Daily You Time

Disconnected Daily You Time

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about mental health, happiness and taking care of one’s self. After all it is important. Do you take care of yourself mentally and emotionally every day? Do you take time to enjoy the things you are doing? If you aren’t, you should be. I should be.

Each day set out a time for yourself. It can be drinking your morning coffee outside, going for a walk (or run), working out, meditating, eating lunch outside, taking a bath  or doing something crafty. Whatever it is make sure you enjoy it. Make sure it is something that is calming or something that makes you happy.

These things are even better when we are disconnected. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope; just no social media. When you free yourself from everyone’s life you are more likely to enjoy yourself.

So my challenge for you, each day take some time for yourself. See if it improves your mental health (stress) and happiness. I’m off to enjoy my cup of morning coffee outside in the fog and falling leaves.