Two Affordable Restaurants in Asheville For Rent Week

It’s creeping around the weekend, rent is coming due. And if you live in Asheville you know how much of a stress giver, headache and drain on your bank account that can be. It also sucks even more if you are like me and most of my bills are due the last week and first week of the month. A fun two weeks of paying bills, paying bills. Whether you have a roommate, live with a SO or by yourself I know it’s hard and I understand the hustle. But we still got to eat. Sure there are some great affordable finds at Trader Joe’s and Aldi; and there are some great recipes for serious budgets, but sometimes you have to go out to keep your sanity in this dog eat dog world. Even if you are broke. So I’ve come up with two restaurants in Asheville that have an entire full affordable menu perfect for solo meals, splitting meals, date night or the just I’m tired of eating ramen meal!



Del Vecchios is a newer Italian eatery in Asheville and really new to me. It’s a smaller restaurant on Merrimon Avenue with major cafe vibes, it’s small and quaint so perfect for solo dining when you don’t want to cook or perfect for a date or even a meal with your girlfriends. Offering pizzas, subs, salads and these delicious fries it earns the spot in one of my two affordable restaurants. All of their sandwiches and pasta dishes are under $10.00 and large enough portions to share or eat half there and half for left overs. Ohhhh and these garlic Parmesan fries are to die for and you get a huge serving for $5.99. Two people dined here both with entrees and these fries, plus tip for $30.00; plus we both had lunch for the next day. For Asheville this is a cheap meal. We could have gotten out cheaper because we had never eaten there before and could have shared. Ohhhh and did I mention the service is absolutely amazing! And I’ve heard their pizza is off the chain!



Taqueria Munoz is one of my favorite affordable Asheville eats. Literally everything on the menu is under $7.50 and who doesn’t love a good taco shop. This place is authentic and worth the trek to West Asheville. The tacos are huge portions and you can get anything from tongue meat to pork or chicken. And the best part is each taco is $2.50. And it’s no lie when I say I can’t eat two full tacos. There is that much meat on there. But they also serve other yumminess like tortas, soups and meals. I have only braved to try the tacos and tortas because when I say it’s authentic, it’s legit. I have gotten enough courage to try tongue and head meat tacos. Too good. And don’t judge it before you try. Budget friendly and leaving me in a food coma. Count me in! But take cash, because that’s all they accept there.


Ladies and Gents, it’s tough out there and rent is due on Monday! Let’s make the most out of living in our crazy over priced town!

Budget Friendly DIY

Budget Friendly DIY


I have said it numerous times that I would like to save money, but there are still things I would like to have. In order to not blow money on silly things on a regular basis I set up a system last night for myself. I got the idea from this cute Date Night in a Jar DIY idea I did a while ago. I made a list of things that i really would like to have. Then I wrote them down on pieces of paper that are color coordinated. The blue ink is the least expensive items such as some vintage jewelry, some other jewelry, a few books, a few shirts and some skincare items. The lime green ink is the more expensive items such as studio lighting, stacking rings, Cat Bird earrings and a few things for the house. The pink ink is the more expensive items such as a leather bag, a monogram necklace, a Wayne White Art Book and a Blood Milk ring.

My goal is to at the beginning of the month pick out something from the jar; if I pick a blue labeled item I will pick two, and save for the entire month. At the end of the month I will take my collective savings and by the items I selected as a reward to my goal. If I have any money left over from this “saving plan” I will push it over to the next months goal. I think this is a decent idea in order to still reward my self with things I would love to have by setting limits.

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