Fashion Forward With Spring

Put a Blazer On9-899-85

If you are anything like me, you want to stay on top of the trends (yet still look timeless) and know all about the newest designers and trends. A newly designed app, Spring, allows you to peruse all the latest things in fashion in one simple place. It has top designers and new upcoming designers all in one place. The app is pretty much like Pinterest fashion boards and Instagram fashion pages had a baby, but the most exciting thing is you don’t have to go to several pages if something catches your eye. Yes, Spring has it made it simple enough if you scroll and find something you like, you can easily purchase the item there.

Scrolling through the feed you can find top names such as Baggu, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen and American Apparel. But you can also find new names like Bing Bang Jewelry and Marissa Webb. Spring even has home goods.

Even if you aren’t purchasing from the app, you should download Spring as an inspirational guide for fashion. Scrolling through the pictures is a great way to try something new in your #ootd. When I was recently looking I saw that Marissa Webb had very neutral palette with pops of color. So when getting dressed I kept everything dark and simple and added a pop of color with a cotton blazer. Cotton blazers, vests and over coats were another thing I saw as a trend in designers on the app.

So if you love fashion, I highly recommend downloading Spring!.