Two Affordable Restaurants in Asheville For Rent Week

It’s creeping around the weekend, rent is coming due. And if you live in Asheville you know how much of a stress giver, headache and drain on your bank account that can be. It also sucks even more if you are like me and most of my bills are due the last week and first week of the month. A fun two weeks of paying bills, paying bills. Whether you have a roommate, live with a SO or by yourself I know it’s hard and I understand the hustle. But we still got to eat. Sure there are some great affordable finds at Trader Joe’s and Aldi; and there are some great recipes for serious budgets, but sometimes you have to go out to keep your sanity in this dog eat dog world. Even if you are broke. So I’ve come up with two restaurants in Asheville that have an entire full affordable menu perfect for solo meals, splitting meals, date night or the just I’m tired of eating ramen meal!



Del Vecchios is a newer Italian eatery in Asheville and really new to me. It’s a smaller restaurant on Merrimon Avenue with major cafe vibes, it’s small and quaint so perfect for solo dining when you don’t want to cook or perfect for a date or even a meal with your girlfriends. Offering pizzas, subs, salads and these delicious fries it earns the spot in one of my two affordable restaurants. All of their sandwiches and pasta dishes are under $10.00 and large enough portions to share or eat half there and half for left overs. Ohhhh and these garlic Parmesan fries are to die for and you get a huge serving for $5.99. Two people dined here both with entrees and these fries, plus tip for $30.00; plus we both had lunch for the next day. For Asheville this is a cheap meal. We could have gotten out cheaper because we had never eaten there before and could have shared. Ohhhh and did I mention the service is absolutely amazing! And I’ve heard their pizza is off the chain!



Taqueria Munoz is one of my favorite affordable Asheville eats. Literally everything on the menu is under $7.50 and who doesn’t love a good taco shop. This place is authentic and worth the trek to West Asheville. The tacos are huge portions and you can get anything from tongue meat to pork or chicken. And the best part is each taco is $2.50. And it’s no lie when I say I can’t eat two full tacos. There is that much meat on there. But they also serve other yumminess like tortas, soups and meals. I have only braved to try the tacos and tortas because when I say it’s authentic, it’s legit. I have gotten enough courage to try tongue and head meat tacos. Too good. And don’t judge it before you try. Budget friendly and leaving me in a food coma. Count me in! But take cash, because that’s all they accept there.


Ladies and Gents, it’s tough out there and rent is due on Monday! Let’s make the most out of living in our crazy over priced town!

The “Everything” Dress

Dress // Clutch // Sandals

I’ve been looking for a dress that I can just about wear to anything. And I do mean anything. Cook outs, date night, showers, celebrations or even just running errands. And I’m pretty sure I found just the right one. Luckily I don’t have to attend any weddings, but a wedding celebration, so nothing overly fancy was needed. I have been searching and searching. Everything is just overload on floral and a lot of bright yellow. Neither I am extremely fond of. But I did find this dress, with a floral print, but not overly floral. Plus the base of the dress is black, making it extremely versatile.

The fit of this dress is what drew me in. I’m not the biggest fan of the straps, but could easily put a vest or cardigan over it. The rouging under the bust gives a nice silhouette and the flare helps cover up any unwanted attention to the mid section and the hips. The length is perfect. It’s not too short and not too long.

I paired the dress with some strappy sandals and this amazing clutch in the perfect Spring neutral for a fun night of patio dining. But the dress would go great with sneakers and denim, cardigans and booties, blazer and heels or just worn with casual sandals. The possibilities for styling and what to wear it for are endless.

Have you found your go to dress yet this season?


Valentine’s Day Adventures For Your Guy

Valentine’s Day is a little under a month away and let’s face it, guys don’t like it as much as we do. Guys can’t easily be excited by the thoughts of jewelry, chocolates, fancy dinners and Instagram worthy floral arrangements. So what do they really want? I asked Andrew what they really want and his answer was super complex. Adventures and spending time with you. That’s right ladies. Pretty simple if you really think about it. So since Valentine’s Day will be more about you and falls on a week day, I’ve come up with some fun activities to celebrate the man in your life the weekend before or after, because love doesn’t have to shown on the exact day.

  1. If you have the means to plan a weekend getaway, that’s perfect. If you live in Asheville there are so many places that are within a few hours drive for any person. Beaches are close; we are partial to Hilton Head Island; Atlanta is close, Charlotte is close, Gatlinburg is close. So many options at this point for a romantic getaway. Plus if you are traveling to the beach, it’s a little cheaper right now than visiting in a Spring or Summer weekend.

2. Plan a brewery tour. Here in Asheville we have a ton and the options are endless. Maybe learning about hops isn’t your thing; most tours are actually pretty neat, plus there is food and beer afterwards.

3. Plan a day of activities he actually likes. And maybe it’s something you don’t like the greatest. Reserve him a tee time, plan a skiing day, go visit a car museum, rock climbing or hit up an arcade (even cooler if it’s a retro arcade); whatever his interests are take that and run with it.

4. Get out and adventure together. Take a ride to a neighboring town and try something new. Go on a hike. Go chase waterfalls and views. Take a picnic or scope out a cute little spot for lunch to visit where you are traveling through.

5. Cook him a fancy dinner at home. Instead of him grilling, make sure you do the cooking, unless both of you want to cook together. On the romantic side, it’s a little more fun when both of you are in the kitchen. This surf and turf recipe is a winner, plus there is this recipe, this recipe and this one.


Gift Guide: For The Homebody

Gift Guide: For The Homebody

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 (can find at any lawn and garden store)// 6 // 7

We all have that one friend, family member or coworker who likes to stay home a majority of the time. Cough, cough, cough; me! These people may be a little hard to shop for, especially if you want your gift to be unique. I’ve rounded up my favorite items for the home that are drool worthy, Instagram worthy and under $75.00. These are gifts your homebody is sure to love. From unique cookbooks, to art (yay to shopping small), funky dishes in the most popular print this year and items to make the home cozy!


Leggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe Giveaway

Leggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe GiveawayLeggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe GiveawayLeggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe GiveawayLeggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe GiveawayLeggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe GiveawayLeggings ARE Pants + LuLaRoe Giveaway

Let me just start by saying; I have a new obsession. The obsession is real, it’s turned in to a love affair really. And it’s name is LuLaRoe. Seriously I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with a clothing brand this much. And everyone else I have come across who has owned anything LuLaRoe can back up my statement.

A few months back I came in contact with Cara, a consultant for LuLaRoe, and had just been turned on to the line. I did some serious research before I met with her and about 95% off the feedback, reviews, posts and #ootd’s were all great. Almost fan girly. After I met with Cara and tried on my first piece, I knew what all the hype was about. I was in love.

I shared the black and white polka dot Amelia  because I just couldn’t wait to share it with you. I thought this dress was heavenly, that was until I really wore the leggings and the Irma. I could honestly live in the Irma (striped top pictured above) and leggings.

The leggings are like butter. No, like a second skin actually. I don’t want to take them off. I’m sad I didn’t snag a solid black pair. (But I will). I was very skeptical of the sizing (they come in OS and TC) but the Tall and Curvy fit great. The sizing chart can be found here. Also, I wanted to branch out with this brand and go for leggings I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards (all my leggings are dark). Now I understand why women want them all. I am a firm believer that leggings can be worn as pants (I do very frequently) as long as your lady bits are covered, both front and back. And these leggings honestly make me want to never wear denim or any other type of pants again. Now you may say, that’s a bold statement. But have you put a pair of these on? You’ll understand once you have them on. Heavenly. That’s all I can really say!

I’m a fan girl. I want some solid black leggings, some more Irmas and I’m dying to try the Julia. I’m also really excited to see the prints they release for Fall. On Tuesday I will be showing you how I styled my Cassie three different ways.

And you can too! You can get in contact with Cara on her Facebook group, you can shop some of Cara’s inventory at A Touch of Cass in Burnsville, NC, you can host a pop up with Cara and thanks to Cara one of you will have the chance to win your own pair of leggings!

Yes! Thanks to Cara I am giving away a pair of LuLaRoe leggings to one lucky reader! All you have to do to enter to win is follow the instructions below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My Depression

How Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My DepressionHow Nature, Hiking and Chasing Waterfalls Have Helped With My Depression

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love getting outside and exploring nature. But not many people know the reason why I love it so much. May was mental health awareness month so I did a little research on nature and depression. Nature and mental illness in general.

I have battled with depression for as long as I can remember. For the longest time, it wasn’t brought to light because it wasn’t something you talked about. It was something you dealt with on your own. Family, friends or anyone I was around never knew what I really dealt with. But in college it got bad. Really bad. I needed help. Which I got. Then about 5 years ago I started dealing with anxiety really bad. Anxiety and depression mixed is the worst. When I went back to college recently, the anxiety got worse. The depression got worse. It seemed no matter how many hours I spent in a therapists office or how many different medicines I tried, nothing was working. I felt like I was dying inside and it actually began to show. One visit with my therapist changed everything.

She mentioned alternative healing. A way to absolutely disconnect from everything, even the people around me. She suggest spending more time in nature. Now at the time I was already exploring out in nature but generally just for photo opportunities. I wasn’t actually connecting.

So I started hiking, sitting, exploring and relaxing out in nature. Attempting to go once a week. Attempting to take the time to sit outside once a day with absolutely no distractions around me. It started to work. I feel better, I feel more at ease, I feel happier. I feel at peace. Nothing can make me more at peace than feeling the soil beneath your feet so far out in nature you can’t hear the sounds of town, having my hands void of technology (only to snap a few pics at the end of the journey), breathing fresh air and only having my mind focus on the task of making it to the destination whether it be a waterfall or the top of the mountain. Out in nature, the mind can’t focus on the every day thoughts. It has to focus on survival and feats. And that is much more refreshing than focusing on reports, time, likes and followers.

It is not a scientifically proven that nature is linked to the healing of mental illness, but is beginning to be looked at due to the way our mind and bodies work when in a natural habitat setting. It may not be a prescription, but for me it is working. And like a pill, each week I try to take my dosage.

The Buddha Bowl

The Buddha BowlThe Buddha BowlThe Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowls are currently all the rage! The perfectly placed foods in a circular pattern in a bright crisp bowl are perfect for #foodie pictures are Instagram; but these bowls pack a punch of yumminess and healthiness. Essentially you just create a bowl full of veggies, a meat if you eat it and a grain. Put it all together. And, BOOM, you have a meal. But this was a little more complicated than I had expected. You have to pick combos that go together and taste good together. I finally came up with a combination I enjoyed. Baked brussel sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed garlic mushrooms, brown rice and an avocado cilantro cream. One day for lunch I even added grilled chicken breast seasoned with Italian spices. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Prettttyyyy Good.

It’s Friday and I hope all of you have a great kick start to the weekend!

Friendly Reminders:

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The Perfect Spring Salad

The Perfect Spring SaladThe Perfect Spring SaladThe Perfect Spring SaladThe Perfect Spring Salad

I always signify Spring finally being here when Easter arrives (even though yesterday was cold,damp and dreary) and with Spring comes lighter dishes for dinner. I was raised a true Southerner so in the fall and winter you eat warm, hearty meals and in the Spring and Summer you eat light, chilled food unless it comes from a grill or smoker. And a southern staple is a salad of some sort. I love chicken Caesar salads and I love pasta salad; so it only seems natural to combine the two (but without the Duke’s mayo). I’ve had a chicken Caesar pasta salad before but decided to make my own little version of the Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, with a slightly healthier  take.


  • chicken breasts
  • romaine lettuce
  • vegetable pasta (I found mine at Ingles)
  • whole wheat croutons
  • Parmesan cheese
  • lite Italian dressing
  • lite Caesar dressing


  • Cut chicken breasts so that they are thin,
  • Either soak the chicken in the Italian dressing and grill it or put the chicken in a pan with the Italian season and sautee until the chicken is done.
  • Once the chicken is fully cooked, place in the fridge to chill.
  • Cook pasta according to package. After the pasta is drained place in the fridge to chill.
  • Cut up the chicken in whatever way you would like,
  • Prep your lettuce and cheese.
  • Once pasta and chicken is chilled mix the chicken, pasta and lettuce in a bowl.
  • Add the Caesar dressing to the mixture. Add as little or as much as you would like.
  • Top with cheese and croutons.

Monday Morning Chit Chat

Monday Morning Chit Chat

I’ve been in a real blogging slump lately, hence the picture from my Valentine’s Day weekend. I am feeling a little love/hate relationship with my closet right now, along with a lot of other things. So I thought today I would just sharing with you some things I’m loving and not loving lately.

I’m in my final semester of college and things are pretty tough, I’m averaging about 2 hours of sleep a night (except on Sunday I slept a normal amount of time) so to prevent the horrible eye bags I have been loving the Tarte Maracuja C Brightner Eye Treatment. It really helps with making my eyes look awake and void of dark, puffy circles. To help with this and the constant headaches I am now getting I am also using my Rachel Weisberg Lavender Eye Pillow.

If I can I really enjoy getting out of the house to do some computer work for school. My cat is constantly trying to get on the computer with me and there is just too much background noises. So I’m finding new coffee shops in Asheville that are perfect for me. Filo Pastries is a really great choice so far.

Coffee shops are great and generally quiet but sometimes I do need the back ground noise so I have been watching a lot of Netflix here lately. And not all of it is great. “Fuller House” was an extreme let down, the only part that I was actually pleased with was when Uncle Jesse sang Forever. However, if you are looking for a good new series to watch I recommend “Love”, I love how real life it is and how gender roles are almost traded with the two characters. Also the last season of “Breaking Bad” is just as intense as it was the first 3 times it was watched, BITCH.

Speaking of movies, “The Witch” was probably the worst thing I have ever watched. Since I never go to the movies anymore it was extremely disappoint for the money that was spent on it. I’m not sure how it has such high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and was claimed to be the new classic.

Recently I went to Bonefish Grill for dinner and ordered the ceviche, and now I’m really wanting to try to make my own. So of course I’ve been looking on Pinterest.

Can we talk about Leo finally winning as Oscar last night!!!!!

I’m also pretty sure there is a winter storm coming through Asheville later this week, everyone says this is a repeat of what happened during the Blizzard of 93′ so sadly I’m keeping out my winter gear for just a little bit longer.

Spring clothes are starting to fill the shelves. It’s all a little overwhelming because like me, I think my style is once again slowly changing. I keep being drawn to the extremely simple things, things I can get multiple, multiple, multiple uses out of. Things that are easy to style, transition and layer with.

Southern Fried Squash

Southern Fried SquashSouthern Fried SquashSouthern Fried SquashSouthern Fried SquashSouthern Fried Squash

Summer is coming to an end so I’m trying to get in as many fresh veggies as possible, but I also live in the South so I like to fry things. How about combining the two?! Fried Squash is something I have enjoyed ever since I was a younger kid, but I don’t eat it on a regular basis. So here’s how to do it the southern way.


  • fresh squash
  • milk
  • corn meal flour
  • canola oil


  • Cut your squash into thin slices
  • coat with milk
  • before using flour heat a hot pan 3/4 full with canola oil
  • coat each piece of squash with flour
  • test oil with drips of water to see if it bubbles
  • once hot enough begin to fry your squash so that each side turns golden brown

Thank you so much to Amanda for making this fried squash..