The Importance of SPF

The sun is finally out shining, temps are warming up and we are heading outside more and more with less and less on. You’ve probably heard it a million times, possibly more from your mother than anyone else, but really don’t forget to put your sunscreen on. Whether a pale ginger like me, tan or darker skin tones, it’s important for everyone to lather up before going outside.

I have extremely fair skin, so much so, I get sunburned riding in the car for 30 minutes during the summer. So I have become very proactive in putting sunscreen on every day, even if I’m not basking in the sun by the pool. I have come across three products that fit the bill for my skin care routine for SPF needs.

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Face is the perfect sunscreen for the face that doesn’t break me out and offers great protection. It looks like a tinted moisturizer so it works great on it’s on and it also goes on great under makeup allowing a smooth application. Since it’s tinted there is no white cast and it feels more like a primer than a traditional greasy sunscreen. Even though tinted, it blends in to your skin so nicely, the color matching isn’t an issue; because everything is generally too dark for this girl and it works perfectly. For $12.00 this is one of the best facial sunscreens I have tried. And let’s be honest, I have tried a lot.

Now the issue with putting on makeup and being outdoors becomes an issue. Did you know you are supposed to apply sunscreen every 60 to 120 minutes? Even sooner if you are sweaty or getting wet. So sadly that sunscreen you applied under makeup or your SPF foundation isn’t actually working for your skin after an hour or so. Enter Supergoop!’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50. This is literally the best invention ever. You just spray this on after makeup is applied, through out the day, the same as a regular setting mist or refreshing spray and you get an extra layer of SPF. The smell is great and the spray also gives you a matte finish perfect for days in the sun when oil is literally piling up on your face like a fast food joint. I will just say, I probably would have taken better care of my skin as far as sun protection goes when I was younger had this product been around.

Now for my entire body when out in the sun, it takes something really powerful to help me prevent sunburns. I have probably just tried about everything on the market, but I always go back to my trust friend Bull Frog Sunscreen. I have been using this since I was a kid. And it really works. At the beach I apply about every thirty minutes. At home just out and about, I apply about every hour. Seems like overkill, but I promise you it’s easier and more fun than what could actually happen. I’ve had blisters, sun poisoning and severe burns. This works and is worth the time for me. I don’t know how many bottles I go through during a year but it’s enough for Bull Frog to actually sponsor me though.

I hope all of you are applying something on your skin, whether you look in to these products approved by ginger skin or not.