If you can’t tell I have an obsession with these metal hoops that are used for floral arrangements. There are just so many uses for them. Even a modern floral wreath. I have been on the hunt for a wreath for my front door but haven’t found one I really like or one that is even affordable. $60.00 for a wreath seems a bit crazy to me even if you can use it year after year. So to get one just the way I wanted it I decided to make my own. And it’s so easy and affordable you can make your own.

These are perfect for the holidays, home decor and for year round decorations. I decided to go extremely modern and just do green and white as my color palette. This makes this easy to hang on my door for Christmas and I can also bring it in and hang it in my room or closet after the holidays are over.







To make this wreath start by cutting all your stems and flowers. Then start wrapping and forming to the metal hoop. You can start by attaching with wire. You can continue with wire or use a hot glue gun after you get your base started. There is no exact science to the wreath. You get to just build up the flowers the way you would like and put them on there. Once you get everything on there the way you would like, you are ready to hang up. Pretty easy and hardly takes any time.

The great thing about this is you get to do your wreath any way you like.

Happy wreath making!


Wall hangings are all the rage right now. Especially if you are in to the bohemian decor. But with options available at Urban Outfitters and Anthropology, they are pricey. And a surprising fact, if you aren’t doing any weaving or macrame these cute pieces of wall art are extremely easy and affordable to make. No class needed for these babes.

You Will Need:

Yarn- can do multiple colors and different textures


Wreath Hoops, rods or wood for the hanging device

You can add feathers, beads or wire accents

With all of my materials and coupons from Michaels, I was able to buy enough materials for two wall hangings for $15.00!

You will cute your yarn to desired length and start tying around your hanging device. You can do each piece or do groups of the yarn for a thicker knot. The easiest knot for this wall hanging is a Lark’s Head Knot.

Keep cutting and knotting to create any kind of design you would like. The great thing about the hoop is you can easily move your knotted sections to get the type of design you would like.

Once you get your yarn in the position you like now you can add any feathers, wire or beads to add some extra texture or fun to your piece. At this point you would also want to cut your ends the way you would like. Any way will work or you can leave it messy. Either way you choose it still looks great.

Now you are ready for gifting or hanging it in your space for yourself. Super easy and super affordable. Plus you will get a good relaxing creative hour out of this project. I also have a few more ideas linked on my Pinterest that are great ideas for your wall hanging.

If you decide to make your own, snap a picture and tag me on Instagram!

Handmade Holidays

Handmade HolidaysHandmade HolidaysHandmade HolidaysHandmade Holidays

The holidays can be really expensive, trust me I know. So when it comes to gifting all the people on your list something unique it can be really hard without going over your budget. So I’ve come up with a really affordable, stylish and chic handmade wall hanging. This is really easy to make (no loom or knowledge of weaving needed) and extremely affordable.

I actually pulled the branch from a tree for the holder but you could use any dowel or rod from a craft or hardware store. I picked up some soft textured yarn, I used only one colored but you could use as many colors as you want. I simply cut the yarn in to strips and tied the yarn around the stick, I used a basic marine knot to keep them in place. Once I got the entire skeen of yarn on the stick, I hung it up and cut the yarn in to a design. At this point you could add beads, feathers or anything else. Attach a piece of yarn or different string to make a handle for it to be hung up.

Wall hangings are very popular right now and if you look all over Etsy you can find a ton. You can find them in many designs and at many price ranges but if you want something truly unique, try your hand at making one. Mine is very simple because it is for my wall, and where it is going I wanted something very minimal. I spent under $3.00 (thanks to a Michaels killer sale and nature, plus word on the street is Michaels is having a huge yarn sale next week) and would feel completely comfortable giving this as a gift. If you make this take a picture and tag me so I can see your wall hanging!