Falling In Love With Denim Skirts Again

When I first heard denim skirts were coming back big time this Fall, I was like “nope, not happening”. I was persistent on not bring back this early 2000’s trend. Remember the time in middle and high school when you weren’t cool fashion wise if you didn’t own some kind of denim mini skirt. Even cooler if you wore it with a popped collar shirt or with leggings. Yea those were the days (insert rolling eye emoji now). But they are back, in a little more sophisticated way, and I gave in to the trend.

The reason I gave in to the trend was because I had previously just seen short, butt cheeking hanging out, short denim skirts. But I finally came across a longer version, with a high low hem, side slits and distressing in actual good spots. It was the grown up version and I wasn’t mad at it. Clearly I still have some work to do on styling because I wasn’t exactly sure how to, because the only way I know how is for my 14 year old self. And that’s not good.

I just added layers and more layers and threw on some over the knee boots. I was also hesitant on these as well but kind of love them. I’m wondering if tights and booties paired with sweaters would look to unchic for this? I’m wondering if bell sleeves and mules would be too many trendy things at once? But it’s all trial and error so there’s that. I will keep playing with this and let you know what I think.

Happy Monday friends! Did you know the holiday posts started last week? I posted what to expect here and how to have a carefree holiday season here. Stay tuned for later this week because the holiday fun continues with the perfect appetizer for any holiday function!

A Closet Refresher

Outfit // Clutch // Shoes

Y’all know me and if you don’t, my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to black and neutrals. Almost every #ootd I’m caught in is minimalist and neutral. So with that being said, you might actually have just said “what the hell?” after seeing these pictures. Yes, I’m wearing color, pink on top of that. And I’m wearing white jeans! Who is this girl? To be honest, it’s strange. I just don’t have a bubbly personality to go with bright clothes, so that’s why I probably feel out of my element. But you also know what? I don’t completely hate it.

White jeans, what? I’ve never wanted to wear white jeans. Not only for the possibility of them being completely ruined as soon as I spill my coffee that I’m trying to drink while driving my stick shift car; but also if you are bigger (mid section or hips or hell both), you don’t want that attention drawn to those areas. And sadly white does that. But these jeans are made perfectly for anyone with some curves. The fit, the give and even the rips are just right and actually appear to have a slimming effect. Win, win for me.

This top is a perfect neutral (I know, I couldn’t get completely away from my comfort zone) but the fit is a million times better. Heck, I would probably wear this shirt in god awful bright yellow just because of the fit. The hem, the material, the shape and the areas it flows is perfect for anyone on the larger side. It’s a very slimming top! And just a basic so it could be worn numerous ways.

Now this bomber. Of course I have wanted to get on the bomber trend, but the prints have made me want to gag. I was kind of “forced” to try this on even though I don’t like pink. And to my own surprise, I didn’t want to take it off. So cute and a pop of Springness to my wardrobe. Fit is perfect as in tailored in just the right places but not tight in any places. I have so many different ways I’m wanting to style this little number.

For Sunday patio lunch and drinks, I threw on a choker, geometric ring, neutral clutch and strappy sandals. Everything just goes so well together and is chic. But also screams on trend for Spring. And can I just say I got more compliments than ever on my entire outfit, from the jeans to ring to shoes and of course endless compliments on this bomber. What can I say, it makes a girl feel good. Plus it didn’t make me feel like I had made a huge mistake by adding some color to my wardrobe. All in all an #ootd win!

So now that I am done going on and on about how much I love all these new pieces and how much out of my comfort zone they are, let’s talk about how I found these amazing pieces.

A new boutique is coming to Biltmore Village later this Spring and all I can say is you will not want to miss out. Nest Boutique + DIY Studio is going to be mine and hopefully your new favorite spot. One of the greatest things the lovely #girlboss owners are doing is offering a full size range of clothing in their boutique. So ladies of all sizes will be able to have that boutique shopping experience in Asheville. And the ladies might just become your new best friends. Because, let’s face it, they are the real reason I tried on colorful and bright pieces. And I didn’t hate it. And they have done amazing. I got a behind the scenes look at their clothes (their plus size line is amazing). Their accessories are also to die for. Nest ladies, can you just help me fill my closet with all new goodies?

Also stay tuned because closer to the opening date for Nest, I will be sharing much more goodies they have to offer, so you can make sure to get there as soon as they open to revamp that closet of yours. Because this entire #ootd minus the shoes and bag are going to available this Spring!

Statement Neutrals

Dress // Shirt Dress // Leggings // Similar Booties // Ring &  Triangle Ring // Bag // Necklace

Whoa, I’m wearing real clothes! This whole month feels like a blur, a blur of things I can’t even wrap my head around or still yet believe. But the one thing I believe in, to make yourself feel better and more like yourself, get dressed. Really dressed, even if you are going to have a pre-Spring burger cookout with your family.

This year I pledged to buy things that were versatile in my closet and to support small business (mainly those lady bosses out there). So that is where these two dresses come from. Y’all know I love a dark stripe, so it was a no brainer on these but also the t-shirt dress can carry me through every season and mixed with other things already in my closet to create plenty of different looks. When shopping, I like to see if things can be worn different ways, like this dress is a great play on a cardigan as well. So why not? These both make a pop together and I have a ton of different ideas for each of these.

I love, love, love this necklace. It’s probably my favorite piece in my entire closet and jewelry collection. It has by far been my biggest investment besides Winter coats but it was worth the splurge (I like to think of it as an extremely late graduation/birthday gift to myself). It is a huge statement piece but in a subtle way and I picked the more natural stone over the turquoise bolo so it would go with anything and everything. Bonus points for supporting a woman run business, Beach Bones Jewelry. So be prepared to see this styled in every way possible, because I’m going to do it.

Body Positivity Through Swim Wear

Body Positivity Through Swim Wear Body Positivity Through Swim Wear Body Positivity Through Swim Wear Body Positivity Through Swim Wear Body Positivity Through Swim Wear

Did you cringe or flinch when swim wear began to hit the store floors? Are you rethinking having Summer fun now that the weather is warming up, pools are opening, lake or beach trips are being planned and water parks are opening? Are you saying you don’t have a beach or pool body? Well you do and you should rethink all you Summer plans after reading this.

You do have a body. A body that does great things for you. It does awesome things like breathing, walking and pushing the limits. So now all you have to have is some body of water and just like that you have a bathing suit body. Why? Because it seems only natural to wear swim wear to a body of water due to the material and how it allows your body to move while doing water activities. I mean you aren’t going to wear denim in to the pool are you?

Bathing suits are just like jeans and the most complicated items to find that fit, are flattering and you feel comfortable in. But just like finding that perfect pair of jeans you love, you have to actually try. You have to spend countless hours trying on and doing your research. You have to find something you feel comfortable in and say in your head, “Damn this works”. Find something you like and not what other people like. Don’t wear things based on what other people might think. If you are bigger and feel confident in a two piece that shows your stomach, and you like it, don’t let the fears of others stop you. You can feel comfortable in a bikini, tankini or a one piece. And just like jeans, once you find that perfect one, you buy it. You buy it without hesitation. You get it before it’s gone.

You put that bathing suit on that you feel on top of the world in, and without awkwardly pulling or holding your arms or hiding, you wear that! You go swimming, you lounge by the water, you enjoy all the Summer activities. Because you do have a beach or pool body. Because you have a body and a bathing suit you feel comfortable in.

While in your bathing suit, don’t forget to give compliments! Compliments boost confidence. You can help someone else tackle their fear of standing up tall with their beach or pool body. How simple is it to tell someone you like the pattern, color or style of their choice of swim wear? It’s not. It’s really not.

So this Summer let’s all be confident in what we are choosing to put on our bodies and let’s help everyone else; no matter their size or shape; feel confident in what they are wearing.

Beach Day Must Haves

I have teamed up with Adore Me to bring you my #beachdaymusts today! So since I am currently on vacation I thought I would share what I’m wearing to the beach and bringing along with me.

Beach Day Must Haves

First things first! I start any beach or pool day by shaving. I love having a fresh smooth shave before getting in to the water. You know the feeling! I am currently using a Gillette Venus Embrace razor which provides the closest shave!

Beach Day Must Haves

Then I have to get my beach bag ready. Besides the obvious towel and sunscreen I bring along a few “essentials”. I always pack some makeup remover wipes to refresh my face on the way home. Sunscreen is very oily and can unfortunately clog your pores so this is a huge thing for me. I bring an extra deodorant (just in case). I also bring a coin purse to bring some extra cash, cards and ID so I don’t have to lug my purse or wallet with me. I’m not one to wear makeup at the beach because I do get in the water and I am more worried about sun protection than my normal routine. However, I do always pack a lip balm, mascara and an eye shadow just in case I had straight from the beach to eat, grab a drink or head to a store. So I can semi look put together.

Beach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must Haves

This is my current beach bag and this is kind of an obsession. It’s big, a great material and the print is very tropical. And it’s ethical and fair trade! (Plus it’s only $18.00)

I don’t like to wear a general bathing suit cover up. Most of them are sheer and if I need to head some where straight afterwards, I’m not comfortable wearing that to a bar, burger joint or grocery store. So I’m wearing my Irma tunic from LuLaRoe because you can easily pair a pair of shorts or leggings on under this. Plus the striped tunic and funky glasses are my style, even for a beach day.

Beach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must Haves

Since Adore Me offers lingerie and swim wear in a large variety of sizes, including plus sizes. They offer a wide selection of sexy plus size lingerie and a variety of swimsuits. How awesome is it to find a company that offers a range of sizes and celebrates every body type. So since the offer something for every size, every woman, I’ve decided to share my swim wear with you. As a larger lady I prefer to wear a tankini. I think they are a little more stylish than a one piece (even though I’m loving this one from Adore Me) and you can just as easily mix and match as regular two pieces. When I’m picking out swimwear I tend to go for darker colors for a slimming effect but I went out of the box with this colorful top. I love the top part of the strap! And this works because it draws the eyes towards the upper part of the body, great for hiding your trouble area.

Make sure you head over to Adore Me’s Instagram so you can see everyone else’s #beachdaymusts and if you are heading to the pool or beach make sure you use the hashtag #beachdaymusts so we can see what you are rocking!

Also I’m currently at Hilton Head Island so make sure you head over to my Instagram and SnapChat (s.ferguson6623) to see what I’m up too!

Festival Look


Festival LookFestival LookFestival LookFestival Look


Shirt-Gravel Road Tees // Skirt-Target (old) // Sandals-Target // Necklace-Forever 21 // Sunglasses-Forever 21 // Bag-Forever 21 (sold out online, can be found in stores) // Ring-Elementality // Nails-Howard Jams

Summer is here which means music festivals are happening all over the place, and if you have been anywhere you know the “festival look” is now a style. It’s a very fun style that I like to describe as boho chic and is very easy to pull off even if you are not attending an actual music festival. Mix flowy tops with shorts or like I did a maxi skirt with a graphic tee. Birkenstocks are in style and every company has a knock off version of the flatbed sandals, but I find that Target has the most comfortable ones for the price; you could of course go with some booties or fringe sandals for this look as well. Then you add on boho style jewelry, oversized sunnies and a  woven bag and your look is complete! This look is perfect for Asheville, there is always something going on around town and the perfect time to show off the festival look, plus it fits right in with Asheville Fashion.

Are you trying the festival look this summer?