Falling In Love With Denim Skirts Again

When I first heard denim skirts were coming back big time this Fall, I was like “nope, not happening”. I was persistent on not bring back this early 2000’s trend. Remember the time in middle and high school when you weren’t cool fashion wise if you didn’t own some kind of denim mini skirt. Even cooler if you wore it with a popped collar shirt or with leggings. Yea those were the days (insert rolling eye emoji now). But they are back, in a little more sophisticated way, and I gave in to the trend.

The reason I gave in to the trend was because I had previously just seen short, butt cheeking hanging out, short denim skirts. But I finally came across a longer version, with a high low hem, side slits and distressing in actual good spots. It was the grown up version and I wasn’t mad at it. Clearly I still have some work to do on styling because I wasn’t exactly sure how to, because the only way I know how is for my 14 year old self. And that’s not good.

I just added layers and more layers and threw on some over the knee boots. I was also hesitant on these as well but kind of love them. I’m wondering if tights and booties paired with sweaters would look to unchic for this? I’m wondering if bell sleeves and mules would be too many trendy things at once? But it’s all trial and error so there’s that. I will keep playing with this and let you know what I think.

Happy Monday friends! Did you know the holiday posts started last week? I posted what to expect here and how to have a carefree holiday season here. Stay tuned for later this week because the holiday fun continues with the perfect appetizer for any holiday function!

Go To: Black and White

Go To: Black and White Go To: Black and White Go To: Black and White Go To: Black and White Go To: Black and White

Top-Target // Scarf-Target (old, similar) // Jeans-Old Navy // Flats-Target // Earrings-Ashkal

The holiday season is creeping up on us. It brings stress and celebrations. For me it brings a busy work schedule and a busy personal life for the blog, school and celebrations. Even though things are hectic and I want nothing more than to leave the house in sweats and sweatshirts, I can not pull myself to walking out the door like that (unless it’s an emergency or I don’t have to actually go in to a business). My go to #ootd for when things get super busy is a mixture of black and white. It’s very simple in color but looks very pulled together and chic. When wearing a simple color palette, to avoid looking boring I like to mix patterns and textures to keep things interesting. This shirt is my favorite pattern at the time and when paired with a knitted scarf in the same color scheme it works. I like to go with dark denim for a more slimming effect and add a pop of fun with the shoes. These shoes are not just basic black flats, they are more like oxfords with different textures within the shoe. Adding a fun geometric piece of jewelry (or a big statement piece) also helps with the simple colors of the outfit. I have a lot of black in my closet so it took just as much effort to pull this together than it would have been to throw on sweats. So just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t look pulled together!

What is your go to outfit of the day for the busy, hectic upcoming holiday season?




Coffee Dates With Luke Danes

Coffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke DanesCoffee Dates With Luke Danes

T-Shirt-Urban Tee Farm // Skirt-Target (old, similar) // Flannel-Target // Necklace-Forever 21 (old, similar) // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar) // Coffee Cup-Starbucks // Nail Color- China Glaze Change Your Altitude// Lip Color- Revlon Black Cherry

Fall I love you! Gilmore Girls I love you! Luke Danes I love you! When you mix all of them together you get this #ootd.

If you didn’t know I have a slight obsession with Gilmore Girls. I grew up on the show. There were many life lessons learned from the show like flannel never goes out of style and don’t throw you life away for a boy unless he has a motorcycle. When I found this shirt from Urban Tee Farm that included the important male characters from Gilmore Girls, I fell in love. I instantly started planning outfits around this basic shirt. I threw on a fun fall colored skirt and flannel for my morning cup of pumpkin spice. This outfit of the day is the perfect mix of texture, layers, fabrics and quirkiness for hitting up your local coffee shop or diner. It’s even better if you have a cynical, baseball cap wearing waiter to assist.

And this fall outfit is why I love fashion; why I love getting dressed. Styling your daily outfits doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. It’s okay to mix textures, patterns and lengths. It’s okay to wear something that is quirky because it adds personality. It’s great to wear something (that’s not always old) that brings up memories..

Rainy Day Outfit + Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy Day Outfits + Rainy Day Activities

Dress-Charlotte Russe (old, similar) // Cardigan-Old Navy (old, similar) // Leggings-Forever 21 // Boots-L.L. Bean // Scarf-Wal-Mart (in stores only)

Fall seems sooooo perfect on the internet, but in reality it’s wet and gloomy. Which can really put a damper on our mood and activities. Just because the weather is gloomy and your mood might reflect it doesn’t mean you have to dress in sweats and hang out at the house (but by all means that is great as well). To beat the gloomy funk why not wear fun colors! I love this mustard colored dress that I have had for a long time paired with some maroon colored leggings. The colors go great together and are a great pop of color for grey days. Since it’s rainy layering is key, so a great cardigan is a must. This cardigan from Old Navy (and the one I have linked) are the perfect weight for chilly to semi-warm days. And boots! When it’s raining, soggy and chilly you need a a pair of boots. A pair of riding boots, bean boots or rain boots will work just fine. I really like bean boots because they are really roomy so perfect for different thicknesses of socks and they keep your feet warm.

When it’s rainy, gloomy or just soggy you don’t just have to sit at home but I have some fun ideas for staying at home as well.

Rainy Activities Out:

  • Antique Shopping! Most antique stores are clumped together or in large warehouses so you don’t have to trek through the rain. It’s so much fun to look at old, unwanted stuff even if you aren’t buying anything.
  • Movies! If you go solo it’s even better. Get that great popcorn and sneak in candies and watch a horror flick or a movie that will have you sobbing or laughing.
  • Coffee Date! Rainy days are the perfect days to try out a new coffee shop, get some computer work done or read a book.
  • Art Fairs! Some are outside but grab a hat and go see all of the local talent.
  • Art Museums or Galleries! Rainy days are the perfect day to explore local artist’s work.

Indoor Activities:

  • Create a cheese plate, put on something on Netflix and have a pumpkin beer tasting party.
  • Bake! Hit up Pinterest for some festive foods and get to baking.
  • Get Crafty! Now’s the time to start that craft you have been waiting to work on, paint something or start up a new crafty hobby like knitting.
  • Have an at home spa day!


Feminine Lumberjack

Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack Feminine Lumberjack

Dress- Forever 21 (old, similar) // Flannel-Target // Hat-Target // Necklace-Forever 21 (old) // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old, similar)

I don’t know what I love about this #ootd more. The floral dress? The hat? The flannel? The mixing of unusual prints to make an outfit I love? Fashion is supposed to be fun. And I think this outfit of the day is pretty fun. The lumberjack trend, or flannel is once again very popular. I have to be very careful not to look like a man while styling flannel because most cuts are not flattering to the female body. So the perfect way to style it for me is to throw it over a dress, especially a floral dress. The combo reminds me of the 90’s trend but is also pulled together. To make the outfit a little more “grown up” I added some simple riding boots and a hat. This chic look is somewhat of a style risk but so easy to pull off!

What style risks are you taking this Fall?

Don’t forget to check out my Fall date night #ootn and to enter my Spooky Date Night Giveaway HERE. You can also check out Jessica from A Day in the Life of One Girl’s fall date night look HERE!.

Affordable Fall Fashion Buys

Affordable Fall Fashion Buys

Fall is only 21 days away yet it’s already creeping in, so it’s time to get your closet ready. Fall seems like a fresh start with your wardrobe but it can be a little harder to do on a budget. I have rounded up a few things, all under $50.00 (most under $30.00) to help you add to your fall wardrobe from some affordable fashion stores like Target, H&M, and Old Navy. Also these items which I think are must haves may also help you shop your own closet.

Striped Scarf– This scarf is perfect for transitioning but can be worn through out the season on cooler days. It adds perfect pops of colors and patterns that are popular this season.

Belt– If you don’t usually wear belts this is the season to try it. Belts are popular this season by twisting the belt instead of just plain buckling, giving you shape to over sized and loose clothing and there are extremely affordable to add to your closet (and a must).

Bootie– Booties are still popular this season but more so due to the boyfriend jeans being the jean of the season. These go perfect with jeans cuffed or with dresses. They are so versatile and everyone needs a pair.

T-Shirt Dress– An affordable way to transition to the fall season and yet something you can wear all year. With a simple shape it is easy to add layers for colder days, but it’s also perfect on it’s on. Also with the simple style it can be style many different ways; sneakers for a sporty vibe or worn with a blazer and pumps for work.

Short Coat– It’s not completely time to be investing in a coat but then again it kind of is. I really like this short coat because it reminds me of Mad Men, the color is the perfect white for “after Labor Day” and it could be transitioned easily into your winter wear. Plus this stylish coat is under $50.00

Striped Shirt– Striped shirts are very easy to style and are easy to transition from summer to fall to winter. Stripes are also very versatile so they will fit every style.

Cardigans– Cardigans are a must for fall, not only for warmth but also for simple layers. A cardigan can help you transform summer dresses and tops to fall which is an affordable addition. I like finding neutral cardigans but this year adding an olive color or a purple is a must!

Hat– I have raved about hats for the past year and how much I love them. They are perfect for adding a touch of boho style or fixing a bad hair day. Hats are just one extra touch that takes your #ootd to the next level.

Bag– Large leather (or faux) bags are big for this season, I especially like the leather totes that are bigger so they can fit everything I need into my bag for school days, blogging days and even a night stay somewhere in the mountains.

Tank– These tanks from Old Navy fit perfectly and can be worn by anyone with any style. It’s perfect for days when it may be warmer during the afternoon and also a great base for layering. Even though it’s getting colder doesn’t mean everything has to be bulky and thick. If you are hot natured like I am, tanks are perfect for layering without getting to hot! Plus right now they are only $4.00!.

Marsala and Olive Pops

Marsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive PopsMarsala and Olive Pops


Fall is coming, you can feel it in the air here in Asheville. I love Fall not only because of pumpkin spice everything but for the fashion. Myself (and a lot of women included) feel like they get to start over with their wardrobe, it is the biggest season for fashion after all. But before you go crazy at the mall, you may want to look in your closet to see what you can reuse this season. Some new styles are in like the 70’s style and the 90’s but according to Pantone’s color report a lot of what you had last year will still be in play this season. I dug up some pictures from last fall to show that if you have anything in this marsala color or an olive color you need to pull it out and wear it again. These colors are big this season along with other earthy hues and nudes. Fur, hats and booties are still big so pull those out as well. If you want to add to your closet I suggest a pair of flare jeans, pops of bright colors in blues and purples and add some fringe!

Don’t forget I’m hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a Versona gift card on my Instagram and you only have until tomorrow at 12pm to enter. This is perfect for getting somethings to add to your closet for fall! You can get all of the details here!.

Must Have Shoes For Fall

Must Have Shoes For Fall

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is approaching. For activities, Summer is my favorite season, but for fashion Fall is my favorite season. So I have been searching the web for all the newest fall items (and am in love this season). I get asked a lot about footwear for the colder weather so thought I would curate the shoes you NEED to have in your closet for the fall fashion season. Even though you still have some time for sandals, I know a lot of you have to budget like I do and thought now is the perfect time to plan for fall fashion. I included a few shoes from Charlotte Russe, their shoes are very affordable (always on sale) and great quality for a more affordable chain for all you budgeting fashionistas!

Bean Boots! These boots from L.L. Bean are on the more expensive side but extremely versatile that these are on my list for a must have for fall. These boots are great for rainy fall days, hiking, all the orchards you will be visiting, casual wear and will also double as a great winter boot. And these boots with these socks, yes!

A Chunky Heeled Bootie! Chunky heels are big this season (bringing back the 70’s) and make for a great bootie. I fell in love with these fringe booties from Charlotte Russe because fringe and chunky heel! Booties are perfect with shorts, jeans and dresses. Booties are a great way to make any outfit more relaxed and with the multiple styles Charlotte Russe has, they will fit every style and budget.

A Fun Pair of Sneakers! I know fall is all about boots but I think a pair of sneakers in the fall can go a long way. A great way to add some fun personality in your #OOTD! Sneakers are perfect for running errands, casual meetings, exploring and football games! I love all the colors that Converse offers, but these from Nike are cute and these from Charlotte Russe are adorable!

Riding Boots! What can I say, it’s boot season (almost) and you NEED a pair of riding boots. Yes need. Riding boots are so comfortable and go with everything.

Nice Pair of Flats! I feel like everyone needs a good pair of flats because they are so versatile and can easily replace heels if you aren’t comfortable wearing heels to work or for dressing up. These flats from Julie Bee’s are purrrrfect! You know I’m a sucker for leopard print and leopard print is perfect for fall! These shoes are a bit more pricey, so these from Target are great alternative (several fun colors, including a leopard print pair), as well as these from Charlotte Russe.

Wine Heels! Fall is a great excuse to have a fun deep colored heel. Greens, Wines and Reds are perfect for fall. If you aren’t a high heel fan, try a kitten heel; much more comfortable and can even add a retro/vintage vibe to your outfit. Charlotte Russe has a great selection of heels in fun colors for fall.

What shoes are a must in your fall wardrobe?.

Pops of Red and Gold

Pops of RedPops of RedPops of RedPops of RedPops of RedPops of Red


Shirt-Target // Skirt-Target // Leggings-Forever 21 // Boots-Charlotte Russe (old) // Necklace-Viva La Jewels (10% off entire purchase by using code:stephanierep) // Earrings-Jared // Lipstick- Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color in Divine Wine

My two favorite colors to incorporate for more casuals days to make any outfit more festive is red and gold. I took a plain white and black look and made it more festive by adding red boots and a gold statement necklace, plus added a deep red lipstick. This is very easy to do by using whatever plain outfit you have and adding statement pieces. How do you make your outfits look more festive?


Fall LookBook: Art Shows

Fall LookBook: Art Shows

Muscle Tee-Forever 21 (sold out, something similar) // Leggings-Forever 21 // Cardigan-Thrifted // Earrings-Craft Show // Clutch- Forever 21 // Glasses- C/O Coastal // Ring-Pandora // Shoes-Charlotte Russe

During the fall time there are plenty of art and craft shows through out any city. Especially where I live there are new shows, craft/art shows every weekend. Honestly these people are smart, they are trying to get their product out there for Christmas before it gets to cold. Art and craft shows will be a constant thing until the first two weeks of Christmas. It’s a really nice time to dress however you want (let your style flow artistically), get some local made food, interact with local artist, and pick up some goodies for yourself or those Christmas gifts you are just now starting to think about (sorry I work in retail so Christmas kind of starts in October for us). My perfect look for a day or buying local arts would of course be something comfortable, maybe something I wouldn’t wear every day and something fun. I paired a fun graphic tee with some pops of colors. Even though my leggings and cardigan are both bright, they are fall neutrals and pairing it with a monochromatic tank allows it to work.

Fall LookBook: Art Shows 10-6-4 10-6-6 10-6-5 10-6-3 10-6-2 10-6-1


I just want to talk about the newest trend. The 90’s are back thanks to Kylie Jenner and so is the brownish/mauve lip color. I really didn’t think I would find something that went with my skin tone, and if I did I wouldn’t like it. Wrong! I found the NYX Matte lipgloss in Stockholm and it is the perfect shade for my skin tone for the 90’s look, the formula is amazing and long wearing, and I actually love the look I get with it. Don’t get me wrong I love bold lips for the Fall but this may be my new go to look..