cook when I can with fresh ingredients I can’t get at home. Andrew and I were lucky enough to stay in a condo with a kitchen on vacation in Hilton Head Island so we did cook a lot at the house but we would venture out for lunches on the island. Here are some of the great food highlights from the trip.

Island EatsIsland EatsIsland EatsIsland Eats

The first place we ate on the island was The Black Marlin Bayside Grill, which was in a harbour. We took advantage of patio seating on Mother’s Day as the weather was perfect. We got sushi nachos (probably the most amazing things), for lunch I got the Bayside Seafood Roll and a side of sweet potato fries and Andrew got a fried seafood platter with oysters and scallops. We were both pleased with this place so we would highly recommend it to anyone!

Island Eatsisland Eats

We did a lot of cooking at the condo we stayed in. Some things (like pizza and sandwiches) were less than interesting but we did cook some awesome seafood. Scallops, stuffed scallops, we even cooked fresh local swordfish but we were exhausted and forgot to take pictures. We bought our local seafood from Barnacle Bill’s and were pleased with the quality of seafood we got. I’ll be posting a recipe for these scallops next week!

Island EatsIsland EatsIsland Eats

We ended up parking our bikes at Shelter Cove since we stayed on the north side of the island so one day we decided to have lunch in the harbour. We decided on ELA’S Blu Water Grille. This place is a bit more fancier and expensive so I suggest lunch time on the patio. We ordered the calamari and lobster sliders. The calamari was the best I had ever had and the sliders were perfect, plus those truffle fries were to die for. I highly suggest this place.

Island EatsIsland EatsIsland EatsIsland EatsIsland EatsIsland EatsIsland EatsIsland Eats

We have dined at The Skull Creek Boathouse before but it has changed a lot since our last visit. They have a Palmetto beer that was crafted in Charleston specifically for them that we had to try. They offer sushi now and the Surf and Turf Roll was amazing (I could possibly eat it every day). Andrew got a seafood platter with a little of everything and I got a split plate with shrimp and grits and a creole salad. I wouldn’t suggest the shrimp and grits from them, I have had better but the salad was to die for.

We also had lunch one day at our favorite place on the island (probably because it holds some special memories), The Hilton Head Diner which I posted on Instagram..

Hilton Head Highlights

This past week Andrew and I traveled to Hilton Head Island which is located at the very end of the South Carolina coast and the second largest island on the east coast (Long Island is the first largest). We packed in as much sand, waves, seafood, and relaxation as possible. Here is just a sampling of the pictures from the trip.

Hilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head Highlights

There was a lot of time spent at the beach and walking on the beach. With the tropical storm Annie in the beginning of the week it made for cool beach water, windy days and strange tides. The windy days were perfect because there was only one day that it was almost too hot to handle. We spent most of our time at Folly Field Beach.

Hilton Head Highlights

It’s a must to rent bikes when you head to Hilton Head because you can easily bike ride the entire island, ride bikes on the beach, and bike ride to a water front location for lunch. We rented our bikes from Hilton Head Outfitters mainly because I found a coupon but their service was great!

Hilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head Highlights

We headed in to Sea Pines one morning to tour the light house of Harbour Town and the harbour itself. 114 steps lead to some great views. We spent the morning admiring yachts and views, and window shopping through the shops.

Hilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head Highlights

It was great to have lunches right on the docks or in harbours. One of our favorite places was Skull Creek Boathouse because we rode our bikes there and spent a few hours just hanging out there.

Hilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head HighlightsHilton Head Highlights

We did do a dolphin cruise but we opted for the sunset option. On Captain Mark’s Dolphin Cruise we got to explore the sound side of the island, see numerous other island, and we did get to see some dolphins!

Make sure you are following the blog for the rest of the week because there will be more Hilton Head fun on the blog!.

Beach Diaries Part 2

Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2

On Pawley’s Island there were cute little groups of houses that were essentially neighborhoods that were converted into shopping and dining areas. We went to one little group called the Hammock Shops. So many unique boutiques and locally owned shops. We found a Christmas shop and bought a few little ornaments for the Christmas tree this year and Andrew bought me a crab Pandora charm for the beach trip. We also dined at Bisqit, which had the most amazing burgers and chicken sandwiches served on bisquits. Their fries also came with sirracha ketchup. Needless to say I was in a food coma for the rest of the day.

Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2

One day we decided to head out to the Huntington State Park, and of course the one day it decided to storm like crazy was when we were here. I didn’t get to check out everything I wanted to (especially the habitat of sea turtles) but I at least got to see the Atayla castle. I was expecting it to be more like Biltmore and actually decorated, but it was bare. I was still cool to walk through an artist and author’s once winter home. The last picture is of an outside studio, which with the beach view, I can only imagine be extremely creative there.

Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2Beach Diaries Part 2

On the last leg of the trip we headed over to Charleston; the trip was short lived because the heat and humidity were miserable and I felt like I was about to die. Never been before I really didn’t know what to expect. From entering the city on the crazy huge bridge to beginning to see all the old buildings, I immediately fell in love. The houses were grand and beautiful, everything breathed wealth, old wealth to be exact, history, and elegance. All of which I love! The view of Fort Sumter from the water front was amazing, this city has so much culture and history. I of course had to go to the market, which was like Black Friday at Target, people everywhere. I was expecting it to be more handmade stuff but I still saw an arrange of local art, jewelry makers and sweet grass baskets. The churches were beautiful, large and grand, full of history all in their back yard cemeteries. Due to being miserable we just hit up a local seafood restaurant to grab a local brew and head back to Asheville..

Beach Style

Beach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach Style

When at the beach or on vacation in general it’s all about keeping it casual. I paired two different shirts with the same pair of shorts for two different looks. The outfit with the white t-shirt, bling, and sandals was perfect for a dinner out or hitting up the local shops. The graphic t-shirt and comfortable shoes were perfect for touring the city and checking out some local landmarks.

Shorts-Old Navy // White T-shirt- Target // Graphic T-shirt –Gravel Road Tees c/o // Sunglasses- Steve Madden via Marshalls // Gold Number Necklace-Tom Design Shop // Cream Necklace-J.Crew // Sandals-Kohls // Sperries.

Beach Diaries Part 1

Beach Diaries Part 1

Last week, I took a road trip down to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina for a week. It was a true vacation; countless hours on the beach, swallowing gallons of ocean water, eating fresh seafood, some shopping, and of course plenty of relaxation. I tried to stay disconnected from the world for this week to truly get a real vacation. So while I had no cares in the world there are plenty of pictures of the beach vacation for you all to view this week. I hope all of you had a great last week because I know I did, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1

We stayed in fairly large beach house which over looked the marsh (inlet) on both sides and we had direct access to a bridge that led you directly to the beach. Renting a house for a week was honestly the way to go!

The majority of our time was spent on Litchfield Beach, South Carolina; which was a direct walk from our house. Since it was extremely close we spent quite a bit of time (when it wasn’t raining) there. I swam in the ocean, relaxed under an umbrella, took long walks to witness the sunrise and sunset, and of course I got a little sunburnt.

Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1

Since we were only about 20 miles South of Myrtle Beach playing mini golf was of course a no brainer. Also there was a wonderful Ansel Adams exhibit at the Art Museum in Myrtle (who knew they had one). And of course I hit up the Tanger Outlets where I scored a cute Coach bag.

Stay tuned for more beach pictures this week!!.

Beach Ready

Beach Ready

Dress // Sandals // Sketchbook // Hat // Sunscreen // Camera // Sunglasses // Chapstick // Brushes

As some of you know, I have a beach vacation coming up very soon (less than a month now)!!!! I think I am beyond excited for this trip because I haven’t had a vacation in well over a year, and must I say it is about time!! We are traveling to Pawleys Island, South Carolina and will probably make a day trip to Charleston as well. While there will be plenty of golf and ocean side relaxing, I plan to take full advantage of this trip. I want to explore the city/cities more, go shopping and take tons of photographs. What better thing to wear than a maxi dress, sandals, a hat and some fun sunnies! Also while this pale girl is at the beach I can’t forget my sunscreen and chapstick. Also on this trip I plan to get a lot of sketching, possibly even some painting done. I’m telling you I am going full force at this vacation. Let the countdown begin!!!


Summertime Sadness



Summer is over, I’ve dealt with it, no more fun in the sun, no more pool. In honor of “Throwback Thursday”, I’m reflecting on the warmer days. This summer, I didn’t get to do anything too exciting but earlier in the Spring I did visit the beach and what I would give to be back there right this second. The salty air, warm beach, warm air, sun shining, seafood and beauty of lowcountry, South Carolina. Someone just grant me a wish and send me to Hilton Head Island right now.



Tank-Old Navy // Shorts- Old Navy // Sunglasses-Micheal Kors


South Carolina Vacation Part II

Lowcountry vacation

Lowcountry vacation

Lowcountry Vacation

Lowcountry Vacation

The lowcountry is very beautiful, even in the worst of weather conditions. Everything is very old and scenic. While in South Carolina, it was very stormy which made for a beach trip?! You got to watch the storm go from the island to the ocean, and it actually made the water warmer. However the trip came to an end of course work had to begin once again! Does anyone have any exciting vacation plans for this Spring or Summer?.