Hurricane Harvey Relief


Hurricane Harvey has already dumped more than 15 trillion gallons of water on to the region, forcing thousands from their homes, displacing many and costing an ungodly amount of structural damage. FEMA has called this disaster  a “landmark event” that will take years for Houston to recover from. And with the threat of more rain to eventually fall in the area in the coming days, the situation will only worsen.

I personally think the most stylish attribute is a giving heart; so if you are like me and saddened by the articles, interviews, images and coverage of this natural disaster, I wanted to share ways to give back either near or far. Our Texans are in need of all of our help y’all.


The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Houston Humane Society

United Way of Greater Houston

Texas Diaper Bank 

L.G.B.T.Q Disaster Relief Fund

American Red Cross

Global Giving’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund



Any of the above charities can be donated to from anywhere. If you are traveling to Texas or live in Texas and are physically assisting, please be safe. The Sheriff of Houston actually made a call for anyone with boats or high/rough terrain vehicles to assist in the process of search and rescue.

There is a serious need of blood donations. South Texas Blood and Tissue Center and Carter BloodCare are in crucial need and desperately asking for locals to come and give.

The Houston Food Bank is currently accepting any donations of non-perishable items



Hearts With Hands– Bring any new, unopened non-perishable food items, toiletries, clothing, household items or water. There is also the option to donate money as well if you can not make it to the warehouse for physical donations.

Crossfire Diesel Alliance is setting up a truck at the Tastee Freeze September 1st at 7:30pm for donations. Unlike Hearts with Hands you can donate gently used clothing and blankets along with non-perishable items.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is also accepting donations.

Though not stated it would be a good time to donate to your local food bank. I highly expect them or Ingles to make a donation to the relief efforts.

New Belgium Brewing Asheville is donating all tips from August 31st until September 15th to relief efforts.

I will keep this section updated for all my local peeps as I come across information for this.

It is horrible that people would try to scam others during such a trying time in our country. But there are still shitty people out there every day. To protect you, your wallet and your efforts, I have spent the past 36 hours doing extensive research on reputable charities and donation centers. The ones that I have listed above have been supported by Charity Navigator (which is an awesome tool to see if a charity you are considering is legit or not). And I would never post anything that I do not fully support and stand behind. If you are still wondering if where you are donating to may be a scam, or you just want to really make sure before you donate; feel free to check out this article about how to protect yourself from a potential scam.

Although our leader of our country may try to rip us all apart, I have witnessed people of all different backgrounds scrambling to help each other. Though tragic, we are all in this together.

Love to you all!