Mountain Getaway with Mountain Joy Cottages

This weekend Andrew and I got to get away. We got to leave Asheville for the night, not worrying about work or anything else we have been worrying about. It was for Andrew’s work, but work didn’t have to actually be done. We were lucky enough to get to stay at Mountain Joy Cottages on Saturday night.

Located in Maggie Valley, surrounded by mountains, we stayed in a little cabin decked out in antlers. Is there really any other way a cabin should be decorated? Everything seemed quiet and peaceful, and not to mention I got a real nights worth of sleep. The cabin was a one bedroom, so small but quaint. It had everything you needed. A little kitchen, fireplace, t.v., wifi, a bathroom bigger than ours and a Jacuzzi tub. Entire cabin was lined with wood for that authentic feel, spacious porch with rocking chairs and swings and a pond in front of the cabin. The grounds had a total of 12 cabins ranging in sizes, an indoor pool, playground and lots of grounds to explore.

If you are looking for a semi staycation I recommend visiting Mountain Joy Cottages for a rustic, homey feel.

Breaking Out in Winter Florals

This past weekend the South East got some snow. It was a “snowstorm”. On Saturday, pretty much the entire town shut down, and I legit didn’t leave the house but to see what was happening. I stayed under a blanket, watching Netflix documentaries and planning out my week. Super lame, I know. By Sunday morning, I was feeling cabin fever; even though I had been inside for only a day. I got up, fixed my hair, did my makeup and put on clothes besides pajamas to go somewhere. I was determined to get sushi or French Broad Chocolate Lounge‘s Mocha Stout Cake. It was a real urge.

I put on this floral dress because what better way to fight cabin fever and the winter blues with some floral? Paired over my LuLaRoe leggings and a furry cardigan it was warm and perfect for heading out in. I haven’t felt better about myself in a while. While this dress is last year, there are tons of similar ones HERE.

Whenever you are feeling “stuck” sometimes you just need to take care of yourself, safely of course. Or wear something that is opposing to what your outside view looks like. Whatever works!

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

It's Just a Bunch of Hocus PocusIt's Just a Bunch of Hocus PocusIt's Just a Bunch of Hocus PocusIt's Just a Bunch of Hocus PocusIt's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day is full of spooks, tricks and (it goes without saying) yummy treats and sweets. I was in Atlanta over Halloweekend so I didn’t really get to do anything overly exciting for the holiday. But let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t have done anything anyways. So tonight I will be at home, because who decided we don’t celebrate Halloween on Halloween anymore. I’ll be giving out candy to any little ghouls that visit, watching a classic horror movie, eating a yummy home cooked meal and probably drinking a pumpkin beer with my love! But I do get to dress up for work and I like to be in some sort of costume for the kiddos trick or treating so here it is. I hate pre-bought costumes because a.) that fit and b.) you can be things on Halloween besides a slut. So here is my modern Sanderson Sister #ootd and now I’m ready to fly!

I hope all you have a great and safe night wherever you are and however you are celebrating.

The Power of Scarf Season

The Power of Scarf SeasonThe Power of Scarf SeasonThe Power of Scarf SeasonThe Power of Scarf SeasonThe Power of Scarf SeasonThe Power of Scarf SeasonThe Power of Scarf Season

Scarf // Top // Jeans // Similar Booties // Earrings // Rings- Ashkal Jewelry, Virtue and Elementality

The season of sweaters, layers and scarves are upon us. But I really think a lot of us under estimate the power of a scarf. A true statement piece that is both functional and transforming.

A scarf can take a simple #ootd and pull the entire look off. Taking something super simple and making it look extremely chic. Isn’t that what we all want out of an outfit anyways?

Sundays are meant for relaxing, brunching and catching up on binging out on Netflix. So naturally simple is better. I threw on this striped top (which I absolutely love the shape of this top and bonus it has stripes) paired with black skinny jeans. Perfect four lounging and getting a few computer things done. But then came time for errands. Sure I could have just walked out with this on but wanted to “spice” it up so threw on this amazing blanket scarf from Charmed (downtown Asheville boutique) and it instantly transformed my entire look. I also swapped out black booties for these camel ones since the scarf has every neutral color known to mankind in it to add some depth to my #ootd. No need for a fussy necklace, because the scarf does the trick.

No matter the style throw a scarf on and go! What are your favorite types of scarves?

I’ll see all you tomorrow to show you what’s in my Fall bag!

Asheville “You’ve Been Gilmored”

Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored" Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"Asheville, "You've Been Gilmored"

Shirt // Skirt // Rings- Ashkal Jewelry & Elementality

I’ve always been a fan of The Gilmore Girls. I grew up on that show. So saying I’m excited about the new 4 part season coming to Netflix later this Fall is an understatement.

I always wanted to find a partner like Luke Danes. I wanted a friend like Lorelai. I wanted to be like Rory. I wanted to live in a place like Stars Hallow. I wanted a love like Luke and Lorelai’s. It was a show that felt more real than anything else I was watching, except maybe the Wonder Years.

This past week of the 16th anniversary of the airing date, I got to live these dreams. Netflix chose 250 coffee shops to participate in transforming in to Luke’s Diner for the day. And luckily Asheville was on that list.

Asheville already feels like Stars Hallow in some aspects, but much larger. It’s cozy and homey, has four seasons that we go all out for and there are inns that put the Independence Inn/Dragonfly Inn to shame. I have a place that is essentially my Luke’s (5 Points). But last week, there really was a Luke’s.

Double D’s downtown transformed in to the cynical, laid back, town center coffee shop for the morning. There was a lot of plaid and baseball caps, a lot of people my age whom I can only guess have a special connection with The Gilmore Girls as I do and pipping hot coffee.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smiles at 8:00 in the morning at a coffee shop. No one complaining about the line. Everyone saying “coffee, coffee, coffee“. Everyone so happy that this was actually happening. It actually felt like Stars Hallow.

I can’t thank Netflix and Double D’s enough for this experience. It took me back to my childhood, on a couch with my mom watching this show. I finally had my Stars Hallow experience and it was pretty great.

If you haven’t ever watched Gilmore Girls (which I highly suggest) you can catch all the seasons on Netflix, to watch for the first time or binge watch and the new series will begin only on Netflix this Black Friday.

Weekend In My Life: Part IV


This weekend, Andrew and I took a long weekend off work. It was much needed by both. If you follow me on SnapChat (s.ferguson6623) you know that I booked reservations for a long camping weekend at Fall Creek Falls State Park for Andrew’s birthday.

Let me just preface by saying, I have never been camping outside for more than one night. So a four day adventure was kind of a scary thought. But it turned out much better than anticipated.

There was hardly any cell service, poor showering conditions and the Fall air was really in full force in the Cumberland Gap of Tennessee. But it was just what I needed. A weekend of no distractions, no worries, no expectations.

We spent our days hiking and exploring. Being disappointed in the lack of waterfall but accepting the fact we were somewhere new. We roughed it. Cooked food over a campfire. Made smores. Relaxed, drank and forgot everything, at least for a few days.

All in all it was an amazing weekend and if you are in to camping you should check out Fall Creek Falls.

Day to Night Style with Versona

Day to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with VersonaDay to Night Style with Versona

First Look: Jeans // Top // Necklace // Booties // Bag // Lipstick

Second Look: Skirt // Top // Earrings // Booties

I have said it time and time again; I love versatile pieces. It’s very easy to have a closet full of pieces, yet constantly wonder what to wear or what to style together. So that is why I have been more conscious on the pieces I am buying. Neutrals and flattering shapes, yet pieces that can all go together eventually at some point. You get more use out of the pieces in your closet this way and you can save a little money doing this. Who doesn’t love to see their bank account in the positive especially during the height of Fall fashion. ** insert praise hand emoji now**

I also like pieces that can take me through the day by switching minimal pieces out. Because as a busy lady that’s important. I like having an outfit where I can throw an extra piece of clothing in my bag and have a completely different look by switching it out. And this outfit does just that.

For day time jeans, grey sweater and a choker are the perfect go to for me. Simple, comfortable and chic. I can go to work, do errands, teach an art class, just about anything. By adding a simple skirt in my bag (or that magical hanger holder in the car to prevent wrinkling) I am able to switch up the #ootd for a last minute date night, meeting or fashion event. Swapping the choker out for some statement earrings and I’m set.

You can find new Fall pieces that work great for versatility in your closet and are also kind to your wallet at Versona. Their newest Fall Look Book features all the trending items for this season, but even though trendy can work well in any closet. You can view the entire Look Book here and you can also contact your local Versona to make an appointment to view the newest pieces.

The Asheville Versona is full of new Fall pieces. Textures galore. I loved the detail tops, slip dress (didn’t work for me though) and the minimalist necklaces including chokers.



*This post is brought to you by Versona*


Fair Daze

Fair DazeFair DazeFair DazeFair Daze

The first signs of Fall are in the Mountains. Even though it’s still hot as all get out during the day, the fair is currently in town, which means Fall is just around the corner. So we headed to the fair, because a once extremely small town girl has the tradition. The rides, the food, the animals, the shows, the ribbons. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Yet now, I eat my funnel cakes and corn dogs in a little more style. Thank goodness.

So here’s to all the fried, sticky, sweet foods and another year of tradition.

Fair DazeFair DazeFair DazeFair Daze

Cold Shoulder

Cold ShoulderCold ShoulderCold ShoulderCold ShoulderCold Shoulder,

Dress- Old (similar) // Sunnies- Charmed

The off the shoulder trend has been extremely popular this Summer, and it doesn’t look like the trend is dying down for Fall fashion. The trend hasn’t worked really well with me at all. I’ve tried, trust me. They don’t seem to fit right, bunch in all the wrong places or completely itch me to death. I bought this dress last year for a beach trip and decided to pull it out this past week. I’ve avoided wearing this dress this season because it’s horrible with wrinkles and as soon as it’s ironed it is wrinkled again. But I didn’t care. I still don’t care that it was wrinkled. Because it’s Summer, it’s hot and I was setting off on an adventure anyways. So maybe I will look for some more off the shoulder pieces. Maybe I will try a little harder, because the silhouette is actually flattering on me. But we shall see!

Camping #ootd

Camping #ootdCamping #ootdCamping #ootdCamping #ootd

Pullover // Leggings // Shoes-Nike // Sunnies- Charmed

As some of you know I have really got into camping this summer. And by camping I don’t mean GLAMPING; I mean sleeping in my ENO Hammock in the middle of the woods with no cell service or people around. If you didn’t know this then you should follow me on Instagram and SnapChat (s.ferguson6623) ┬ábecause there will be more camping before Summer is over and I have a huge camping trip planned this Fall! And even though I wish I could look like a tumbler account while camping, it just doesn’t happen. I also think all those camping pictures are not of people actually camping. But generally I look something like this. And it is perfectly okay that I’m not fashion forward, sans make up and un-accessorized. The point is I am making memories in something warm (higher altitudes get colder at night in the Summer), something comfortable and something I am okay with not being perfectly “clean” in. The point of camping is to have fun, relax, disconnect and make memories. While doing this, my #ootd is the furthest thing from my mind (it’s actually hoping I don’t freeze at night and hoping I can stay still if a bear approaches). A lot of people asked, and here it is. Probably not what you were expecting and I am completely okay with that.

Even though I love fashion, love picking out the perfect #ootd; don’t let it consume you. That goes for anything you love. There are times when it just isn’t appropriate or important. Sometimes I have to take experiences over a blog photo opportunity, that’s real life, that’s the real me. And so here it is. The “real” weekend me.