10 Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes For Every Fashion Girl

Today is officially Fall! Enter all the heart eye and praise hands emojis! There are so many things to love about Fall especially Halloween. Halloween is my second favorite holiday. But all the festive things can add up and put a major hurting on your wallet. From decorations, to candy, to costumes and all the parties you are attending, it really drains your bank account. So whether you are a seriously broke girlfriend or you just wait until as last minute as you can, here are 10 costumes you create fast, on a budget and with mostly what you may already have in your closet.



This costume is about as basic as they come, but also easy and perfect for anyone in a time crunch or on a tight budget. Any black dress will work especially the more lacey or flowy the dress is, the better. Any tights and booties will work. Pull out all the stops with all that celestial jewelry that have been extremely popular lately. Bring on the best of your vampy makeup and anything will work for a witch costume. All you will need to buy is a witch’s hat ($3.00 from Target).


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This is so cute and fun! All you need is a brown skirt (or dress) and a fun white top (scalloped hems will make it look more like a scoop), which you probably already have in your closet. Then you need colored card stock ($4.99 at Michaels) cut in to long strips and either glue or sew on to the white top. Here is the tutorial on how to make the fun cherry on top!



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This is the cutest, fastest and cheapest costume to make. All you need is a black dress and to pick up some black fabric ($3.99 a yard) and elastic ($3.29) to make both the wings and ears. All the instructions are HERE.




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Such a fun and empowering costume to tap in to your artsy side. Any embroidered top or dress would be perfect for this. A scarf or shawl to drape around your shoulders and a bunch of chunky jewelry. Then you just need a flower crown, a cheap pre-made one ($5.00 at Target) or try your hand at a DIY. And don’t forget to draw in your chunky unibrow dark with a eyeliner pencil ($3.99 at Ulta).


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A true fashion icon and the best thing about going as Iris is you can literally wear anything. Add bright colors and fur to make it extra Iris. And you can’t forget jewelry. Add as much as you like and do not go light. She loves her layers of bangles and necklaces. All you really need to buy is some round specs ($11.99 on Amazon) because that is her iconic look and a white wig ($16.99 on Amazon).


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If you just want to go as something extra sultry with all the Stevie Nicks vibes you just need a few things. You need a sexy, boho black dress. Think flowy and lace details. Then you need a top hat ($7.69 on Amazon) and add these funky feather epaulette that you can easily DIY. People may not actually know what you are and who cares, you will be the coolest one at the bar drinking pumpkin beer!


Boo! Ghosts are a classic costume. Wear a monochromatic outfit of any kind in white or grey hues. Add sheer fabrics for a more spooky look. Tease your hair big time. And do your face makeup extremely white ($10.99 on Amazon) with dark lips and eyes.



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Pulp Fiction is a classic, and going as Mia Wallace will win you all the cool points. All you need is some black pants, white button up and flats. To top off the look you need your nails painted red, a black bob wig ($16.99 on Amazon) and a fake cigarette ($3.75 at Wal-Mart). Bonus points for this being really work appropriate for dressing up.


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All you need for this costume is really denim and flannel. You can put on a floppy hat and add some straw for some extra realistic vibes. You can even hot glue a crow on your shoulder for a more spooky version of this costume. But the most important part of this costume is the makeup. Find a tutorial HERE.


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I can just imagine all the cute Instagram captions and pictures with this outfit. The most popular plant currently can be your costume. And you can even use cheesy lines like “don’t be a prick and bring me a drink please!” Dig out your brown pants and a hot glue gun. You will need a green sweatshirt ($11.39 at Wal-Mart), colored tulle ($2.99 at Michaels) and pipe cleaners ($2.99 at Michaels). You will want to cut up the pipe cleaners and fold in a “v” shape and hot glue on the sweatshirt as the prickly parts of the cactus. You can then cut up some tulle and put on the cuffs or make a headband out of it as the flower. Bonus points if you can find a ceramic pot wherever you are at and just stand there!


I hope you all get inspired for some Halloween costume ideas!






Easter Photos With The Photography Studio of Asheville


I can not believe Easter is next weekend, it’s way to early this year. I always remember as a child dressing up in my Easter best, church services, the food, the Easter eggs and pictures; especially with the Easter Bunny when younger.

Recently The Portrait Studio opened it’s first location in Asheville in the Meridian Shopping Center (1833 Hendersonville Road, suite #170) in February and are officially celebrating their grand opening this weekend.

The Portrait Studio of Asheville offers a relaxed environment featuring open floor plans, private dressing rooms and inviting reception areas so families feel instantly at home. Expert photographers deliver a superior, one-on-one experience, from helping select authentic backdrops to taking the time needed to capture the perfect shot. The results are high-quality, same-day digital portraits and personalized gifts at affordable prices for holidays, maternity, baby, child, family, graduation, wedding and engagement.  The company offers an all day, every day discounted package where customers can take advantage of 20 portraits for $20, one of the best deals available on the market.

So this Sunday, March 20th, The Portrait Studio of Asheville will host Asheville residents from 11 am until 2 pm for complimentary portraits with the Easter Bunny! You will not have the option to purchase a picture package at this time but you will receive two free digital portraits. Two pictures for completely free! The Portrait Studio of Asheville will also offer any attendee of the event a promotional offer of 20% off an entire purchases and a free 20-page/hard cover Portrait Book on future orders placed by April 3rd.

For more information on The Portrait Studio of Asheville and directions please visit their website HERE or their Facebook!

I hope you all take advantage of getting to see the Easter Bunny!

Patriotic Hues

Patriotic HuesPatriotic HuesPatriotic HuesPatriotic HuesPatriotic Hues

Shirt-Target // Shorts-Ross Dress For Less (in store only) // Scarf-Target // Sandals-Target // Sunnies-Forever 21 // Nails- Howard Jams/Jamberry // Sweet Tea Recipe 

Fourth of July weekend is upon us! Let’s drink, eat, play and be festive! Most importantly let’s be thankful we live somewhere we are celebrating our freedoms, because we sure do have a lot of them! Of course I decided to go with a patriotic outfit representing ‘Merica with the red, white and blue. I love this scarf I got from target because it’s perfectly light weight for the patriotic holidays we celebrate in the summer, but it would also be really neat with maybe a more rocker chic outfit in the fall. I kept everything really simply for the festivities for this weekend so I can be comfortable for the cookouts and fireworks show! If you don’t have anything yet to wear for the festivities I think this, this and this would be great for Saturday. I hope all of you have a great and safe weekend with whatever you are doing! Let me know in the comments what you are doing for the 4th!

Here is a list of the fun things happening in Asheville that you can attend on a budget! Also the Asheville Tourists have a game Friday night with a fireworks show afterwards!

If you are drinking, please drink responsibly! Don’t drink and drive. If you have no ride please use this code RIDIN30 for UBER to make your safe ride home a little more affordable!.



Shirt-Target //  Pencil Skirt-Target (old, similar) // Clutch- Union (downtown Asheville) // Flats-Target // Necklace-Mindy Mae’s Market // Bracelet-Pandora

Happy Memorial Day weekend!! For most of us it means a long weekend, beach vacation, BBQing, sales and pools opening; but while you are doing are your fun things take the time to remember the fallen. Our country, our way of life, our freedoms would not be what they are without these brave men and women. I’m honoring the fallen with a little red, white and blue outfit that is perfect for memorial day, July 4th, or a nautical #ootd. I love this outfit because it is comfortable, patriotic and stylish at the same time. If by any chance you can get a hold of a cotton (stretchy) pencil skirt, I highly suggest you do! What will you be wearing this weekend? How will you be celebrating this weekend? Let me know in the comments because I would love to know your holiday weekend plans or traditions!

Stay tuned for sales and recipes for the weekend! Also you don’t want to miss a fun giveaway that is planned for next week!!.

Prepping for the Holidays

Sorry about my lack of posts this week, I have unfortunately been spammed and WordPress has had an issue with my scheduled posts and pictures. I have fixed the issue after much frustration but my scheduled posts have been deleted. So those posts will be added at a later time. For now I have come with a post that encourages feedback and interaction.

Christmas at Omni Grove Park Inn

It is becoming that time of year. I work in retail so the holiday season officially began for me the first week in October, but it is creeping up on us, it’s 68 days until Christmas. If you look in craft stores or Wal-Mart, there are already Christmas goodies in stores, right next to your pumpkin carving kits and Halloween candy. I love the holiday’s don’t get me wrong, but it can be a very stressful time of year especially if you work, go to school and blog, so it is my saddest remarks to say, but I am getting ready for all the holiday posts for the blog. I can’t feel to bad because stores have prepped (Ulta already has some of their holiday collections out in store which I’m swooning over), small businesses are getting ready, and bloggers are getting ready. I also have to be prepared because one of my grades for school is to have a holiday outline for blog posts outlined by Halloween (how can I think about candy canes and ornaments when I am planning a Halloween costume and buying pumpkin shaped candies??). So here I am once again taking to my interweb peeps to see what you guys would want to see on the blog!

The only thing I have planned for sure is a huge holiday giveaway that would in turn be a holiday donation to the Hope Center in Asheville, and a gift guide in a video form. These are the only two things set in stone, so feel free to let me know what you would love to see on the blog! Don’t hold back! Leave me a comment here, on Facebook or send me some ideas on Instagram! I appreciate all of you and all of your feedback and advice. I can’t wait for this holiday season on the blog and I know it will be a great one!.

Happy 4th Yall

Happy 4th Yall

I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July and holiday weekend! Everyone stay safe, enjoy yummy food, have summer fun and enjoy all of the fireworks!

What are you doing this weekend?.

Dressed Up T-Shirt

Dressed Up T-Shirt

Skirt-Target // T-Shirt-Kohls // Shoes-Marshalls // Clutch-Union // Necklace-Vintage // Bracelet-Pandora

Easter brings back a lot of memories; Easter baskets, hunting eggs, Easter grass and my black cat always eating it, a home cooked meal, church and dressing up. In the south people do Easter big and the outfits have to be over the top. Also a lot of southern women believe you shouldn’t wear white until Easter; I however do not agree with that “fashion rule” but I decided to show my southern grace by wearing white. I took a simple high waisted skirt and tucked a simple white t-shirt into it for a dressier look. I also added some white lacey heels for that Easter flare. I love making outfits easy and affordable, but still coming out as a stylish look and I think t-shirts and skirts are the perfect way to do that. I hope all of you had a great Easter!!! This is a look at my Easter!

Dressed Up T-ShirtDressed Up T-ShirtDressed Up T-ShirtDressed Up T-Shirt.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Dress-Ross // Shoes-Target

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my home to yours! I hope all of you have a great day with family and friends and making the most of the day. Remember what the season is all about but I do also hope Santa brought you everything you wanted!.

A Day of Thankfulness


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully you are having a day filled of yummy food, friends and family and that we each take a moment to remember what this holiday is all about and recognize what we are thankful for today. Today I can honestly say I am so thankful for so many things and have really realized there are people out there who have it worse off than me. Today I am thankful for friends who have been there no matter what (because true friends are hard to come by), family whether it is blood or not who would honestly do anything for you, always having a roof over my head and food on my table, a job even though it isn’t the greatest, the ability to pursue my dreams of school once again and being able to wake up every day..

Winter Festivities

Winter Festivities


During the holiday season people can get in a rut and become bored which may lead to being more stressed out or even the winter blues. I’ve done some research to try to find some things around town that you may want to partake in that may be the perfect activity for you to feel like a kid again or simply have some fun during the holiday season. These are also great ideas if you have family coming into town, so you can take them and do some fun things around Asheville.

1. Biltmore: Tour the lavishly decorated house, enjoy some wine and decorations and of course shopping, or attend a Candlelight Christmas Evening. Ticket Information available here!

2. Christmas at Dollywood. The activities have already begun and just a little drive over the Blue Ridge into the Great Smokey Mountains. List of events, promos and ticket information available here!

3. Grove Park Inn National Gingerbread House Competition begins on 11/20/2013. I saw very few on Christmas day last year and these are a work of art. For any further information check out the Inn’s website here!

4. Downtown Asheville is holding their Christmas Parade, downtown 11/23/13 at 11:00am. Presented by Bojangles, be sure to check out all the local floats and enjoy great activities after the show.

5. Support local business by shopping local on Small Business Saturday which is 11/30/13 (after Black Friday) and begin to judge the downtown Christmas window displays.

6. The Big Crafty will take place on 12/1/2013 at the Asheville Art Museum from 12-6. Get some handmade Christmas shopping done or just check out some local artists.

7. Biltmore Village will host “Dickens in the Village”, a historical replica from 12/6-8/2013 nightly.

8. Lake Julian Festival of Lights begins on 12/6/2013 and runs until 12/23/2013. It runs nightly from 6-9 for 5.00 per car.

9. Santa will be located at Chimney Rock on 12/7/2013 and 12/14/2013.

10. Moscows Ballet’s great Russian Nutcracker will be at the U.S. Cellular Center on 12/11/2013. Tickets still available here, ranging from 37.80-80.00.

11. Asheville now offers carriage rides. What a great way to view the wonderfully decorated downtown Asheville. Reservations and information available here!.