If you can’t tell I have an obsession with these metal hoops that are used for floral arrangements. There are just so many uses for them. Even a modern floral wreath. I have been on the hunt for a wreath for my front door but haven’t found one I really like or one that is even affordable. $60.00 for a wreath seems a bit crazy to me even if you can use it year after year. So to get one just the way I wanted it I decided to make my own. And it’s so easy and affordable you can make your own.

These are perfect for the holidays, home decor and for year round decorations. I decided to go extremely modern and just do green and white as my color palette. This makes this easy to hang on my door for Christmas and I can also bring it in and hang it in my room or closet after the holidays are over.







To make this wreath start by cutting all your stems and flowers. Then start wrapping and forming to the metal hoop. You can start by attaching with wire. You can continue with wire or use a hot glue gun after you get your base started. There is no exact science to the wreath. You get to just build up the flowers the way you would like and put them on there. Once you get everything on there the way you would like, you are ready to hang up. Pretty easy and hardly takes any time.

The great thing about this is you get to do your wreath any way you like.

Happy wreath making!


Wall hangings are all the rage right now. Especially if you are in to the bohemian decor. But with options available at Urban Outfitters and Anthropology, they are pricey. And a surprising fact, if you aren’t doing any weaving or macrame these cute pieces of wall art are extremely easy and affordable to make. No class needed for these babes.

You Will Need:

Yarn- can do multiple colors and different textures


Wreath Hoops, rods or wood for the hanging device

You can add feathers, beads or wire accents

With all of my materials and coupons from Michaels, I was able to buy enough materials for two wall hangings for $15.00!

You will cute your yarn to desired length and start tying around your hanging device. You can do each piece or do groups of the yarn for a thicker knot. The easiest knot for this wall hanging is a Lark’s Head Knot.

Keep cutting and knotting to create any kind of design you would like. The great thing about the hoop is you can easily move your knotted sections to get the type of design you would like.

Once you get your yarn in the position you like now you can add any feathers, wire or beads to add some extra texture or fun to your piece. At this point you would also want to cut your ends the way you would like. Any way will work or you can leave it messy. Either way you choose it still looks great.

Now you are ready for gifting or hanging it in your space for yourself. Super easy and super affordable. Plus you will get a good relaxing creative hour out of this project. I also have a few more ideas linked on my Pinterest that are great ideas for your wall hanging.

If you decide to make your own, snap a picture and tag me on Instagram!

10 Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes For Every Fashion Girl

Today is officially Fall! Enter all the heart eye and praise hands emojis! There are so many things to love about Fall especially Halloween. Halloween is my second favorite holiday. But all the festive things can add up and put a major hurting on your wallet. From decorations, to candy, to costumes and all the parties you are attending, it really drains your bank account. So whether you are a seriously broke girlfriend or you just wait until as last minute as you can, here are 10 costumes you create fast, on a budget and with mostly what you may already have in your closet.



This costume is about as basic as they come, but also easy and perfect for anyone in a time crunch or on a tight budget. Any black dress will work especially the more lacey or flowy the dress is, the better. Any tights and booties will work. Pull out all the stops with all that celestial jewelry that have been extremely popular lately. Bring on the best of your vampy makeup and anything will work for a witch costume. All you will need to buy is a witch’s hat ($3.00 from Target).


Image Via 

This is so cute and fun! All you need is a brown skirt (or dress) and a fun white top (scalloped hems will make it look more like a scoop), which you probably already have in your closet. Then you need colored card stock ($4.99 at Michaels) cut in to long strips and either glue or sew on to the white top. Here is the tutorial on how to make the fun cherry on top!



Image Via

This is the cutest, fastest and cheapest costume to make. All you need is a black dress and to pick up some black fabric ($3.99 a yard) and elastic ($3.29) to make both the wings and ears. All the instructions are HERE.




Image Via

Such a fun and empowering costume to tap in to your artsy side. Any embroidered top or dress would be perfect for this. A scarf or shawl to drape around your shoulders and a bunch of chunky jewelry. Then you just need a flower crown, a cheap pre-made one ($5.00 at Target) or try your hand at a DIY. And don’t forget to draw in your chunky unibrow dark with a eyeliner pencil ($3.99 at Ulta).


Image Via 

A true fashion icon and the best thing about going as Iris is you can literally wear anything. Add bright colors and fur to make it extra Iris. And you can’t forget jewelry. Add as much as you like and do not go light. She loves her layers of bangles and necklaces. All you really need to buy is some round specs ($11.99 on Amazon) because that is her iconic look and a white wig ($16.99 on Amazon).


Image Via 

If you just want to go as something extra sultry with all the Stevie Nicks vibes you just need a few things. You need a sexy, boho black dress. Think flowy and lace details. Then you need a top hat ($7.69 on Amazon) and add these funky feather epaulette that you can easily DIY. People may not actually know what you are and who cares, you will be the coolest one at the bar drinking pumpkin beer!


Boo! Ghosts are a classic costume. Wear a monochromatic outfit of any kind in white or grey hues. Add sheer fabrics for a more spooky look. Tease your hair big time. And do your face makeup extremely white ($10.99 on Amazon) with dark lips and eyes.



Image Via

Pulp Fiction is a classic, and going as Mia Wallace will win you all the cool points. All you need is some black pants, white button up and flats. To top off the look you need your nails painted red, a black bob wig ($16.99 on Amazon) and a fake cigarette ($3.75 at Wal-Mart). Bonus points for this being really work appropriate for dressing up.


Image Via

All you need for this costume is really denim and flannel. You can put on a floppy hat and add some straw for some extra realistic vibes. You can even hot glue a crow on your shoulder for a more spooky version of this costume. But the most important part of this costume is the makeup. Find a tutorial HERE.


Image Via

I can just imagine all the cute Instagram captions and pictures with this outfit. The most popular plant currently can be your costume. And you can even use cheesy lines like “don’t be a prick and bring me a drink please!” Dig out your brown pants and a hot glue gun. You will need a green sweatshirt ($11.39 at Wal-Mart), colored tulle ($2.99 at Michaels) and pipe cleaners ($2.99 at Michaels). You will want to cut up the pipe cleaners and fold in a “v” shape and hot glue on the sweatshirt as the prickly parts of the cactus. You can then cut up some tulle and put on the cuffs or make a headband out of it as the flower. Bonus points if you can find a ceramic pot wherever you are at and just stand there!


I hope you all get inspired for some Halloween costume ideas!






Artistically Wrapped Presents

It’s officially that time of year y’all! The holidays. I’m currently listening to Christmas music as I’m writing this and I have already put up my Christmas tree. I’ve even got some presents bought. What else can I say? I’m actually in the spirit this year, for the first time in a while (probably because I’m not stressing about finals and registering for new classes). So this year for my tree and present theme I am going for black, red, metallics and craft paper. But y’all, it’s hard to find a fun red and black wrapping paper that isn’t buffalo plaid (which I did pick up). So I decided to get creative. And make my own abstract paper.

So to make your own paper you will need:

Packaging paper or craft paper

Paint of your choices

Paint brush

Cup of Water

Bowl, plate, palette paper for your paint


Also you are going to want to do this outside because it might just get messy.

You want to thin down your paint if you are doing an abstract splatter version like I did.


Then just do whatever you would like. I’m actually wrapping up a painting so I channeled my inner Jackson Pollock and did a splatter design. I just get watered down paint on the brush and tap the brush for splatter designs.

My end version looked like this:


You are going to want to let this dry for a while until the paint is completely dry to the touch. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process if you wish. You can also let it sit over night before using it to wrap your gift with. I recommend cutting off the size you will need for your gift.

For the wrapping you will need:



Festive ribbon


And here is the final result!


I think presentation is almost as important as the actual gift you are giving. This look would also be really cute done with stamps as well. This is time consuming but like I just stated it’s all about the presentation. Plus there is now some personality to the package! Happy wrapping!


Handmade Holidays

Handmade HolidaysHandmade HolidaysHandmade HolidaysHandmade Holidays

The holidays can be really expensive, trust me I know. So when it comes to gifting all the people on your list something unique it can be really hard without going over your budget. So I’ve come up with a really affordable, stylish and chic handmade wall hanging. This is really easy to make (no loom or knowledge of weaving needed) and extremely affordable.

I actually pulled the branch from a tree for the holder but you could use any dowel or rod from a craft or hardware store. I picked up some soft textured yarn, I used only one colored but you could use as many colors as you want. I simply cut the yarn in to strips and tied the yarn around the stick, I used a basic marine knot to keep them in place. Once I got the entire skeen of yarn on the stick, I hung it up and cut the yarn in to a design. At this point you could add beads, feathers or anything else. Attach a piece of yarn or different string to make a handle for it to be hung up.

Wall hangings are very popular right now and if you look all over Etsy you can find a ton. You can find them in many designs and at many price ranges but if you want something truly unique, try your hand at making one. Mine is very simple because it is for my wall, and where it is going I wanted something very minimal. I spent under $3.00 (thanks to a Michaels killer sale and nature, plus word on the street is Michaels is having a huge yarn sale next week) and would feel completely comfortable giving this as a gift. If you make this take a picture and tag me so I can see your wall hanging!

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Hey yall!

I am very excited to be doing this guest spot over here on 30 Shades of Stephanie! I hope you are enjoying your day! I just want to say pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or tea, wrap up in a cozy blanket, and sit back and relax!

I want to do a quick little intro of myself before we get started today on the topic at hand. Hello my name is Keeley, and I am addicted to all things antique and vintage! Phew, glad to clear the air about that! Let me tell you a few other little things about myself and we will get started!

  • I am a lover of all things chippy and rusty
  • Me and old books are best friends
  • Decorating is my passion
  • I am also addicted to coffee and early morning snuggles in a blanket watching the sun rise
  • Farmhouse style is my go to
  • I am obsessed with cats—I have 2 furry angels that my husband and I adopted named Arnold and Lenny
  • We refer to Arnold and Lenny as our children and the boys—don’t judge
  • Did I mention I love cats??

It is so nice to meet all of yall!—did I mention I am from the South and have a very strong southern accent? Ok friends, today I wanted to share with yall my easy, simple, go to tips on how to style a vignette! In design terms, this simply means grouping objects together to create a display. I am a lover of vignettes because they are an easy way to decorate, add prettiness to any room, and can be cheap to do! Follow these tips here and people will walk into your space and be amazed with what you have put together! Are yall ready? Ok, here we go!

Tip 1: Mix up your textures. Don’t feel like because you love a wooden frame that everything you put together has to be wood! Bring in that metal, burlap, plastic, glass, pottery, and whatever else strikes your fancy! I love complementing metals, woods, and glass together. This brings in a very light, airy, and refreshing sense to your space. Adding different textures will make your vignette pop, and your guests will be drawn to the pieces and the space!

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Tip 2: Add in a variety of layers! You don’t want your vignette to appear flat. Add in layers to create depth and height. Place things in front of one another—with the taller object in the back and the smaller object in the front. Stack things on top of each other. I love taking vintage books and using them as a base to sit things on top of.

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Tip 3: Add height differences. You don’t want all your pieces to be the same size. It doesn’t draw your eye to it. Mix and match different height items to draw the eye to all parts of your vignette!

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Tip 4: Add in greenery and florals! This is my go to design tip for everything. Adding greenery and florals make your space look alive and fresh. It adds a sense of comfort and an overall homey-ness, lived in look. I use greenery in all my rooms in our home. Also, don’t think you have to just put them in an old vase. Think outside the box! Place them in Mason jars, pottery pieces, little wooden drawers/cubbies, and glass jugs. Whatever you think and like!

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Tip 5: Use colors that complement each other and your space. I am all about mixing up colors, but you don’t want your colors to clash. If you enjoy using a lot of different colors, tie them all together by using pieces that have a neutral color palate, like cream, white, and colors to that extent.

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Tip 6: Vignettes can be a variety of different sizes! They don’t have to be large displays. You can have a collection of a few items that you love that you place together. There are all types of sizes of vignettes. Small, Medium, Large, all sizes!

Styling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat CottageStyling Vignettes with Our Cozy Cat Cottage

Tip 7: Use what you love! In a vignette especially, pick pieces that interest you! Pick pieces that come from your travels to display. They make for interesting conversation when your guests come over! The key to design is to love what you have done. If you don’t like globes for say, don’t use them just because everyone else is using them. Pick the things you love and want to look at. If you love your design, everyone else will too!

Now I want to give you a list of places I go that never let me down for home décor! At these places you can find tons of knick knacks to work into vignettes!

There you have it, friends! I hope you found these 7 tips to style a vignette to be useful and helpful! I have so enjoyed being here, and love being able to make new friends! I would love to hear from you and talk with you some more! Here’s how you can find me:

My Website:

My Instagram:

My Pinterest:

My Google+:

My Cozy Cat Cottage Facebook Page:

Until next time!


**30 Shades of Stephanie here! Thank you so much for Keeley from Our Cozy Cat Cottage for putting this guest blog post together. Make sure you visit all of her social media and show her some love on her blog! I’m ready to go style a vignette now since I had no idea what it was before!**.

How to Wear a Scarf During Summer

How to Wear a Scarf During SummerHow to Wear a Scarf During SummerHow to Wear a Scarf During SummerHow to Wear a Scarf During Summer

Shorts-DIY // Shirt-Target // Scarf-Target // Sandals-Kohls (old) // Sunnies-Forever 21

It’s finally the unofficial mark of Summer! I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend and are ready for Summer! This is actually the outfit I wore for a cookout yesterday but more importantly I am showing that you can wear a scarf during the summer months. The first thing you need to do in order to wear a scarf in the summer is pick the perfect summer scarf; you will need to look for a scarf that is extremely lightweight (where you can pretty much see through it), look for summer colors in the scarf, and try avoiding infinity scarves. I really like this one from Target and of course this is the one I’m wearing. When wearing a scarf in Summer, I like to make sure my hair is up and the scarf isn’t too close to my neck. A simple loose loop or just wearing the scarf open will do the trick. I think this a great way to show a boho chic style, have a stylish extra layer on cooler summer nights, plus it’s a very affordable way to add some style to your closet for summer! Do you wear scarves in the summer?.

Simple Seared Scallops

Seafood is something I have never really cooked because it seems a little more complicated (can easily be overcooked) than other meats. While on vacation to Hilton Head Island since we had a place with a kitchen I wanted to try my hand at cooking seafood because it’s one of the best places to get fresh seafood. Andrew and I went to Barnacle Bill’s Fresh Seafood Market and got some fresh seafood with my favorites being scallops. After cooked the result was they were delicious!

What you will need:

Scallops- You want to buy good quality ones. They are a bit pricey (we got a little over a pound for $20.00 which was 9 large sea scallops) but you want quality scallops for eating. If you don’t have a fresh seafood market near you The Fresh Market is the best place to buy them.

Black Pepper-cracked works best

Salt- I used sea salt

Butter (unsalted)

Large Frying Pan

Simple Seared Scallops

When you get your scallops home you will want to wash your scallops then pat them dry with a paper towel. You will then want to season each side with salt and pepper. While doing this put 1/4 stick of butter in a frying pan on high heat. You want your pan to be very hot.

Simple Seared Scallops

You will want to place your scallops in when your pan is beginning to smoke. I put my scallops in the pan in a clock wise motion. I saw Gordon Ramsey do this on the Food Network one time to know which way to flip the scallops to ensure equal cooking time. You want to cook the scallops on each side for 90 seconds.

Simple Seared Scallops

You will notice that your one side will be lightly brown and the insides and sides will be a little translucent. 3 minutes total is all your scallops need.

Simple Seared ScallopsSimple Seared Scallops

You want to serve your scallops immediately, they are best to be served within 2 minutes of cooking!

Do you cook seafood? What is your favorite recipe?.

Homemade Iced Coffee

One thing I love and can not get enough of is iced coffee, but every time I buy it anywhere my wallet gets angry with me and the coffee taste is almost absent. I’ve drank iced coffee from every where between McDonalds, Starbucks and little indie coffee shops and all leave the same feeling. A cup of iced coffee can run you any where between three to seven dollars, so I searched the web and came up with a recipe that is not only delicious but also budget friendly.

Things you will need to make your iced coffee:

  • 2 containers, 1 for the steeping and one for storing (I got both of mine at the dollar tree)
  • mesh strainer (you need to use mesh to avoid coffee particles)
  • cheese cloth or paper towel (you use this on top of the mesh strainer)
  • coffee

To begin with you will want to pour your coffee grounds in your first container then fill with cold water. I used a half a bag of coffee for 2.5 quarts. Make sure all your grounds are touched by water. Seal you container and let this set in your fridge for AT LEAST 8 HOURS, the longer you let it set the stronger the coffee flavor.

Homemade Iced Coffee

After your coffee has been set you will want to place your mesh strainer on top of your second container then cover the strainer with either your cheese cloth or paper towel.

Homemade Iced Coffee

Begin to pour your coffee through the strainer. The strainer catches most of the bean particles and the coffee flows through. This will take some time as it drains slowly.Homemade Iced Coffee

You really have to be patient with this.

Once you have strained all of your coffee, it’s ready to drink.

Homemade Iced Coffee

Put ice in your cup, add as much coffee to your glass then fill with milk, soy, half and half, or even condensed milk (a take on the Mexican iced coffee). You can also add sugar or coffee flavorings to achieve the taste you would like. And don’t ever cry over spilled milk when making an iced coffee.

Homemade Iced CoffeeHomemade Iced Coffee

Then you are ready to drink. You have to play around with the added ingredients to get it to your liking.

I spent $4.00 at the dollar tree for the containers, strainer and paper towels. The coffee I bought was $7.00 for the bag, the gallon of milk I bought was $3.00 and a bag of sugar is around $2.00. With all of this I can make 5 quarts of iced coffee which can be stored for up to 3 weeks in the fridge in an air tight container. So for a total of $16.00 I made over a gallon of iced coffee!



Manicure Monday

Manicure Monday

I have a new addiction thanks to my friend Katie and it is Jamberry Nail Wraps!! These wraps are much more easier than actually painting your nails; no painting your skin and waiting the time for the paint to actually dry. These “wraps” (essentially nail stickers) come in hundreds of designs (one for every style) and are really affordable; $15.00 for a sheet which gets you two manicures and two pedicures. This is a whole lot cheaper than the nail salon, plus there’s no smell and they aren’t harmful to your nails. I’ve been using wraps since about November and after about two weeks and removing my nails are not stained, bumpy or “flakey” like I often get with salon quality gel nails, acrylics, or plain polish.

Manicure MondayManicure Monday

The wrap comes on a clear sheet so you can easily find the right wrap for the right finger. All you need to do this at home manicure is your Jamberry nails, a blow dryer, nail file, scissors and a cuticle stick. Here’s a video on how simple it is. Wrap picture above is Confused Canvas!

Manicure MondayManicure MondayManicure Monday

I love how much I can express my own personal style now through my nails with graphics instead of plain colors. Wraps pictures above are Reminisce and Black and White Skinny!

I’m currently hosting a Jamberry party on Facebook that will go until March 22nd! I made the party public so any of you can actually join the party if you would like. Join the party HERE and get ready for fun, games and shopping.

Or you can always shop Jamberry HERE!.