Chenille: The Fabric of the Season

Sweater // Shirt // Jeans // Bag  // Earrings // Necklaces- Embellish and Fox and Beaux

Did you guys know chenille was popular this season?! Because I didn’t. And now I’m noticing it everywhere. You may be familiar with chenille from a grandparent’s old school comforter or even throw blankets. I am actually wrapped up in a chenille throw blanket currently because it finally feels like Fall in Asheville!!! Even though the material is commonly known in bedding, it was made popular in clothing in the 70’s and then made a come back in the 90’s. And there is a reason it has come back now. It’s great at keeping you warm, even breaking a sweat if it’s not below 50 degrees. Plus all the cozy feels.

I recently got invited to check out recent Fall arrivals and the newest Fall Lookbook from Versona. Tons of embroidered items, flared and tapered sleeved sweaaters and a lot of floral prints. Nothing was either catching my eye or fit correctly. Then I stumbled upon chenille. There were sweaters, cardigans, vests and scarves. I was shocked this was back. I did a quick internet search and sure enough it was. I tried them all on. In earthy and mauve hues. And this is the sweater cardigan I decided to leave the store with.

This sweater is perfect for making an outfit more cozy and casual. I could see this dressing up athleisure when it gets really cold as well. As far as dressing this up with a dress and booties, I’m not sure how this will look yet since the fabric is so casual and cozy.

In true 70’s fashion inspo style, and since this fabric was made popular during this time period; I decided to style this with over done flared denim, big boots and big earrings. And it worked. I felt like I could have played an extra for one of Jackie’s stylish friends on That 70’s Show or that I am ready to take over the world Charlie Angel’s style. No matter the groovy vibes I get off this, two things are for sure. It’s comfortable and casual chic. And we all know I go for comfortable on a daily basis.

Huge thanks to Versona for giving me the opportunity to see the new Fall trends in store and thank you to the Asheville Versona store for listening to my InstaStories being made and still being nice! I have no doubt this sweater will get a lot of wear this Fall and Winter season!

Day to Night Style with Versona

Day to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with Versona

First Look: Jeans // Top // Necklace // Booties // Bag // Lipstick

Second Look: Skirt // Top // Earrings // Booties

I have said it time and time again; I love versatile pieces. It’s very easy to have a closet full of pieces, yet constantly wonder what to wear or what to style together. So that is why I have been more conscious on the pieces I am buying. Neutrals and flattering shapes, yet pieces that can all go together eventually at some point. You get more use out of the pieces in your closet this way and you can save a little money doing this. Who doesn’t love to see their bank account in the positive especially during the height of Fall fashion. ** insert praise hand emoji now**

I also like pieces that can take me through the day by switching minimal pieces out. Because as a busy lady that’s important. I like having an outfit where I can throw an extra piece of clothing in my bag and have a completely different look by switching it out. And this outfit does just that.

For day time jeans, grey sweater and a choker are the perfect go to for me. Simple, comfortable and chic. I can go to work, do errands, teach an art class, just about anything. By adding a simple skirt in my bag (or that magical hanger holder in the car to prevent wrinkling) I am able to switch up the #ootd for a last minute date night, meeting or fashion event. Swapping the choker out for some statement earrings and I’m set.

You can find new Fall pieces that work great for versatility in your closet and are also kind to your wallet at Versona. Their newest Fall Look Book features all the trending items for this season, but even though trendy can work well in any closet. You can view the entire Look Book here and you can also contact your local Versona to make an appointment to view the newest pieces.

The Asheville Versona is full of new Fall pieces. Textures galore. I loved the detail tops, slip dress (didn’t work for me though) and the minimalist necklaces including chokers.



*This post is brought to you by Versona*


Utility Dress Normalcy

Utility Dress Normalcy Utility Dress NormalcyUtility Dress NormalcyUtility Dress NormalcyUtility Dress Normalcy

Dress- Versona // Ring-Elementality

This past week was rough. By rough I mean working every day and even picking up two third shift shifts to reset a store. I’ve been sleep deprived, grouchy, hungry and over worked in the past week. I literally haven’t worn anything besides work clothes until Sunday. On Sunday I soaked up the opportunity to put on “real clothes” to head out to a new restaurant. And this utility dress from Versona was the perfect thing to wear. Comfy, simple and soft fabric perfect for the heat wave we had in Asheville this past weekend. Honestly I would have worn a sweater dress this weekend if it meant wearing something besides jeans and work shirts. Actually that’s not true. Moral of the story. Appreciate your clothing. You don’t know how much those perfect dresses mean to you, when you can’t wear them for a while.

Closet Popularity Contest

Closet Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity Contest

Sweater-Target (similar) // Shirt- Versona (similar) // Leggings- LuLaRoe // Shoes-Target (similar) // Necklace- Lou Lou Boutiques // Sunnies- Charmed

What makes me happy picking out of my closet to pull together an #ootd? What do I reach for the most often? Well, black, duhh!! I reach for simple versatile basics in neutrals, generally black or grays (occasionally there is some color). The most worn pieces in my closet are black leggings, oversized shirts, cocoon sweaters, funky glasses and simple accessories.  That pretty much sums up in one way or another every single outfit I put together.

Black leggings are a staple for me, more so than jeans. I love them and wear them all the time. Contrary to what a lot of people think, they can be worn as pants and they can be dressed up or down. I own more pairs than I would like to announce to you, and I promise if you see me in black leggings all week, they are all clean and different pairs. The love affair started when I went to college and needed extra layers since I was moving from the middle of the state to the mountains. They were great to wear under pants walking to class and in the frigid winter dorms. But then I started to not want to take them off. Which lead to switching out tights and pantyhose during a professional class for leggings. It worked for me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I’ve found LuLaRoe and am obsessed with these leggings. I will be buying more come Fall (shhhhh don’t tell my jeans).

Oversized shirts are just my thing. I like the way they lay and the endless possibilities for styling. They work for tucking, half tucks, knotting and layering. They are just there and worn on a regular basis. Plus everyone needs basics. So I’m gravitating towards basics in a shape I like.

It may be a little too warm for sweaters right now in this mountain heat wave but I do wear them. It has been a little chilly in the mornings and I get the most use in the colder months. Layering is my favorite style and in the colder months I would rather wear a million layers than one. I love the cocoon shape cardigans and sweaters. They work really well for my shape and when I find something that works, I stick with it.

I’ve been drawn to more dainty jewelry pieces lately and going for a more city chic look. Of course I still wear some statement pieces but the simple pieces are getting the most wear. And I never leave the house without funky glasses. The stranger and more Johnny Depp (ish) they are, I like them. And the shops in downtown Asheville are supplying both the dainty jewelry pieces and funky glasses right now, so I blame them for my obsessions.

Pretty simple, yet my favorite pieces. Pretty simple, but I love it.

Summer Simplicity

Summer Simplicity Summer Simplicity Summer Simplicity Summer Simplicity

Jewelry & Shirt- In Stores at Versona // Jeans // Sandals (similar) // Hat

I’ve said it since the beginning of the year how my style has changed. It’s changed to something a little more simple. I pick pieces that are simple and versatile. I want to get more bang for my buck, I want to feel more city chic and I want my #ootds to be non-fussy because I’m a pretty simple person. And with the changing of the seasons when neons and tassles are in, that idea still hasn’t changed. I’m still drawn to the same type of pieces, just sleeveless or short sleeves. I’m drawn to a neutral color palette, simple designs and a peplum or boyfriend cut. And I’m loving the idea of boyfriend jeans or cuffed jeans. I’ve literally been cuffing all of my skinny jeans. I like playing with this type of style because for me when it’s not over the top I can use all the things I really love in my closet to go with a new top and get multiple wears out of it. Plus it helps spending on things to “match” with trendy prints or cuts.

Versona in Asheville has some really great basic pieces for a versatile closet. Going a simple, refined route isn’t for everyone’s personal style. But I’m growing on it. It’s about as easy now to get ready as it is making a cup of coffee in my Keurig. And I’m digging that!

Black + White + Pops of Neon

Black + White + Pops of NeonBlack + White + Pops of NeonBlack + White + Pops of Neon

Top-Versona // Skirt-Versona // Necklace-Versona (only available in stores) // Sunnies-Versona (only available in stores) // Booties-Target (old, similar)

I loved this look so much from my styling with Versona in Asheville that I had to share a little more. I absolutely love this look. It’s really simple to play up any look that may be intended for dressing up. This skirt was in the dressier section of Versona so I paired it with an oversized, flowy cotton shirt tucking only a portion in. Tucking only a portion in accents the waist and gives a more relaxed, edgy vibe. Since I did color blocking I wanted to add a pop of color without going overboard which is why I opted for neon Navajo inspired necklace. Paired with my favorite black booties gives it even a more relaxed look. Fashion is all about playing around and finding what works for you. If you want to see the other looks I styled with Versona you can do so here!

Also I have two different GIVEAWAYS going at the moment. You can enter to win a $50.00 Amazon gift card package and a Mani/Pedi package in honor of Mother’s Day HERE! You can enter to win a fair trade, ethical mint green necklace perfect for Spring, Mother’s Day or graduation HERE!

Chambray For Spring

Chambray For SpringChambray For SpringChambray For SpringChambray For SpringChambray For SpringChambray For Spring

Tunic- Target (similar) // Leggings-Target // Chambray Dress (used as cardigan)-Target // Booties-Target (dying for these for Spring/Summer) // Hat-Target (another option) // Bag-Rachel Weisberg // Sunnies- Versona // Rings- Ashkal & Elementality // Earrings- TJ MAXX

Chambray dresses are very popular for Spring right now, denim style dresses in general are very popular, but unless you are a stick they may not look the way you want them too. I bought this dress from Target in the Fall on impulse because of the price and of course didn’t try it on. Once home I hated the way it looked. But for $5.00 I didn’t want to return it and knew I could somehow style this funky in the warmer months. So now I’ve opted for it as a long cardigan. I even wore this to go hiking over the weekend for some warmth that was light. So sometimes you have to play with things if you really like them or just play with things in general. Fashion is supposed to be fun and exciting.

Also I’ve been going bare faced for the past week due to a horrible break out from trying a new product. I honestly can not give praises enough to the Clinique three step face wash system. I still have a few trouble areas because the product actually caused some cystic acne but for the most part the three step system soothed my irritated skin.

Greige Dress

Greige DressGreige DressGreige DressGreige DressGreige Dress

Dress- Versona // Leggings-Target // Booties-Charlotte Russe // Bag-Rachel Weisberg // Sunnies- Charmed // Necklace-Gifted

It may be Spring and according to fashions past they say you need to wear florals, brights, pastels and white. But the times are changing and unless you want to wear these things, you don’t have to. There are plenty of other options out there now and neutrals and earthy tones are very popular right now. Like this greige (mix between grey and beige) utility dress. This dress is an amazing color, style, fit and goes perfect with the Asheville street fashion look. Can I wear this dress every day? No that’s probably not socially acceptable, but it’s really that comfortable. This dress is perfect with leggings for those chillier Spring days, would be a perfect date night look with some strappy, chunky heels and a bold statement earring, it would be perfect for the beach to wear your swimsuit around a little beach town under this, it would make a great traveling #ootd and it would be perfect for the festival scene paired with some sneakers or booties. It’s really just that versatile. And for me, the color is perfect to go with my more chic, city girl look I’m trying to achieve. I see getting a lot of use out of this outfit (probably for the entire year).


Marsala and Olive Pops

Marsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive Pops


Fall is coming, you can feel it in the air here in Asheville. I love Fall not only because of pumpkin spice everything but for the fashion. Myself (and a lot of women included) feel like they get to start over with their wardrobe, it is the biggest season for fashion after all. But before you go crazy at the mall, you may want to look in your closet to see what you can reuse this season. Some new styles are in like the 70’s style and the 90’s but according to Pantone’s color report a lot of what you had last year will still be in play this season. I dug up some pictures from last fall to show that if you have anything in this marsala color or an olive color you need to pull it out and wear it again. These colors are big this season along with other earthy hues and nudes. Fur, hats and booties are still big so pull those out as well. If you want to add to your closet I suggest a pair of flare jeans, pops of bright colors in blues and purples and add some fringe!

Don’t forget I’m hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a Versona gift card on my Instagram and you only have until tomorrow at 12pm to enter. This is perfect for getting somethings to add to your closet for fall! You can get all of the details here!.

Versona Comes to Asheville + Versona Gift Card Giveaway

Versona Comes to Asheville + Versona Gift Card Giveaway


Versona, an exclusive women’s boutique offering apparel and accessories at great everyday prices, is coming to Asheville! The newest location will be in the Asheville Market (across from the mall where the Whole Foods is) right next to DSW. Their grand opening will be on Thursday, August 27th! During the grand opening celebration the first 250 customers to make a $50.00 or more purchase will receive a Versona tote bag. I will be continuing the grand opening celebrations on Friday from 10am -11am for some shopping and mingling!

Thanks to Versona one lucky reader will be able to win a $25.00 gift card for some new Fall fashion! There are a few different ways you can enter this giveaway! For one entry you MUST follow me on Instagram, like my picture posted for the giveaway and tag 1 friend. For an additional entry you can repost my image by tagging me @stephf52 and using hashtag #versonaavl. For an additional entry you can also follow Versona on Instagram. Another way to enter is by leaving a comment below on what is the number one thing on your Fall fashion to buy list!

The contest is open to all US residents 18 years old and older (if under 18 you must get your parents permission). The giveaway will go until 12pm on Thursday August 27th and I will announce the winner later that evening. If you do not live in Asheville this is still open to you because you can always shop Versona ONLINE.

Good Luck! And I hope to see some of you lovelies on Friday, August 28!

This post is sponsored by Versona