Two Affordable Restaurants in Asheville For Rent Week

It’s creeping around the weekend, rent is coming due. And if you live in Asheville you know how much of a stress giver, headache and drain on your bank account that can be. It also sucks even more if you are like me and most of my bills are due the last week and first week of the month. A fun two weeks of paying bills, paying bills. Whether you have a roommate, live with a SO or by yourself I know it’s hard and I understand the hustle. But we still got to eat. Sure there are some great affordable finds at Trader Joe’s and Aldi; and there are some great recipes for serious budgets, but sometimes you have to go out to keep your sanity in this dog eat dog world. Even if you are broke. So I’ve come up with two restaurants in Asheville that have an entire full affordable menu perfect for solo meals, splitting meals, date night or the just I’m tired of eating ramen meal!



Del Vecchios is a newer Italian eatery in Asheville and really new to me. It’s a smaller restaurant on Merrimon Avenue with major cafe vibes, it’s small and quaint so perfect for solo dining when you don’t want to cook or perfect for a date or even a meal with your girlfriends. Offering pizzas, subs, salads and these delicious fries it earns the spot in one of my two affordable restaurants. All of their sandwiches and pasta dishes are under $10.00 and large enough portions to share or eat half there and half for left overs. Ohhhh and these garlic Parmesan fries are to die for and you get a huge serving for $5.99. Two people dined here both with entrees and these fries, plus tip for $30.00; plus we both had lunch for the next day. For Asheville this is a cheap meal. We could have gotten out cheaper because we had never eaten there before and could have shared. Ohhhh and did I mention the service is absolutely amazing! And I’ve heard their pizza is off the chain!



Taqueria Munoz is one of my favorite affordable Asheville eats. Literally everything on the menu is under $7.50 and who doesn’t love a good taco shop. This place is authentic and worth the trek to West Asheville. The tacos are huge portions and you can get anything from tongue meat to pork or chicken. And the best part is each taco is $2.50. And it’s no lie when I say I can’t eat two full tacos. There is that much meat on there. But they also serve other yumminess like tortas, soups and meals. I have only braved to try the tacos and tortas because when I say it’s authentic, it’s legit. I have gotten enough courage to try tongue and head meat tacos. Too good. And don’t judge it before you try. Budget friendly and leaving me in a food coma. Count me in! But take cash, because that’s all they accept there.


Ladies and Gents, it’s tough out there and rent is due on Monday! Let’s make the most out of living in our crazy over priced town!

I Want Your Opinion

It's All in the Details

I have been a little MIA but I am trying to get everything ready for sschool, which I have; just waiting for the FedEx woman or man to deliver all of the goodness! While I have been trying to plan my life until Christmas (yes you read that right), I have been brainstorming a lot of ideas for the blog. But whats the point in doing something you guys might not enjoy. Since I take you guys to heart every time I write a post and you guys have been my support system for the past two years, I want to know what you guys want. From now until Christmas, what would you like to see on 30 Shades of Stephanie. Don’t be shy to tell me, I want to hear about what all of you would love to read, see and hear! So let me know in a comment below what you would like to see published, you can also leave a comment on Facebook or send me a message, or let me know over on Instagram!!.

Countdown To Christmas Volume 1

Countdown to Christmas


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It is 53 days until Christmas, and I think since it is finally November we can begin to prep a little bit. No I’m not putting up my tree today or beginning to listen to Christmas music but it is the retail side of me that feels as if I have to begin to get pumped up and begin planning. Also as a blogger, full time student, and full time worker I have to plan and organize a lot ahead of time now just so I know I do not miss anything like dates, sales, important meetings and of course assignments. Anyways last week in Frugal Friday, we talked about setting a budget for us to follow for Christmas including budgeting everything down to extra clothes you may need to purchase. Everyone should have their budget set if we are going according to plan, and now you have to decide how long to save.

*You will need to decide the day you would like all these things bought by

*How many weeks until that date?

*Then divide and that is how much you should be saving per week to afford that

If this seems scary there are plenty of options to try to help you with a higher amount than you expected.

*Can pick up a seasonal job if time and your personal situation allows it

*Try stores that offer layaway plans: you pick everything out and pay little by little until Christmas

*Cut back on certain areas

*Try to think about group gifts instead of individual gifts

*Think about DIY gifts instead of store bought

If you still need help with figuring out your budget here is a link to a great print out! VIA

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Frugal Friday

This Frugal Friday is going to be a little bit different because I am going to start doing something that seems a bit scary but needs to get done. There are officially only 60 days until Christmas, Halloween is this coming Thursday and after that it is full Christmas mode. I feel like every year it is so stressful and hectic but a little bit of planning could eliminate that stress and actually help myself as well as you enjoy the holidays. Over the course of the next 60 days, I plan to try to help you as much as possible by creating checklists we should all accomplish each week and as we near the holiday I plan to provide you with more activities, checklists, recipes and stress relievers to help us out. However The first thing we need to do and accomplish during this week is setting ourselves a budget for the holidays.

Frugal Friday



There is no point in over spending this holiday season so here is a checklist I found to help you

1. Plan on what to spend over all and on each person

2.Plan for cards and postage

3.Plan for any outfit you will need to buy

4.Plan for travel whether airfare, hotels or gas

5.Plan for food

6.Plan for all the donations you will be asked for at work or at the mall

7.Plan for wrapping expenses

8.Plan for decorations

After you have your total, that you can personally afford, set a time frame you want to do this maybe 4 or 5 weeks so you can start saving now and have the money by the holiday rush to get all this done. Here is an awesome template you can use to help with this found here.

Stay tuned for the countdown to Christmas and how to plan a little better, some ideas, recipes, crafts and tasks to make your holiday season the best yet..

Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday


Why yes you are getting two blog posts today!

Coupons!!! Ha, I like to watch the show about all the coupon ladies and sit back and laugh. No I do not condemn them for saving their family money but who needs a thousand bottles of mustard and a million boxes of pasta. I like to think these people are planning for the zombie apocalypse. However, I am not against saving money but I like to do it for things that are fun items.

First of all I like to be connected with businesses through social media. Almost every business no matter how big or small has some type of social media platform. Through this companies will offer specific discounts or even the possibility to win something. So stay connected. Also enroll in the rewards program or e-mail through companies because they will send you coupons via the internet that way or inform you about special promotions instore or online. Also I recommend checking before shopping because you can find discounts or coupons to some of your favorite stores through here! Some of the best coupons on this site are for Bath & Body Works.

Things beneficial for today:

Old Navy: 20% off your entire purchase online

Bath & Body Works: Visit the Facebook page to receive the small lotion.

Marley Lilly: 30% off all rings and free shipping, Use code OCTRING30


Frugal Friday


This “Frugal Friday” is going to be short and sweet! I have never really been an internet shopper because I personally like to see and touch things before I buy them. Amazon is all the rage, and personally I had never dealt with it until this past year. I got a Kindle for Christmas this past year to use for school, so I began to deal with Amazon for that and also began renting my textbooks through Amazon because it seemed much more affordable. I recently downloaded the Amazon Student, if you have an .edu email account or can verify proof of being a student, you can enroll. With the Amazon student you get 50 percent of Amazon Prime which is like Netflix, a library and a great discount all rolled into one. If not a student is still only 79.00 for a year and you are still entitled to discounts and free two day shipping. I recommend checking out Amazon for a lot of stuff you can wait for through the mail because it is somewhat cheaper than the store. Happy Shopping!.

Frugal Friday

Yes, I did see a Christmas movie airing on t.v. the other night, I’ve been seeing ads about holiday collections, I’ve seen holiday decorations in the store and of course Wal-Mart is offering layaway now. If you think about it, it’s only 81 days until Christmas. Yes to some people it may seem like a lot, but then again time goes by so quickly. After Halloween everything hits you extremely fast. So to avoid stress and financial stress, why not start planning ahead? It is a lot to think about but personally I would rather be full prepared, save some money, save some time and actually be able to enjoy all of the holiday cheer.

Making a budget for the holidays may work for some people and it may not work for others but it seems like a good idea to eliminate stress. Also if there is an issue with finances set up a savings account now strictly for the holidays.

Shopping early is something I can not fathom, because personally I can’t be in the holiday shopping mood unless there are decorations up and the annoying holiday music over the intercom. However it works for some people because the stores are not ripping you off, and especially as far as electronics and movies the stores are going to be fully stocked prior to black Friday.

Layaway can be a good option for pricier items such as a really expensive piece of jewelry or a high dollar electronic device. Many stores are beginning to offer those as of this month so you can begin your shopping. This program also lets you pay as you go, which in a sense is like saving for the item but you know the store will have it.

I know it’s extremely early but it’s very close to the holiday season and before long we will all be sipping hot coco and singing Christmas carols..

Frugal Friday

Since the first day of Fall was this past Sunday, the weather has started to cool down, and all the newest merchandise are in the stores; if you love fashion you may feel the urge to update your wardrobe. So this week’s Frugal Friday is going to be about transforming your wardrobe seasonally with out spending an arm and a leg. Too many fashionistas and bloggers are going bankrupt to keep up with the latest of trends. However I have a few tips that will hopefully reduce the amount you spend on this Fall season wardrobe, save you some extra moolah, and help you for seasons to come.

1. Shop your closet before going out! Take inventory of what you already have and what can still be used for this upcoming season. Take note for this fall a lot of the same trends are in again such as maroon (oxblood), leather accents, oversize, tailored, and leopard print. Maybe just add some cobalt and the newest color olive or add a little more grundgy pieces.

2. Use layering pieces. Basic colored t-shirts and tanks from Summer and Spring can be layered with cardigans, jackets, pullovers, and blazers. Some of those dresses and skirts you have from Spring and Summer, can you add tights, boots and layer the top to transform it into the Fall? Also check the clearance rack right now for these such items.

3. Layer! Now I don’t mean with clothes, add different accessories to pieces you already own to give it a fresh look. Scarfs, baubles, blazers, hats, bags, shoes, tights and socks can make something you already have look totally different. Also these articles are going to cost a whole lot less than an entire new outfit.

4. Classics. You can always buy the usual; skinny jeans, cardigans, skater skirts and pencil skirts. These are perfect for the Fall.

5. If you must buy trendy pieces, shop at affordable places. I say this knowing the clothes may not be of the best quality, but you do not want to invest a lot of money into something that is not going to be in style for very long. I recommend Target, Forever 21, H&M and ZARA. Also these places provide a wide variety of sizes!

Frugal Friday


Frugal Friday






All of these outfits are layered with numerous different pieces to make them more Fall appropriate and all the dresses and skirts are summer dresses! Happy brainstorming, closet shopping and layering!


Frugal Friday

It’s hard living in today’s world, which I am more than aware of. It seems you have to save a penny everywhere you can to simply make ends meet so therefore I have decided to start a new post dedicated to all the things we ladies love without breaking the bank! So welcome to the first edition of Frugal Friday.

This week’s Frugal Friday is about Splurges. Wouldn’t we all love to dress head to toe in designer brands? I know I would, but my checking account (or lack thereof) or bills do not allow for that. However, it’s nice to splurge once in a while on something nice. However before you do any type of impulse buy, there are a few things you need to think about before dropping some serious dough on an item.

                1.Make sure the price is within your means and budget. Don’t splurge on something just because you want to and haven’t in a while. Make sure you are covered for everything else before making that purchase.

                2.Shop around before making the purchase. Make sure you check several shops as well as online to try to find the best deal on your item. Some places may offer some type of discount or be on sale somewhere else. Also outlets are a good idea to look for designer items at a lower cost, so if these are close to you check these out as well. Lots of outlets such as the Tanger Outlets also offer additional discounts on top of the already lower prices. Other great stores are places such as Marshalls or TJ Maxx!

                3. Think about the splurge. You see the newest Michael Kors bag out and you want it right then. Walk around the store or even leave and see if you still want this in an hour, the end of the day or by the end of the week. If you can’t stop thinking about it and are envisioning how you will use it, then it may be a splurge worth it to you.

                4. If you are on the fence if something is worth the amount even though you love the item there is a great equation that may help you out. Price of the item $/how many times you plan to use item=amount per use. This tends to help me out because it breaks down into a smaller number for me on a daily basis. Things like a bag (unless you change yours everyday) may actually surprise you and be cheaper than your daily coffee drink.

                5. If all else fails, SAVE. If you have a particular item in mind that you know will not “run out of stock” like a special piece of jewelry, a specific bag or some cool electronic device start saving for it. If you are serious you may consider cutting out your morning coffee from Starbucks or your mid-day snack and make coffee at home and take a snack to work which can save you quite a bit of money in a months time.

My biggest splurge I myself have made is my Black Lambskin Michael Kors bag. I knew I wanted a Michael Kors bag, because the leather would be durable. Instead of just paying the outrageous amount at the mall I started shopping around. Around my birthday one year, I had the extra cash and ventured to the outlet mall (we have one a little over an hour from where I live) and found mine there. The store was actually running a sale when I was there so it made it even better!  I’ve had the bag for over two years, it’s still not torn or dirty (I use a leather protectant), it will never be out of style because it’s black leather and I get a lot of use out of it.

Michael Kors Bag

A few splurges on my wishlist are this ring, this ring, and this bag!