So Long 2017

This year has been an absolute doozy. There has been so much heartbreak and sadness. Not only personally but throughout the country and the world. So, going in to the new year, I wanted to focus on the good things that happened and not just the bad to have a clear mind going in to the new year. Let’s face it, after all the news we have had to read and see this year, we need to know there were some good parts of this year. Here are my highlights of 2017!

Though a lot of family changes occurred this year and several camping trips we had planned this year were put on hold due to that (if you aren’t aware of what happened you can read about it here) there was a lot of mini day trips had! We got to explore new places along the Blue Ridge Parkway, The Devil’s Bathtub and Western North Carolina in general.

Andrew and I had an epic beach vacation. Where we had nothing absolutely planned. No agenda but sitting on the beach all day. We did exactly that. We beach sat more than we ever have on a vacation. We were there right at the time the hurricane was coming so towards the end of the week, we were some of the few who were not leaving until evacuation was mandatory. That made for a memorable and peaceful vacation.

For my birthday I was gifted a weekend to Chattanooga to see one of my favorite artist have spots at two different galleries. It was amazing to see the artwork up close and personal and sleep in an old train station for the night. I have talked about gifting experiences over things here and Andrew and I are starting to do this more and more. For Christmas this year I was gifted a trip to Nashville!

This year I would like to think I have come in to my own. I had a seriously low rough patch in my life where I actually made people around me concerned for the way I was living life. Don’t worry I wasn’t partaking in drugs or excessive alcohol, I was just making crazy decisions. After being picked up from that time by the people who are always in my corner I looked at my life. Changed my hair, attitude and what I was doing. I began to put myself first. Started to take care of me. And everything changed. From not caring about not wearing a bra to putting my foot down for things I didn’t want to do.

Also this year on a journey of finding myself, I also found my voice. Let’s face it, a lot of shitty things have happened in our country with a shift in political ways. I have participated in more events to better each other, I have spoke up on my stance on things and I have called my representatives more times this year than I ever have before. We are all in this together and we have to support each other. Now is the time we have to take actions, Facebook posts are not enough any more. I’m proud to be a part of the change that is taking place in this country.

I went to see the Avett Brothers with my best friends. Seriously, they perform better live than anyone I’ve ever seen besides Adele.

I got to meet a semi-famous designer this year. Contrary to what others at the event thought; I thought she was amazing. Real and empowering to those around her.


I’ll be sharing more highlights from 2017 on Instagram, enter shameless plug here: If you aren’t following me on Instagram go ahead and follow me because I have big big plans for 2018!




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