For Bob

There are a million things I could write about including Lady Gaga’s amazing Super Bowl performance and the following body shaming she experienced or the plenty of Valentine’s Day post I had originally planned anyways. But sadly I am writing a totally different post. I have been MIA for about a week now, the longest hiatus I have taken from social media and the blog since it began. Last Thursday my life changed, last Thursday Andrew’s dad passed away very suddenly and unexpected. It has been a complete shock to all of us and the realization that Bob is actually gone, has set in. Andrew jokingly said at dinner with the family I should write a blog post for Bob (and I think Andrew suggested this because he always supported me doing crazy things for the blog even though he had no clue what was happening), but if I did it in accordance to my blog I would be showing you how to style camo and tactical vests all while having a gun strapped to my hip (and possibly ankle). So since I can not pull off Bob’s fashion sense, I’ll be a little sappy and emotional and share my favorite Bob stories (because if you knew Bob you know he loved to tell stories, even if you had heard them time after time).

Bob was Bob and there is no one else like him. He told you and said whatever he wanted, he had a love for his wife that rivals a Nicholas Sparks movie, he loved his three sons dearly and proudly talked about them, he cherished his grandchildren and loved when they were around and always put his family first. He walked in to a room like he owned it; his confidence was indescribable. Bob was the person you called any time of day and he was there to help, but he was also the person when you didn’t need him that took forever; I don’t know how many times Bob has been there to save the day and I don’t know how many times Bob has made us wait forever for dinner. Andrew’s sister in law and I joked we literally had to be adults now, since Bob wasn’t there to save the day. Bob was a gentle soul, he was a hilarious human being and he was an interesting story teller. I do know I was loved by Bob, I do know Bob was fascinated and confused about “this blogging thing I do”, I do know Bob was proud of quite a few things I’ve done and I do know Bob has left a little emptiness in my heart along with everyone else.

I do also know Bob would be so proud of how his boys are handling everything. I have watched three guys come together like I’ve never seen a family come together. Working together to make Bob’s wife Anne comfortable, safe and taken care of. They have cried together and laughed together. But most importantly, a strong unit, taking on responsibilities they weren’t expecting too. But Bob would be proud.

As Anne lost her best friend and partner, and the boys lost their father, it’s been a trying week. However, there has been comfort in being together and sharing Bob stories. I really don’t know how I could not sit here and type all day about Bob stories, because there are a ton. But one of my top 3 favorite Bob stories comes from this past 4th of July. Andrew’s oldest brother and girlfriend, along with all their 4 kids combined and Andrew and I decided to go tubing when the river was literally the lowest it had been all year. There were kid’s meltdowns ten minutes into it and beer was drank really fast. We had ran out of beer before we even made it to our half way point. We were joking we should call Bob to save us, and deliver more beer. Before we actually went through with that, we came around a bend and saw a familiar figure on the banks of the river at a park. I was the first to ask if it was Bob. And of course it was Bob. Bob was just out being Bob. We met up with Bob and of course Bob wanted to help deliver beer. And he did. The end of the trip ended with me going on off on a lady whom said everything in the book about us being horrible people because we were drinking and yelling through our tubing adventure. How dare her speak badly of us, when we weren’t doing anything wrong (also a tube may have accidentally fell down the exit stairs and tapped her child); and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. After tubing, all Bob could talk about was his epic beer drop and how he actually wanted to throw it off a bridge, but then he was filled in on what actually happened at the end of tubing and my little flip out. He sat back and laughed, said he was proud and said I earned that Plyler name that day.

Bob will be greatly missed. He’s left a little empty space in all our hearts. Things just aren’t the same anymore and everything is definitely more quiet and dull.