Hilton Head Island Travel Diary: The iPhone Version

So if you aren’t following me on Instagram (which you should because sometimes it’s funny) you may not have known that I took a much needed vacation last week to Hilton Head Island. It’s one of my favorite places for a ton of different reasons. I love the atmosphere, the scenes, the fact that it is a quiet community and the food! So here are some of the highlights of my trip!

For the first time in almost four years we stayed on the South end of the island, right down the street from Coligny Beach. We were walking distance from food and shopping of any kind; and the most important, we were on beach front so we could easily walk to the beach at any given time during the day. It was so easy to have a relaxing vacation when everything was at your fingertips. Plus it didn’t hurt that according to the FitBit, we got well over 10,000 steps a day. Plus you could constantly hear the waves crashing which is the ultimate sound for relaxation.

Being so close to the beach and the fact that this was a much needed vacation was a no brainer that all day, every day I was at the beach. I loaded up on the SPF and literally chilled. The beach was quiet after Labor Day Weekend and even more quiet with the threat of a hurricane. But still I relaxed. And swam in the ocean. And played with sea creatures. I’ve got plenty of questions about this hat, the striped bathing suit and the kimono cover up; so they are all linked here!

Hat // Striped Bathing Suit // Kimono

Hilton Head Island is known for their world class golf courses and food. And well let’s just say I prefer food over the links. I have been waiting 5 whole years to try this place. They shut down for a week before Summer and it just so happens that’s always the week I visit. But it was worth the wait. Perfectly cooked cajun southern food. I had the etoufee and it was amazzzzzinggggg! If you visit Hilton Head, I suggest visiting Kenny B’s.

I found Java Burrito Company on Instagram and I am so glad that I did. It’s like a local Chipotle but for every meal and a full coffee bar inside. I had a breakfast bowl and iced dirty chai. Hands down one of the best decisions I made on that trip.

Ela’s is becoming a favorite on the island for me to visit. A little swanky, quiet, on the waterfront and the service and food is outstanding. We visiting the day before the evacuation was in order for Irma and they were still open. We had the place to ourselves and the service nor food suffered due to being understaffed or the island becoming a ghost town.

Marley’s Island Grill was a first for me, but not a last. Sooooooo good! A Caribbean take on local seafood. I got chorizo almond crusted scallops which may actually be one of the top 20 best meals of my life. So good.

There is just beauty and magic every where on the island. Maybe it’s because you are on vacation or island time. Whatever it is, it works. My soul feels a little more full after my visit there.

Happy Travels!

Farewell To Summer But Not This Dress

I just got back from a much needed vacation in one of my favorite spots! (I’ll be haring a travel diary on Wednesday about where I went and what I did if you don’t follow me on Instagram.)

But I packed basics for this trip, nothing special because my only real plan was to truly relax on the beach for the majority of the time. I did pack this black dress that makes me feel like Adele and this little bomber both from Nest Boutique and DIY studio, and they were the perfect pairing for some waterfront dining one night at a swanky little place. And so easy to wear. Which is the key for vacation.

Now that Summer is unofficially over, I came back to Asheville and it really felt like Fall y’all; I am starting to put away my shorts, tanks and off the shoulder tops. But this dress is not going away yet. Neither is this bomber despite the bright colors. This dress will be great with tights and heels plus a fur coat for chillier days and it’s the perfect little dress for Holiday get togethers and festive holiday outings. Plus I also think this dress would be perfect for a few Halloween costumes I have up my sleeves (because store bought costumes are just gross).

So I challenge you while you are packing away your Spring/Summer goodies to see what will carry itself in to the colder months and holiday season. Not only is it fun to try to think of new ways to style something but your wallet will really thank you.

I hope you all had a great unofficial end to Summer and now the basic bia inside of me is ready to live for the Fall fashion, weather and activities. Make sure you are following along to stay up to date.


Waterfront Casual

Waterfront CasualWaterfront CasualWaterfront CasualWaterfront Casual

Shirt-Old Navy // Skirt-Similar // Sunnies- Charmed // Necklace-Noonday Collection // Bag-Gifted // Bracelet-Pandora // Lipstick-Bad Blood by Urban Decay

I’m back from vacation. I’m done with school. What a whirlwind of the past week it has been. One of the highlights of vacation was going to ELA’s for a celebratory lunch on Tuesday as it was the day I got my e-mail stating I was officially a college graduate! We celebrated with yummy seafood on a patio overlooking the sound. I went with a very casual #ootd for celebration since it was during lunch time with my fun twirly black skirt and an over sized heather grey t-shirt. For pops of beachy fun I added this beaded necklace from Noonday Collection and my all time favorite sunnies from a local boutique. I felt like myself. I felt like fun. I felt like someone whom is getting ready to dive head first in to the fashion world. I felt harbor cool. I felt like an empowered woman because I just finished college!

Beach Day Must Haves

I have teamed up with Adore Me to bring you my #beachdaymusts today! So since I am currently on vacation I thought I would share what I’m wearing to the beach and bringing along with me.

Beach Day Must Haves

First things first! I start any beach or pool day by shaving. I love having a fresh smooth shave before getting in to the water. You know the feeling! I am currently using a Gillette Venus Embrace razor which provides the closest shave!

Beach Day Must Haves

Then I have to get my beach bag ready. Besides the obvious towel and sunscreen I bring along a few “essentials”. I always pack some makeup remover wipes to refresh my face on the way home. Sunscreen is very oily and can unfortunately clog your pores so this is a huge thing for me. I bring an extra deodorant (just in case). I also bring a coin purse to bring some extra cash, cards and ID so I don’t have to lug my purse or wallet with me. I’m not one to wear makeup at the beach because I do get in the water and I am more worried about sun protection than my normal routine. However, I do always pack a lip balm, mascara and an eye shadow just in case I had straight from the beach to eat, grab a drink or head to a store. So I can semi look put together.

Beach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must Haves

This is my current beach bag and this is kind of an obsession. It’s big, a great material and the print is very tropical. And it’s ethical and fair trade! (Plus it’s only $18.00)

I don’t like to wear a general bathing suit cover up. Most of them are sheer and if I need to head some where straight afterwards, I’m not comfortable wearing that to a bar, burger joint or grocery store. So I’m wearing my Irma tunic from LuLaRoe because you can easily pair a pair of shorts or leggings on under this. Plus the striped tunic and funky glasses are my style, even for a beach day.

Beach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must HavesBeach Day Must Haves

Since Adore Me offers lingerie and swim wear in a large variety of sizes, including plus sizes. They offer a wide selection of sexy plus size lingerie and a variety of swimsuits. How awesome is it to find a company that offers a range of sizes and celebrates every body type. So since the offer something for every size, every woman, I’ve decided to share my swim wear with you. As a larger lady I prefer to wear a tankini. I think they are a little more stylish than a one piece (even though I’m loving this one from Adore Me) and you can just as easily mix and match as regular two pieces. When I’m picking out swimwear I tend to go for darker colors for a slimming effect but I went out of the box with this colorful top. I love the top part of the strap! And this works because it draws the eyes towards the upper part of the body, great for hiding your trouble area.

Make sure you head over to Adore Me’s Instagram so you can see everyone else’s #beachdaymusts and if you are heading to the pool or beach make sure you use the hashtag #beachdaymusts so we can see what you are rocking!

Also I’m currently at Hilton Head Island so make sure you head over to my Instagram and SnapChat (s.ferguson6623) to see what I’m up too!

Stylish Beach Days

Stylish Beach Days


1. Beach Towels- Target // 2. Swimsuit- Forever 21 // 3.Sunglasses- Forever 21 // 4.Flip Flops- Old Navy // 5. Hat- Forever 21 // 6. Sunscreen- Wal-Mart and Ulta // 7. Coin Purse-Urban Outfitters // 8. Beach Bag- Volcom via Nordstrom

Beach ( and pool) days are creeping up on us and just because you will be lounging (and playing) in the sunny water side doesn’t mean you have to forfeit style. I really like Forever 21’s swimwear because they have fun prints, numerous styles, they range from size small to 3XL and they are affordable; so there is honestly a suit for everyone. Something I don’t like to spend a lot of money on for beach side or pool side is flip flops and sunglasses; there is always the chance of loosing them, the ocean eating them, getting ruined by some beach side force, so I like to opt for very cheap ones that still have some style to them. The Old Navy classic flip flops literally come in every color imaginable and are the rubber kind so easy to clean (plus right now they are only $2.50) and you can find cheap sunglasses anywhere but I really like Forever 21 for them because they are trendy and most are under $8.00. Bright beach bags are a great way to show your personal style beach side, you can even do a fun tote because most are made out of washable material; I personally like one that has a zip top closure to keep everything inside safe from outside elements. I like to carry a fun coin purse to the beach (bright colors so it’s easy to find in my bag) that stores id’s, cards, cash and keys so I have everything I need while not carrying a purse. The most stylish thing at the beach (or pool) is sun protection. I really like wearing two sunscreens, a high SPF for my fair skin and a facial sunscreen to prevent breakouts. I also enjoy wearing hats at the beach for extra protection. If you want to look more stylish try a light weight fedora, it has the texture of a summer fabric but is still very stylish.

What will you be wearing beach (or pool) side this Spring and Summer?.

Beach Style

Beach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach StyleBeach Style

When at the beach or on vacation in general it’s all about keeping it casual. I paired two different shirts with the same pair of shorts for two different looks. The outfit with the white t-shirt, bling, and sandals was perfect for a dinner out or hitting up the local shops. The graphic t-shirt and comfortable shoes were perfect for touring the city and checking out some local landmarks.

Shorts-Old Navy // White T-shirt- Target // Graphic T-shirt –Gravel Road Tees c/o // Sunglasses- Steve Madden via Marshalls // Gold Number Necklace-Tom Design Shop // Cream Necklace-J.Crew // Sandals-Kohls // Sperries.

Beach Diaries Part 1

Beach Diaries Part 1

Last week, I took a road trip down to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina for a week. It was a true vacation; countless hours on the beach, swallowing gallons of ocean water, eating fresh seafood, some shopping, and of course plenty of relaxation. I tried to stay disconnected from the world for this week to truly get a real vacation. So while I had no cares in the world there are plenty of pictures of the beach vacation for you all to view this week. I hope all of you had a great last week because I know I did, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1

We stayed in fairly large beach house which over looked the marsh (inlet) on both sides and we had direct access to a bridge that led you directly to the beach. Renting a house for a week was honestly the way to go!

The majority of our time was spent on Litchfield Beach, South Carolina; which was a direct walk from our house. Since it was extremely close we spent quite a bit of time (when it wasn’t raining) there. I swam in the ocean, relaxed under an umbrella, took long walks to witness the sunrise and sunset, and of course I got a little sunburnt.

Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1Beach Diaries Part 1

Since we were only about 20 miles South of Myrtle Beach playing mini golf was of course a no brainer. Also there was a wonderful Ansel Adams exhibit at the Art Museum in Myrtle (who knew they had one). And of course I hit up the Tanger Outlets where I scored a cute Coach bag.

Stay tuned for more beach pictures this week!!.

Casual Tourist Style

Casual Tourist Style

T-Shirt-Target // Shorts-DIY (check it out here) // Shoes-Chucks // Bag-Target // Sleeveless Cardigan-Target // Gold Number Necklace-Tom Design // Square Necklace-Mindy Mae’s Market // Bracelet- DIY // Sunglasses-Steve Madden via Marshalls

Ahhh, you’re on vacation and you want to take in all the place has to offer. But if your anything like me, I hate to look like an actual tourist doing it. There’s something about fanny packs (and I personally believe they will never be in style even if Chanel has one), a t-shirt from the actual city, and a camera around your neck that screams tourist. When checking out the city, I like to keep it very casual and comfy. I paired my DIY shorts with a white t-shirt,  my comfy Chucks (I know they are beat up but extremely comfy for all that walking and I plan on getting a new pair at the beach), a versatile, spacious and comfortable bag, sunnies and some dainty jewelry. I threw my hair up into a messy, curly, side bun; perfect for taming the frizz and curls from the beach. If I was out visiting some museums or checking out the city I would wear this and carry my sleeveless cardigan and a sparkly necklace that would transform my look into something a little extra for dinner or lunch at a local seafood joint!

Casual Tourist StyleCasual Tourist StyleCasual Tourist StyleCasual Tourist StyleCasual Tourist StyleCasual Tourist StyleCasual Tourist Style

Photography by Andrew Plyler Design


Beach Ready

Beach Ready

Dress // Sandals // Sketchbook // Hat // Sunscreen // Camera // Sunglasses // Chapstick // Brushes

As some of you know, I have a beach vacation coming up very soon (less than a month now)!!!! I think I am beyond excited for this trip because I haven’t had a vacation in well over a year, and must I say it is about time!! We are traveling to Pawleys Island, South Carolina and will probably make a day trip to Charleston as well. While there will be plenty of golf and ocean side relaxing, I plan to take full advantage of this trip. I want to explore the city/cities more, go shopping and take tons of photographs. What better thing to wear than a maxi dress, sandals, a hat and some fun sunnies! Also while this pale girl is at the beach I can’t forget my sunscreen and chapstick. Also on this trip I plan to get a lot of sketching, possibly even some painting done. I’m telling you I am going full force at this vacation. Let the countdown begin!!!