LuLaRoe X Noonday Collection X 30 Shades of Stephanie Invite

LuLaRoe X Noonday Collection X 30 Shades of Stephanie InviteLuLaRoe X Noonday Collection X 30 Shades of Stephanie InviteLuLaRoe X Noonday Collection X 30 Shades of Stephanie InviteLuLaRoe X Noonday Collection X 30 Shades of Stephanie InviteLuLaRoe X Noonday Collection X 30 Shades of Stephanie Invite

If you are new here, you might not know that I have recently become obsessed with both LuLaRoe and Noonday Collection. Well I am. LuLaRoe has the easiest line of clothing to style, some of the best prints and the most important thing; super comfortable! Noonday Collection is a jewelry company that provides fair wages to it’s artisans, everything is ethically produced and the company strives to give back and empower women. So the two women I have met that have started businesses with these companies want to join forces and share the brand with you!

On Saturday, August 27th from 12pm-2pm I will be hosting a pop-up event at Trade and Lore Coffee! Come mingle with us, shop, chit chat, talk Fall fashion, sip coffee and most importantly empower and support each other. There will be lots of clothing choices from LuLaRoe and you will get to see the Fall collection from Noonday Collection. I’ll be there to help with any styling questions and put pieces together for each of you!

Since Cara, Lauren and myself all love to give back we will be hosting a little surprise giveaway during the shopping event. All you have to do is bring in a donation of canned or dry goods which will be donated to the Manna House and you will be entered!

I can’t wait to see all of you this Saturday to kick off Fall fashion, Back to School, early Christmas shopping and to support an amazing group of women!

Make sure you invite all your friends to come, the more the merrier!


Camping #ootd

Camping #ootd

Camping #ootdCamping #ootdCamping #ootdCamping #ootd

Pullover // Leggings // Shoes-Nike // Sunnies- Charmed

As some of you know I have really got into camping this summer. And by camping I don’t mean GLAMPING; I mean sleeping in my ENO Hammock in the middle of the woods with no cell service or people around. If you didn’t know this then you should follow me on Instagram and SnapChat (s.ferguson6623)  because there will be more camping before Summer is over and I have a huge camping trip planned this Fall! And even though I wish I could look like a tumbler account while camping, it just doesn’t happen. I also think all those camping pictures are not of people actually camping. But generally I look something like this. And it is perfectly okay that I’m not fashion forward, sans make up and un-accessorized. The point is I am making memories in something warm (higher altitudes get colder at night in the Summer), something comfortable and something I am okay with not being perfectly “clean” in. The point of camping is to have fun, relax, disconnect and make memories. While doing this, my #ootd is the furthest thing from my mind (it’s actually hoping I don’t freeze at night and hoping I can stay still if a bear approaches). A lot of people asked, and here it is. Probably not what you were expecting and I am completely okay with that.

Even though I love fashion, love picking out the perfect #ootd; don’t let it consume you. That goes for anything you love. There are times when it just isn’t appropriate or important. Sometimes I have to take experiences over a blog photo opportunity, that’s real life, that’s the real me. And so here it is. The “real” weekend me.

His New Favorite Scent

His New Favorite Scent

His New Favorite ScentHis New Favorite ScentHis New Favorite ScentHis New Favorite ScentHis New Favorite ScentHis New Favorite ScentHis New Favorite Scent

Often times, we forget about the men in our lives when it comes to fashion and “beauty”. More times than not, they want to look nice and smell nice, just the same way we do. Andrew and I recently recieved Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue Eau de Parfum to test thanks to Influenster. I’ve always been a fan of Polo Double Black for men so knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. And the consensus is, we both love this. The blend of fresh bergamot and rich vetiver is what draws me to the scent, those combinations create this manly sensual scent that my nose is really attracted to. Andrew likes the packaging since “it’s not overly fussy”, thinks it has a fresh scent, easy to wear every day (not just for special occasions) and also says it reminds him of something from when he was younger. No matter what we both pull from this we both love the intense and refined scent of Polo Blue Eau de Parfum, it may even be Andrew’s new scent.

Polo Blue is available at Macy’s and Sephora. We both highly recommend checking out this scent for any man in your life.

Utility Dress Normalcy

Utility Dress Normalcy

Utility Dress Normalcy Utility Dress NormalcyUtility Dress NormalcyUtility Dress NormalcyUtility Dress Normalcy

Dress- Versona // Ring-Elementality

This past week was rough. By rough I mean working every day and even picking up two third shift shifts to reset a store. I’ve been sleep deprived, grouchy, hungry and over worked in the past week. I literally haven’t worn anything besides work clothes until Sunday. On Sunday I soaked up the opportunity to put on “real clothes” to head out to a new restaurant. And this utility dress from Versona was the perfect thing to wear. Comfy, simple and soft fabric perfect for the heat wave we had in Asheville this past weekend. Honestly I would have worn a sweater dress this weekend if it meant wearing something besides jeans and work shirts. Actually that’s not true. Moral of the story. Appreciate your clothing. You don’t know how much those perfect dresses mean to you, when you can’t wear them for a while.

Closet Popularity Contest

Closet Popularity Contest

Closet Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity ContestCloset Popularity Contest

Sweater-Target (similar) // Shirt- Versona (similar) // Leggings- LuLaRoe // Shoes-Target (similar) // Necklace- Lou Lou Boutiques // Sunnies- Charmed

What makes me happy picking out of my closet to pull together an #ootd? What do I reach for the most often? Well, black, duhh!! I reach for simple versatile basics in neutrals, generally black or grays (occasionally there is some color). The most worn pieces in my closet are black leggings, oversized shirts, cocoon sweaters, funky glasses and simple accessories.  That pretty much sums up in one way or another every single outfit I put together.

Black leggings are a staple for me, more so than jeans. I love them and wear them all the time. Contrary to what a lot of people think, they can be worn as pants and they can be dressed up or down. I own more pairs than I would like to announce to you, and I promise if you see me in black leggings all week, they are all clean and different pairs. The love affair started when I went to college and needed extra layers since I was moving from the middle of the state to the mountains. They were great to wear under pants walking to class and in the frigid winter dorms. But then I started to not want to take them off. Which lead to switching out tights and pantyhose during a professional class for leggings. It worked for me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I’ve found LuLaRoe and am obsessed with these leggings. I will be buying more come Fall (shhhhh don’t tell my jeans).

Oversized shirts are just my thing. I like the way they lay and the endless possibilities for styling. They work for tucking, half tucks, knotting and layering. They are just there and worn on a regular basis. Plus everyone needs basics. So I’m gravitating towards basics in a shape I like.

It may be a little too warm for sweaters right now in this mountain heat wave but I do wear them. It has been a little chilly in the mornings and I get the most use in the colder months. Layering is my favorite style and in the colder months I would rather wear a million layers than one. I love the cocoon shape cardigans and sweaters. They work really well for my shape and when I find something that works, I stick with it.

I’ve been drawn to more dainty jewelry pieces lately and going for a more city chic look. Of course I still wear some statement pieces but the simple pieces are getting the most wear. And I never leave the house without funky glasses. The stranger and more Johnny Depp (ish) they are, I like them. And the shops in downtown Asheville are supplying both the dainty jewelry pieces and funky glasses right now, so I blame them for my obsessions.

Pretty simple, yet my favorite pieces. Pretty simple, but I love it.

Happy Anniversary 30 Shades

Happy Anniversary 30 Shades

Happy Anniversary 30 ShadesHappy Anniversary 30 ShadesHappy Anniversary 30 ShadesHappy Anniversary 30 Shades

Shirt // Skirt // Booties

The past 12 months have been extremely insane. I finished my last year of college, have taken on a bunch of fun and exciting projects and have put another year of blogging in the books. I feel like my blog has suffered tremendously this year due to my crazy schedule; final years of college are harsh and if anyone tells you differently they are lying. Even though I personally know my posting has not been as often or creative as I would have liked, it was one of my best years blogging yet. I look beyond all the “failures” I see in 30 Shades the past 12 months and see all of the great things that have happened this year because of blogging.

This past year, I have had the opportunity to partner with some amazing small businesses (and some large) and have met, interacted and spoken to some amazing, amazing people (a lot of them being #girlbosses). I have branched out and tried different things. I have interacted with people I would not have got to meet if it were not for the blog, some in person and some just an amazing support team through the interwebs.  The absolute best part of blogging this year has been the people I have met along the way. I’ve met so many people chasing dreams, empowering women, promoting body confidence and the kindest souls.

My style has been evolving, especially lately since I finally have a career path laid out, and am finally finding things I love and suit my lifestyle. I blame my lack of posting on this. My style has evolved the past 12 months more than it probably ever has in my life. I’m thankful for this, because finally nailing down your style makes everything easier. So this will make it much easier for me to post content I truly enjoy, am proud of and a fresh slate for the new year of blogging.

So my goal for the next year for blogging is very simple. Every post, every picture, every word I want to promote some type of joy, adventure, empowerment, laughter or confidence. I want you to walk away with something from a post you read. We are all more than what we did over the weekend, our #ootds or a new recipe. I want this to be an open community where we all interact, share and empower each other. I want this to be a platform for starting conversations, making new friendships and sharing with each other.

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this possible. I am forever grateful that any of you take the time out of your day to read what I’m writing, see what I’m wearing and follow along with my life. There will be a few slight changes to the blog starting in August, I will still be posting my mainly black wardrobe and hopefully saying something witty every now and then. Stay tuned because even though I thought this past year was the greatest year, I’m hoping the next 12 months for 30 Shades of Stephanie is the best yet!

To help celebrate the “birthday” of the blog, thanks to Cara from LuLaRoe, I am giving away a pair of leggings. See the initial post here!

Dressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou Boutiques

Dressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou Boutiques,Dressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou Boutiques

Leggings (WIN YOUR OWN LULAROE LEGGINGS HERE) // Top // Bag // Booties (similar) // Scarf & Necklace // Sunnies

I recently said last week, when I get dressed my #ootd isn’t magical or a break through concept. It’s really simple generally. I live in black leggings (or jeans). Typically 4 times a week you can find me throwing on leggings for absolutely anything from running errands, to cleaning, to exploring, to lounging or wearing them to work. But sometimes with the simplicity of my outfits I want to spice them up for coffee dates, shopping, date night or lunch. And it’s really simple to do when you have a simple palette.

Stripes are a go to. So this #ootd was a no brainer. Black leggings and a black and white striped shirt; a simple and chic (thanks to the tanks neck line) outfit. But by adding a fun high neck/tassel necklace, booties, funky glasses and tying a scarf to my bag the whole outfit is transformed. I feel more pulled together. I feel more chic. I feel like I look like I actually took a lot of time to plan this, but in reality it took about an extra two minutes.

I love having a wardrobe with as much versatility as mine. I love having a ton of black leggings that I can style numerous ways. I also love having stores in downtown that are affordable enough to have a few extras to take a simple, chic #ootd to an extra special chic outfit. And that’s exactly what I found at Lou Lou Boutiques in downtown.

I recently went to the grand opening of their newest location downtown and immediately fell in love. A whole store dedicated to accessories. Perfect for picking up a few pieces that you can incorporate in to any wardrobe to take it to the next level. The store was fully of trendy jewelry pieces, scarves out the whazoo and handbags. Lou Lou Boutiques is pretty affordable with most pieces pricing under $40.00 besides larger bags and some bigger brand name pieces. I left the store regretting not getting a few other pieces but I’ll save those for another day. I picked up this necklace, which I’ve already worn numerous times and it’s perfect due to the black and gold and makes me feel a little unique with the style. I also picked up this scarf and since we are still in the humid Summer days for now I’m wearing it tied around bags, but it will also be perfect in the Fall to add some pop of color to a simple outfit.

The staff was great and friendly, knowledgeable and made you feel like you were hanging out in your closest girlfriend’s closet. Brownie points for that because when I shop alone I hate the feeling of being in silence and not being able to ask for advice. These girls are a great and stylish staff. The boutique had something for everyone’s style and a price point suitable for everyone. I highly recommend checking it out! Here’s a bunch of pictures I snapped at the Grand Opening to tide you over until you visit!

Dressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou BoutiquesDressing Up Leggings With Lou Lou Boutiques



Day to Day Wardrobe

Day to Day WardrobeDay to Day WardrobeDay to Day WardrobeDay to Day Wardrobe

Shirt // Shorts-Ross // Necklace- Versona (in stores only) // Sandals- Kohls (old) // Sunnies-Gifted

I wish I could say getting dressed in the morning every single day was like this scene from Cinderella but sadly it’s not. In the morning when I’m picking out my #ootd there is no magic to it. I flip through the hangers holding a majority of dark, striped and natural hues to pick out what I want to wear. I find something comfortable and dark. Generally I am in dark clothing unless there is another occasion and my bottoms are generally jeans or black leggings. It’s really that simple. And generally it comes together in something I like. Why do I like it? Because I’m comfortable and I’ve started to stock my closet with things I actually like and wear and fit my style. So while some may think it’s some magical force that puts together an outfit for the blog or every day for that matter it doesn’t.

This is something I would wear on a regular, normal day in my life. It’s easy enough to switch out jeans for work, it’s comfortable and easy enough for errands, but it’s also edgy enough for a casual al fresco date night.


How “Like It”, “Love It” and “Gotta Have It” Changed My Life

How "Like It", "Love It" and "Gotta Have It" Changed My LifeHow "Like It", "Love It" and "Gotta Have It" Changed My LifeHow "Like It", "Love It" and "Gotta Have It" Changed My Life

It’s Summer. I was craving a Berry Berry Berry Good from Cold Stone Creamery the other night. I resisted the urge. Then the next day I heard this Kenny Chesney song. It stopped me in my tracks. It took me back to another time. A time in my life that shaped me into who I am today. I had a breakdown, sat and cried. Two fond memories in the span of 24 hours took me to another place, a place I miss and some times wish I could have back. Oh and I did walk down memory lane and go get that ice cream.

I remember the Summer I turned 16. I remember my first tastes of freedom. Then came the time to look for a job. I applied every where that I could at the age of 16. I never knew how much my life would change when I got that call from Sean at Cold Stone Creamery.

It’s funny to say a first job or essentially a bowl of ice cream changed your life. But it did mine.

It wasn’t just about that first time responsibility. It wasn’t just about knowing I was making my own money. It wasn’t just about hanging out at an ice cream shop and getting paid for it.

At Cold Stone Creamery I learned the real value of a dollar. I learned responsibility and work ethic that couldn’t be taught by anyone else. I learned acceptance. I learned to have an open mind. I learned there is always a bad apple in a bunch. I learned to bite my tongue. But I also learned some really funny things.

I learned real friends will drop anything in a second to be there for you. I learned I can’t really dance, thanks AngeLINA. I learned how to walk with my head held high and with great confidence, thanks Chris. I learned that friends will brave the crazy redneck crowds at a BBQ festival to see Taylor Swift (before she made it big might I add) even if they don’t listen to country, thanks Candice. I learned to trust my gut. Like the time I thought I was going to get robbed because of a sketchy character. But Christa and my dad were there to save the day. I learned work can be really fun, thanks Christa. I learned I liked fried pickles, thanks Amanda. I learned my usual crowd isn’t always the best and I’m pretty sure I spent more time with the people I worked with and their friends than anyone, thanks Alison. I learned heartbreak when Tyler went off to college and I was fearful of never finding a friendship the same. I learned to hold on to your real friendships, because when a guy comes to buy you pizza after a long, stressful day of cake decorating after a freezer breaks; that’s a real friend. Said guy is an even better friend when he lets you order the crazy toppings you like and he takes it like a champ. Said guy is also pretty amazing for always helping fix the craziness when I was left alone, thanks Ryan. I learned to stick up for people and put other people before myself, like the time my mom brought my dog to the shop because there were a group of guys harassing Angelia. I learned goodbyes are hard, yet when you care about people they are never really goodbyes. Amanda taught me BoJangles is the cure for anything; hangovers, heartbreaks and stress. Amanda also taught me to never eat a salad before drinking. Alison and Amanda paved the path to prove washing machines make great coolers. I learned sometimes when there is a pretty face with an order, you will still remember that order 10 years later, thanks milkshake guy. I learned dogs are always happy to see you, even if they are in a dead of sleep; also dogs will love you even more if you smell like waffle cones and ice cream, thanks China. I learned if you can do the banana dance in a packed shop of people your age, you can do just about anything. I learned so much besides how to work hard, make ice cream and work in customer service.

Some times I sit and think about all of the crazy shenanigans we all did. I think about how much “work” we actually did. I couldn’t think of a better group of people to mold me into the worker I am today, I couldn’t think of a better group of people to take my first step into adulthood with. We all still keep in contact here and there, keep up to date with each others lives and check in on each other once in a while. We all started at the same place and I’m proud of each of them on where they are in their lives now. I like to think we all grew up with each other, grew off of each other and those bowls of ice cream paved the way for us.





A Weekend in My Life: Series 4

A Weekend in My Life: Series 4A Weekend in My Life: Series 4A Weekend in My Life: Series 4A Weekend in My Life: Series 4A Weekend in My Life: Series 4A Weekend in My Life: Series 4

This weekend was pretty slow. I had to work and a lot of extra work to do. The weekends go by too fast. So this weekend I tried to go barefoot as much as possible, snuggle with this adorable puppy too much, eat too much ice cream and buy new rugs.

I’ve noticed while getting older weekends aren’t the party any more. I used to be bar hopping and staying out to all hours of the night. Now the weekends are catch up days and work days. The days are filled with to-do lists and Netflix and chill. And you know what? I’m perfectly content with that.