A Real Statement Dress

Dress // Necklace (custom design) // Shoes

My style is ever changing, though consistent. I like to keep with blacks and neutrals but the cuts and prints I am attracted to are changing. I am not the biggest fan of the embroidery trend that is insanely popular, nor am I generally attracted to trendy pieces; but here I am in a dress with some embroidery on it. But the bodice, sleeves and bottom of this dress is what made me put this in my shopping cart.

I previously would have never put on anything that cut as deep as this dress or with two slits that go way above my knees in the front. And it’s not like I am not self confident and recently just discovered it. It’s more like I want to try something I would never do and if that means wearing a dress that doesn’t require a bra, I’m all in. But the winning factor of this dress is the fun details, it is comfortable and the dress was extremely affordable.

So this dress is not your going to the grocery store dress but a  dramatic statement piece perfect for date night, parties, weddings or even upcoming holiday events.

Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants

Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants Earthy Tones + Palazzo Pants


Shirt-Target // Palazzo Pants-Target // Necklace-Charlotte Russe (old) // Watch-Michael Kors // Bag-Gifted //

With fall approaching fast, and stores clearing out their summer product, I have been more inclined to begin wearing neutral colors that are easy to transition from summer to fall fashion. Also the weather in Asheville is very reminiscent of fall, it’s warm in the days and starting to cool off at night. Palazzo pants are perfect for the weather right now especially paired with a burnt mustard color top. These pants are very light weight, flowy and comfortable enough to withstand the last of summer heat but since they are pants perfect for the chill in the air. I picked up this tribal print pair at Target and thought it would be perfect with earthy toned everything. I went with a mustard colored shirt (perfect for transition into fall) and a turquoise stone necklace. The perfect combo for the bohemian vibe.

By buying t-shirts it is a very affordable way to make your wardrobe budget friendly for transitioning into a different season. You can easily add layers on top of a basic shirt, and it is very easy to dress up or down. T-shirts are hardly ever more than $12.00 and a staple in my closet for the shifting seasons!

This past weekend was my birthday so to celebrate I had dinner at Cedric’s Tavern at the Biltmore Estate! Thank you for all of you that shared love with me on my special day!

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Feelings of Spring

Feelings of Spring DSC_2169 DSC_2188 DSC_2196 DSC_2199 DSC_2234 DSC_2237

It finally is starting to feel like Spring in Asheville. The windows are open all day to let the cool air in, shades of grey and brown are turning into pastels, birds are chirping, I woke up to the smell of fresh cut grass this morning and flowers are starting to pop up. I know I love fall, but when everything comes to life it’s such a great mood booster and eye opener. Who is ready for some picnics and hikes and flower crowns?

Photos courtesy of Andrew Plyler Design at the Biltmore Estate